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  1. turnin' two

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    Everyone here acted directly in character. I don't get why it is surprising.
  2. turnin' two

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    Hahahaha. Yeah. Like any GM Is going to tell an owner to piss off if the owner wants a player signed. Cmon man.
  3. turnin' two

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    Aren't you forgetting that he chews tobacco though?
  4. turnin' two

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    If you didn't see this coming its your own fault.
  5. turnin' two

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Signing two guys as opposed to one with a similar outlay is about risk mitigation. Because how often are rotations healthy? The answer seems to be pretty darn infrequently. It could also give you flexibility to move guys around a bit (Lopez and Rodon to the bullpen, or something like that) and still have an extremely talented rotation. Mostly, it would be a way to spend the same money, but to have a little more insurance in terms of talent on the team. This is probably a reaction similar to a person that has almost starved always keeping excessive amounts of food on hand due to fear (in this case starving is Dylan Covey, Despaigne, Shields, Nova and all the other batting practice we've had to endure the last few seasons). And while Ryu does have injury concerns, his results, when healthy are significantly better than the results Wheeler has been able to post. He doesn't have the sexy fastball, but he has a better ERA, FIP, WHIP, BB/K (their h/9, hr/9 and k/9 are very similar over their careers, with more of an advantage to Ryu the last 2 seasons). And while Wheeler has been really good the last 2 seasons, Ryu has been better in just about every area -- except innings pitched--- which speaks to your point, and is a legit concern. But even with that, he has been nothing short of outstanding the last two seasons. Not that it'll happen, I just thought it was an interesting question, and apparently I was the only one. Seems pretty typical of me. I'll stop gumming up the thread.
  6. turnin' two

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Well butter my bottom and call me a biscuit. Not sure why I thought that but it isn't even close. I'd still not count much on him in terms of contributions in the rotation. I'd love to see what he can do as a reliever though.
  7. turnin' two

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    How about a .348 OBP and .446 SLG, from a C. Also an OPS over .800 3 out of the last 4 years. You're right on the rotation though.
  8. turnin' two

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    I wouldn't count on Rodon for anything significant next year, and then he is a free agent. Dunning is recovering from TJ and has 11 AA starts under his belt. I don't think I would let that hold me back from adding a MLB level pitcher. It is probably a better idea just to go with the higher ceiling though I guess. Though Ryu and Keuchel have both been better than Wheeler in the past, and even last year. I certainly concede that Wheeler is probably the best bet to be better moving forward though. Personally I could see the advantage either way, but maybe I'm on an island with that.
  9. turnin' two

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    No one? Are you saying the Sox would have too many SPs? Is that even a thing? I think the answer there is clearly no. And don't Ryu and Wheeler have about the same injury history? I mean, Wheeler is a perfectly fine answer, and I totally see how you'd pick him, but this logic seems flawed to me.
  10. turnin' two

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Based on MLBTR projections (I know, I know, ) the price tag on Wheeler (100 mil) is about the same as the price tag on Ryu and Keuchel (93). Which would you rather have? I have to say, I think I'd prefer the 2 starters to the one.
  11. turnin' two

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    Not trying to be negative or anything, but I would be surprised if Reinsdorf cared that much about his reputation.
  12. turnin' two

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    I would guess he still plays more than a backup role. I bet Grandal gets quite a few ABs at 1B and DH. He is undoubtedly a great fit for the Sox.
  13. You can be prominent and disappointing and a failure. See: Appel, Mark.
  14. turnin' two

    Would you trade for Mookie Betts, and what would you trade

    If the Sox are going to have a player that can make the impact Betts can, he is in house already. It is Moncada or Robert. They aren't trading for Betts, and they aren't going to pony up to sign him.
  15. turnin' two

    What about Collins?

    Ok, sorry. Didn't want to fight.