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  1. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    This sounds pretty alarming. Some balance isn't bad but it sounds like he is not really willing to learn. Kyle boddy said many managers and coaches delete emails by the analytics crew without reading it and then joke about this. It is all about what the front office tolerates. I think the sox are still in a "analytics is optional" stage. They are getting more of those progressive guys but the coaches and managers still can choose themselves how and if they want to use it. Houston on the other hand really enforced this and fired all the old school guys. Sox aren't there yet, they have smart analysts but it probably isn't enforced to use this top to bottom. Enforcing this is no easy job. Luhnow is hated in the industry and the easier way is to provide the analytics but make the usage optional in the hope that over time the employees learn to love this by themselves. Not as efficient though, albeit easier for organisational harmony and peace.
  2. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Well you would hope to draft a better player than fulmer 8th. Statistically a 5th to 8th pick should become about an annual 2 WAR player in their prime with maybe a 3 win season or two mixed in too.
  3. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    I think 8th place should be almost fixed now. The top4 are clearly too bad and the reds, padres and rockies are clearly more talented than the Sox while the jays just play in an extremely tough division. Maybe they could catch the Mariners or pirates but I don't think so.
  4. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Machado do-over

    Dunn was great in his prime but those high K 3 true outcome type of hitters don't tend to age well as their contact ability is already fringy and there is not much room to go down.
  5. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Luis Robert and Nick Madrigal

    Yes. Grandal is a year older so 4/60 next year would be like having signed 5/75 last year which he probably would have taken.
  6. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Don Cooper’s Eventual Replacement

    Well minor league pitching dev wasn't that great the last years. Almost everyone got hurt and the guys who did well all were already in AA-AAA so mostly developed by other clubs except for cease. After sale and quintana the sox didn't really develope another good starting pitcher from within (I'm talking guys who were drafted, intentionally signed or traded for while still in A ball, not AAA pitchers traded for like giolito, kopech, lopez) So I would prefer an external solution, not just promoting a minor league guy based on tenure and good standing in the franchise.
  7. dominik-keul@gmx.de


    Batting average is a bad stat to judge a player but it isn't really right that BA doesn't matter. Sure it is better to hit 270 with 40 bombs than 300 with 6 but it doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. The very top hitters like trout, miggy, votto, jd Martinez, mookie Betts hit for average and power. BA isn't everything but if you look at mike trouts career his line is 306/419/582 with a 276 ISO and a 1001 ops. This means 306/419=73% of his obp are created by his BA while his slugging is about 50/50 power and average. The importance of power and walks have grown but still 60% of trouts value is from his ability to hit for average. Now there are a few guys like peak Adam Dunn who run astronomical walk and power to a good line despite below average hit tool but for the vast majority of hitters the hit tool is still the most important thing albeit you need power too of course in the modern game. But there are not many star players with a sub 50 hit tool albeit sub 50 power is rare too.
  8. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Sox Hire Ryan Johansen to PD staff // stat based hitting coach

    Little post about him and sox PD https://theathletic.com/1134546/2019/08/13/how-the-white-sox-implemented-a-new-data-driven-approach-in-the-low-minors/
  9. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Rutherford vs. Walker

    Walker has a good year and this is nice to see but like Gonzalez last year he is a bit old for A ball so we need to wait and see how he does in AA. A ball often isn't a challenge for advanced college bats.
  10. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    MLB.com Top 30 Prospect List Updated

    New farm system ranking is also out. Sox down from 4 to 9. They are high on robert, kopech, vaughn and cease but don't think the depth of the system behind them is good. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mlb.com/amp/news/mlb-farm-system-rankings-2019.html Don't quite get it. Now SD, TB, LA are clearly better than the sox but I don't buy Arizona, Detroit and Miami
  11. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Steal A Page Or Two From Cubs

    Managers are Not having the same impact as 20 years ago. Front offices now not only make personnel decisions but also tactical decisions. The manager now basically executes what the analytics guys tell him to do, they tell him where to position fielders in a shift, who to play against a certain pitcher, how to use the pen, how to pitch opposing hitters and such stuff. Basically the manager now needs to be a good communicator and keep the players happy, motivated and disciplined but he isn't making many important decisions anymore. It used to be feel when to bring in which pitcher but now he has a spreadsheet which tells him how to decide. Managers used to be able to outmanage the opposing manager but now they all follow an exact plan of the analytics guys (" when x happens you do this...")
  12. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Tatis Jr. makes Padres opening day roster

    Btw I still think you can't really criticise the sox for this. Sure never was a great trade but tatis was seen as a prospect but he wasn't seen as a top30 in that July 2 group and he hadn't played a game. Mlb.com didn't rank him in the teams top20 either. Here is an article about 15 july2 and tatis isn't even mentioned. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/scouting-reports-for-2015s-top-30-international-prospects-for-july-2/ Sure you could say why give up a lottery ticket for a bum pitcher but this happens all the time and most lotto tickets never become anything. What happened was that tatis made an extreme improvement his first season, not just perfomance but tools too. Longenhagen said nobody saw this coming.
  13. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Steal A Page Or Two From Cubs

    They rays had huge success on the international market. They didn't even draft all that well but had so many great international prospects. The international draft will hurt them a lot because the international market can be a huge difference maker becaue you scout them so early. Int. Draft will level the playing field.
  14. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Vaughn to A+, Madrigal to AAA

    I think it is both. Mostly predetermined but if had hit 100 with 36% Ks he wouldn't have been promoted.
  15. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    The Brewers' Pitching Trap

    I agree, that is terrible. They have the lineup and pen to challenge the dodgers and cubs but won't invest in SP. I don't think stearns is stupid, i think the owner just won't give him more money.