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  1. Nardiwashere

    Ballpark Pass

    Anyone know if they are doing the Ballpark Pass again this year?
  2. Nardiwashere

    What are Archer or Greinke worth? deGrom/Thor?

    I'd take Greinke's salary off AZ's hands. The next three years, try to get a rotation out of 5 of the following: Greinke/Rodon/Lopez/Kopech/Cease/Giolito/The ghost of Dane Dunning/Hansen/Lambert etc.
  3. Nardiwashere

    Dunning to Meet with Dr. Andrews

    👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻 I refuse to be blamed for this! I've had this name for years on WSI... besides... the Nardi era was torn labrums, right? If the prospects start tearing their labrums, I'll banish myself back to WSI.
  4. Nardiwashere

    Gomez: Sox, Eloy nearing $100 million extension

    Eloy isn't being forced to sign the contract at gunpoint by Reinsdorf. If a deal is reached, it is because both sides think they are better off with the agreement than without, not because one side is a villain and the other side is a naive victim. If an anonymous poster on a message board is aware of the chance that the CBA will change the way young players are paid, Eloy and his agent are as well.
  5. Nardiwashere

    Jerry, KW, & Hahn Kill SouthSideSox (sorta)

    Why do people ask to be permanently banned? Why not just stop going to the site?
  6. Nardiwashere

    3/11 @ Brewers?

    If I've learned anything, Brewers became a good team because they signed a lot of position players from Wisconsin. That's the secret recipe for team building.
  7. Nardiwashere

    3/11 @ Brewers?

    huh? Also... no one ever said let's go see Charlie Tilson. I'm not the one advocating for more "non-New Trier position players from Illinois." You are. No one ever said let's go see Jason Kipnis either. You're just complaining about nonsense at this point. Do you want them to get non-pitchers who lived in Illinois (but didn't attend New Trier) because you think it will help them win or because you are concerned about attendance figures?
  8. Nardiwashere

    3/11 @ Brewers?

    And you are defining homegrown as LITERALLY growing up in Chicagoland area or Illinois (except if they went to New Trier)... Why the hell does it matter where they were born? This is the most bonkers take I've read in a long time.
  9. Nardiwashere

    3/11 @ Brewers?

    Joe Mauer was drafted first overall in the Mark Prior draft. He wasn't some hidden scouting discovery the Twins made because he is from Minnesota. Are you saying Ray should have been chosen by the Sox in 2013? Do you praise the Sox when they acquire Charlie Tilson and Burdi?
  10. Nardiwashere

    3/11 @ Brewers?

    That doesn't explain what you said... Tell us how drafting 10th and not 5th in that draft is a "scouting failure."
  11. Nardiwashere

    Should the White Sox experiment with the "opener"?

    Ok... thanks. That makes much more sense.
  12. Nardiwashere

    Should the White Sox experiment with the "opener"?

    Here's another question... What happens if you are following a schedule of SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4, Opener in the middle of the season and your #4 SP gets rocked and he needs to be taken out of the game super early. Your bullpen picks up the slack. A bunch of bullpen guys pitch in your opener game. SP1 does ok, but he's facing the Yankees and they make him throw a lot of pitches and he leaves in the 5th and the rest is pitched by the pen. SP2 is fine and pitches 6 innings but that game goes 12 innings. etc. etc. etc. Isn't it easier to just find guys who are able to keep a team in the game?
  13. Nardiwashere

    Should the White Sox experiment with the "opener"?

    Maybe my understanding of the opener is wrong. To me, that just sounds like an organizational decision to be quicker with the hook for their shitty pitchers. I thought the idea was you pull them before they get into trouble and each guy has a limit like the way they pitch all star games. What's the typical length of an outing for the opener? Does anyone know what the longest outing was for a guy who "opened" a game for Tampa or whoever else did this last year?
  14. Nardiwashere

    Should the White Sox experiment with the "opener"?

    How often during a normal traditional season does a bullpen get overworked and tired and go through a rough patch? It happens a couple times a year at least... and that's without forcing an entire 9 inning game on them 1 or 2 times a week. Seems like an unnecessary stress on the pen. Maybe I'm a caveman, but give me a James Shields type to eat inning in the back of my rotation any day over openers.
  15. Nardiwashere

    Should the White Sox experiment with the "opener"?

    I still haven't understood why using an opener during the 162 game regular season is a good idea. I kind of understand if you are in the playoffs and and the importance of each game is magnified and you think it gives you a better chance to win. Otherwise, doesn't it just unnecessarily tax your bullpen?