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  1. Whitesoxa6

    6/23- Sox at Rangers, 2:05, WGN

    Herrera blows. Who would have thought that Hahn's big free agent prize of the off-season would have a 6.5 era in mid June. Ricky's fault though for using a 10 million dollar reliever in high leverage I guess
  2. Whitesoxa6

    6/23- Sox at Rangers, 2:05, WGN

    I'm sure you could do a better job. Alonso has been decent against lhp this year. Collins has no shot against that pitcher. So who else do you want hitting there?
  3. Whitesoxa6

    6/23- Sox at Rangers, 2:05, WGN

    Does blistered constitute as 77 mph EV?
  4. Whitesoxa6

    6/23- Sox at Rangers, 2:05, WGN

    Abreu is also useless. 3-0 count he gets a cockshot and takes it and then on 3-1 and 3-2 swings at 2 pitches that aren't even really close and the jackass swings at it. What a bum
  5. Whitesoxa6

    6/23- Sox at Rangers, 2:05, WGN

    If Rick Hahn actually watched these games and gets pissed off while watching them like he says he does, Alonso, Nova, Cordell, despaigne, and rondon would have been gone a month ago. Another example of him being a lying prick to the fanbase
  6. Whitesoxa6

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    He just looks awful at the plate. I came to expect it with the terrible averages in the minors though. Anybody that can't hit over .240 in the minors doesn't belong in a major league lineup
  7. Whitesoxa6

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    I've had enough of Collins already. Anybody with a 30 hit tool at best has no business in the mlb
  8. Whitesoxa6

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    Evan Marshall reminds me of Matt albers. Very underwhelming stuff, a decent run that make idiots think he's reliable, and then he turns into a pumpkin
  9. Whitesoxa6

    Collins getting called up

    People are going to be really disappointed when they realize that Collins is Yonder Alonso bad at the plate. Guy has never hit for much of anything in the minors and even Keith Law has said that he kind of has a fake OBP down there. Don’t expect much from him. He kind of sucks
  10. Whitesoxa6

    Yankees vs White Sox Father's Day Gamethread

    Cordell should be DFA’d along with the loser on the mound right after this game. Guy hasn’t done shit in 2 months
  11. Whitesoxa6

    Yankees vs White Sox Father's Day Gamethread

    Sox won’t sniff .500 for the rest of the season. The fact that this guy is even on the major league roster is insulting to the fan base
  12. Whitesoxa6

    Despaigne called up; Delmonico released; Fry to IL

    I remember when people were saying that Delmonico would be a 25 homerun MLB guy after his fluke 2017. Always knew the guy sucked ass
  13. Whitesoxa6

    6/1- Indians vs Sox, 1:10, NBCSC

    Herrera isn’t hurt. He’s just bad. Another unjustifiable waste of money in the worst offseason in franchise history
  14. Whitesoxa6

    5/29 Sox vs Royals

    I remember people saying Herrera and colome would form an unhittable back of the pen after the first week of the season. The latter is more true than the former. Herrera is a pumpkin. Worse signing than Scott Linebrink
  15. 9 million dollars better sent on a washed up reliever than a future HOF 3rd baseman. This front office is ridiculous