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  1. Oh my god, its a Pnoles tweet where he isn't whining about the backup catcher position.
  2. That is how you judge teams. Fans are judged by the number of posts in game threads.
  3. I have never realized how big of pussies Sox fans can be. Every neutral piece of information is met by people panicking and expecting the worst.
  4. If Machado signs with another team and there ends up being reason to be mad at the Sox for how they handled it, I'll be mad.... But predicting that the fanbase will revolt because Scott Merkin and Levine and others are tweeting out leaks from the Sox is silly. The Sox should not care or adjust their strategy to make the nerds at SoxMachine and a couple hundred idiots like us on the internet happy.
  5. The "Sox are pissing off fans by negotiating" takes are laughable.
  6. These scenarios where Manny is accepting short term deals all of a sudden don't make sense. Why not take the best longer deal with an opt out?
  7. I'd like to see Machado and then maybe a trade for Sonny Gray and a one year deal for a RF (Markakis/Avi/etc.).
  8. Nardiwashere

    Sox could chase Moustakas If MM goes elsewhere

    Sox do have a greek heritage night, gyros is greek, and I will buy a Moustakas jersey if they sign him. We need Markakis too.
  9. Nardiwashere

    Sox Sign Jon Jay; 1 year/$4 mil, Charlie Tilson DFA'd

    Jon Jay's career OBP is over 350.
  10. Nardiwashere

    Sox steamer projections for pitching

    These projections are silly and tell us nothing. If anyone thinks no one in the rotation will have an ERA under 4.68, they just get off on being negative.
  11. Nardiwashere

    Sox could still bring back Avi

    Wouldn't mind it at all if we get Machado. Who else will play RF? I'm fine with Palka being a LH power bat off the bench.
  12. Nardiwashere

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    What evidence or reporting have you seen that indicates the White Sox will not offer him as much as the other two teams?
  13. Nardiwashere

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    There's more value to Ricky than just overcoming language barriers. I imagine he's able to connect with someone like Machado and the wife on a level Kapler or Boone can't.