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    Mlb.com top prospects

    QUOTE (zisk @ Feb 16, 2018 -> 07:17 AM) If anyone should be blamed, my choice would be Kenny Williams. I'll bet he was the one pushing that trade. Some times employees do things because the boss insists, not because they think it's a good idea. I'm kinda on that bandwagon myself. Kenny had proven that those are the kind of trades he was apt to make.
  2. QUOTE (soxfan2014 @ Sep 22, 2017 -> 07:51 AM) Just out of curiosity, but who do you think that guy is this off-season? A Lester like signing would be ideal, but as is happening now you can only hope for three years of production.
  3. I believe you are correct, that has Kenny written all over it.
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    O's and Sox "getaway day" game thread

    New here but Let it play out please!
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    New Beer at The Rate

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Mar 29, 2017 -> 11:29 AM) As long as I can binge drink on Bud instead of Miller I'm a happy. Yeppers