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  1. turnin' two

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    That's crazy! Hahah! Where were you? Maybe we walked by each other. We were in Positano, Rome, Tuscany, and Venice. It was pretty amazing. What an absolutely gorgeous country.
  2. turnin' two

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 12:10 PM Game 1 of Doubleheader

    I could get on against Kimbrel right now, even if I went into the box without a bat. He has no chance of throwing 3 strikes before he throws 4 balls.
  3. turnin' two

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    I was on my honeymoon in Italy during the blackout game. Now I have 3 great kids and we are about to celebrate our 13th anniversary. Also on the plus side, still have my hair, and I'm only a little bit fatter. At least that's what I tell myself.
  4. turnin' two

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    THis is ridiculous, but deserves a laugh! Hahah.
  5. turnin' two

    Do the White Sox have new minority ownership?

    Well, that's awesome.
  6. turnin' two

    Do the White Sox have new minority ownership?

    Even if it means Jar Jar Southpaw?
  7. turnin' two

    Romy our 2nd baseman of the future?

    As for 2B, I don't know if it is Romy, but I think between him, Yogurt and Popeye, they have a couple interesting options, and some sweet names. Actually I guess I hope its Yogurt, since we have lost Eaton and Lamb. We need to restock the cupboard.
  8. turnin' two

    Romy our 2nd baseman of the future?

    Is this based on anything, or more like a feeling? I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just don't know if I missed something.
  9. turnin' two

    9/2 Games

    Good Luck!
  10. turnin' two

    Romy Gonzalez called up

    Man, this is great. He has had a great year and absolutely earned this. I hope he kills it!
  11. turnin' two

    Have we ever had a player with as much raw talent as Luis Robert?

    So, Adam Engel?
  12. turnin' two

    MLB Pipeline top 30 update

    OK, that was a stupid joke, but I laughed! Nicely done!
  13. turnin' two

    8/15 Games

    Its been since 2011 that a player on the Barons had 19 homers. Romy is killing it!
  14. turnin' two

    FoD Game Breaks Fox 25 year regular season advertising revenue record

    I had a great experience watching the game -- well obviously --- but after the game. My 8 year old daughter watched the game with me, and after watching Tim's hr about 100 times, she started asking questions about him and other guys on the team, she just wanted to know their stories. Then after talking about some of the Sox guys, she just asked, "can you tell me more baseball stories?" It was a magical moment for me. Really amazing. And while she has always enjoyed watching games with me, I think this game, could really be the start of her loving the game. She was so bummed the Sox didn't play yesterday.
  15. turnin' two

    So how many times have YOU watched the replay of Anderson's walkoff

    A truly great call. I love it. Len with some emotion and as you said, DJ just perfect with the tribute. Awesome.