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  1. turnin' two

    7/2 Games

    His first home run of July today!
  2. turnin' two

    I am old enough to remember…

    I'm old enough to remember thinking it was still early in the season.
  3. turnin' two

    Baby/Parenting Thread

    The rock n play chairs were amazing. They worked great with all our kids too. Our 2nd actually slept in hers overnight ALOT. For some reason it was just better for her than the bassinet. Our kids all really gravitated towards the pacifiers too. They were always really helpful.
  4. turnin' two

    Baby/Parenting Thread

    Well isn't that a billion dollar question. Again, in my humble experience it is usually.... 1) tired 2) hungry 3) the need a new diaper 4) some form of irritation (sometimes that was me) sometimes it's that they twitch and startle themselves awake or something... And it really could be absolutely none of these. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  5. turnin' two

    6/29 Games

    Still pretty high. 32 Ks in 98 PA for .326% But 6 HR and 4 2B and 11 BB in that span as well.
  6. turnin' two

    Moncada Reinstated, Sosa Optioned to AAA

    If for whatever reason they try to add at the deadline, this is a move that could --- albeit slightly-- detract a bit from his value to another team.
  7. turnin' two

    Moncada Reinstated, Sosa Optioned to AAA

    It becomes a big deal when the bad process is on repeat throughout every level of the organization. It really speaks to incompetence or ignorance, or both.
  8. turnin' two


  9. turnin' two

    Retool Time

    I agree with this entirely. With that said, Hahn isn't getting fired by the deadline. And this team, depending on how their next 20 games goes, should be trading players. And not just Pollock and Cueto. They should be exploring trades for Giolito, Lynn (though honestly I'd trade 1 of them not both) Hendriks, Abreu and maybe even TA. If it were me, I'd look to trade Pollock, Cueto, Giolito, Hendriks and Abreu (who would hurt the most honestly, but you can give him a chance to win too. You would have some of the best assets on the market.
  10. turnin' two

    Retool Time

    This is less significant after getting destroyed by Baltimore at home.
  11. turnin' two

    Baby/Parenting Thread

    Congrats and good luck! I remember being more terrified than any other moment in my life the first time we were putting our oldest in her car seat and getting ready to leave the hospital! And just speaking again from my experience, there are times where Daddy just won't do and the baby/kid needs Mom. It can be hard. I remember being really frustrated and even hurt over it. If I could go back I'd tell myself not to worry about it. It happens. They take different comfort from different people, just like anyone else. And even though I wanted to be everything to them, you can't always be that. And it turns around too.
  12. turnin' two

    Baby/Parenting Thread

    Man. It sure is. And it never really isn't. I have 3 girls 9-5-1.5. The only thing I'll say is to enjoy it. They aren't little for long. It won't always be easy, but try to soak it up while you can. Before you know it they just want a phone and youtube videos! 😄
  13. turnin' two

    Lenyn Sosa joins the White Sox (Update Pg. 5)

    Too bad there's not a Trotsky in the system. That could have been as fun as the good days of Hamilton-Burr. Or at least a McCartney or Harrison.
  14. turnin' two

    GT 6/22: TOR @ SOX, 1:10, NBCSC

    You must not remember Tyler Flowers.
  15. turnin' two

    It's time to put Jose out to pasture

    Hmmm, seems a bit different to me, as you know, both Abreu and Vaughn can play together.