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  1. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Kiley said if one of Vaughn or rutschman is available the sox will take them but if they go 1,2 lodolo could be in play. I think the sox are not keen to take a HS guy.
  2. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Tim Anderson to be suspended 1 game for... language?

    But i can also understand mlb of wanting a zero tolerance policy for the word so a white player can't see this as an encouragement.
  3. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Tim Anderson to be suspended 1 game for... language?

    I agree. Using the word yourself is different. Many fat people for example make fat jokes about themselves to take away the power of mobbers. Still I'm no fan of this strategy of for example fat or disabled people to use that strategy. It works of course but you also marginalize yourself a little doing it. I understand the intention of taking away the power of racists but the n word is a white racist creation and it would be better if it dissapears altogether.
  4. Theo is a good GM but the last 3 years his free agent signings had been an utter disaster. First years were pretty good (lester, zobrist) but the last years had been terrible: -heyward: 184M, has been one of the worst hitters in the majors since -darvish: 126M, injured, terrible -chatwood: 38m, utter disaster -morrow: 21m, injured all the time I would say this is almost worse than the 40 busted small signings of the sox who were not expected to do much anyway. I'm not saying theo did a bad job, he always will be the guy who brought a WS to the cubs but this is 350m wasted on 4 players who barely produced anything. That the cubs are still good despite wasting 350m shows how good their core is but this is still hunting them nowadays, they might win their division again but they went from a juggernaut to a team projected for 86 wins. The Cubs are still very good and even might win another WS but they went from an all time great dynasty to a merely quite good team mostly due to whiffing on those two huge contracts.
  5. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Worried about reylo?

    Pretty terrible start to the season. In two starts he has more walks than Ks and gave up a boatload of homers. I still think there is K upside though. His slider actually has a good swing and miss rate and if he ramped it up it could cause more Ks albeit probably won't lower the walks. But of course at his age I understand they want to develope him into a complete pitcher and not into a 40% slider guy like corbin although ultimately that might be his future even if it limits him to be a 5 inning guy.
  6. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Eloy officially got paid

    I agree, nobody doubts his power. If he was a 45 power guy maybe you could doubt him but all the publications have him at like 70 power. His K rate is currently a bit high at 32% (compensated by an unsustainable babip) but that is normal when you first face mlb pitching, he was always 17-20% in the minors and should be about 20-22 in the majors after some adjustment.
  7. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I love lodolo's motion and his stats are great but just like with bishop I don't like that he only broke out this year. His freshman and soph year he wasn't bad but really not that special. Are those gains sustainable?
  8. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I think you can risk drafting a pitcher that high but only if he is a top talent. No issue taking a guy like mize this year at 3 because the ceiling for a pitcher is worth the extra risk. But lodolo while a good prospect probably only has like a realistic ceiling of a 3 starter. Now vaughn doesn't have a much higher ceiling but doesn't come with the same risk. Imo extra risk needs to be balanced by an extra high ceiling. For example I don't like to take a polished HS hitter with middling tools, if you want that take a college guy because the risk is lower for the same upside. Same applies IMO to a pitcher, if you take a pitcher top3 the upside needs to be off the charts.
  9. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Carlos rodon

    Interestingly he still had 9 Ks in his loss.
  10. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Carlos rodon

    It was only two starts but so far he has been insane. 32% Ks vs just 4% walks. Interestingly he has massively ramped up his slider usage to 40%, basically Corbin style. This is probably not quite sustainable but the slider is a very good pitch. Just hope he can stay healthy. Should the sox try to trade him due to his injury risk? Or can he become the staff ace they need?
  11. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Also something that can be corrected. I know player development wasn't a strength but lisle should be able to fix that.
  12. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I think a pitcher would fit the Sox well but a third overall pick is too valuable to waste it on a non elite pitching prospect. I'm not against a pitcher and if a guy like mize was out there this year I would say go for it but there is a reason at this draft the top10 of most lists are almost all hitters. Fangraphs only gives one pitcher even a 50fv this draft. My opinion is in the draft only take a pitcher top5 overall if he is half a grade better than the best available hitter. I mean it would be stupid to take a 55 hitter over a Stephen strasburg in the draft first overall just because he is "safer". But if the best pitcher has the same or even a lower grade than the best hitter I don't think you can do it just because you need a pitcher.
  13. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Anderson's Opposite Field Hitting

    Hitting the other way isn't super hard with the right mechanics but it isn't for everyone. It helps babip but it is also tougher to hit homers to center or oppo than to pull. Some guys need to be pull hitters to hit for power. That is also one of the effects of the shift, it forces many hitters to make a decision between obp and slugging. Ideally you have true oppo power but for many hitters trying to go the other way would mean less power.
  14. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I agree. But he also wasn't going to he a 1.600 ops guy, his true talent is probably in between. I still think he is probably the best college bat. Bishop has been crazy but track record matters too, I think you need to be careful with guys having one huge breakout year. Sure players develope but it could also be a huge career year and some regression following. Vaughn has done it for 3 years, he still is the safest pick, even rutschman "only" was good for two years after a bad freshman year.