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    5/3/18 Game Thread - Twins @ Sox 7:10 PM

    I want my Melton shirt.
  2. QUOTE (wrathofhahn @ Apr 2, 2018 -> 08:37 AM) His scouting report was David Justice we'll see he is still super young. I don't know how realistic it is since I haven't seen much of him but I'd be very happy if he turned into an early career Nick Markakis type... A guy who can bat 2nd, give you a high obp, can run a little, hit like 18-23 HRs, good defense, etc.
  3. Nardiwashere

    Sox vs Reds

    Is the webcast working for anyone?
  4. Nardiwashere

    Kevin Maitan and others

    Weren't Angels supposedly still in on Ohtani? I wonder if they removed themselves by signing Maitan.
  5. Nardiwashere

    How is the soxfest experience I'm debating on going?

    I've never been but I've always wanted to go. I'd like to go this year just for the Hahn seminar and Hawk bobblehead. My problem is that I live a block and a half away, so I don't want to get a hotel room. Is there a way around that?
  6. Nardiwashere

    Anthony Swarzak to Brewers; Sox receive Ryan Cordell

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Jul 7, 2017 -> 02:40 PM) Don't worry. I'll lay off. I'm just mad at the current state of the team and the fact I can't get over the fact this division sucks this year and I was convinced we still had enough talent to contend had we not traded Sale and signed a few free agents. If Hahn can get 3-4 players for Melky, and Frazier, good for him and do it now. I happen to think not much of them and that they won't bring anything of note, but if Hahn can bring "something" in I guess I'm wrong. I have expressed my position enough and everybody knows I am down on the team so I will stop ruining the board with my anger at the team. They were good enough to win this year but you dont think two of the major pieces are any good?
  7. Nardiwashere

    Covey to DL, Minaya recalled

    So who pitches Monday and Tuesday? Price vs. Q and Sale vs. Pelfry?
  8. Nardiwashere

    Keith Law

    Keith Law is an idiot and sounded like a sensitive jerk on the Chuckmeister's podcast. As some of you said, it took years before he stopped trashing Chris Sale. He's also the same guy who said Miguel Cabrera did not have an MVP caliber season when he won the Triple Crown. I think he said he wasn't even top 3.