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  1. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I think he was a little overranked though because he was a performer who stood out. Corner guys who perform often get overtaken late by other performers who can play the field. don't forget beer's down years still were a 1100 ops with 20 homers compared to his 1250 in his fresh year. I could see the same happen to vaughn if a good defensive OF posts a 1000+ ops and rises.
  2. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Seth beer also fell to the comp round.
  3. The metrics do suggest regression. His K-BB rate was under 10% which is below average (average is around 14%). However I do think he has the stuff to increase his Ks and he really needs to.
  4. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I'm pretty sure at this point the sox will stick with their college bat approach and probably again double up in round 1 and 2. Rutschman with a big start, if he keeps it up he will probably not fall, the only chance he falls is a longer slump or some injury. You can't really pass up on him, he essentially seems to be the second best college bat while being a good defensive catcher. This will probably leave vaughn for the sox unless he gets snatched at 2.
  5. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    July 2, 2019 The Thread

    Any team who doesn't use all of the international pool is stupid. 5m is nothing and there is so much value. Can't leave that on the table.
  6. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Fulmer: An awesome deep dive on his driveline winter

    At this point I would be fine with any contribution from him. When drafted you hoped for a starter of course but if he turns out to be a dominant reliever that would be ok too.
  7. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    FS: 2019 is the Year of Seby Zavala

    Jack cust has a career 123 wRC+. Didn't do it in a sexy way but if collins can do that at catcher that would be pretty good.
  8. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    FS: 2019 is the Year of Seby Zavala

    There are no mlb regulars with a sub 200 average. But there were plenty low to mid 200s guys who walked a lot. Maybe Collins can be jack cust.
  9. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    FG Top 130 prospects

    Are you worried about erics assessment that eloy might be more of a DH/emergency corner OF than a capable outfield defender? Of course his bat will play at DH too if he hits his projection and becomes a 130-140 wrc+ hitter but if he is a DH or very negative OF he could be more of a 3.5 war rather than a 5 war guy.
  10. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    FS: 2019 is the Year of Seby Zavala

    Zavala is also striking out a lot, pretty similar to collins. He had some super high babips giving him a decent average but I'm not sure that will stick in the majors.
  11. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    FS: 2019 is the Year of Seby Zavala

    Collins is a much better hitter but can he catch?
  12. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Bowden Top 200 (Sub required)

    I agree. He obviously knows baseball but i just don't believe he is putting in the same effort as the other guys. Making a top100 the right way is a boat load of work with a lot of talking to scouts and even seeing guys in person. Longenhagen for example has an insane work and travel schedule. I just don't think bowden puts in that effort, he probably parrots other lists and tweaks them a little by personal preference. fortunately the athletic has hired sickels who will probably make the next lists and has more credibility.
  13. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    FG Top 130 prospects

    Yes, a pitcher averaging 6.5 war will be called an ace too it isn't a hard cut off. Basically it is about being a true talent 7 win guy. 7 win once or twice and you are not a 7 win guy. But if a guy put up 7,7,7, 2, 7 in 5 years he would still be a true talent 7 win guy who had an off year. The average is under 7 but still everyone would call him a 7 win guy.
  14. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    FG Top 130 prospects

    Problem is the increased bp usage and decreased starter innings. 7 win seasons used to be more common but now it is hard to do. The ace starter who pitches 200+ every year with a low era is indeed becoming a unicorn. The only ones who reliably do that are scherzer, sale, kluber, verlander and Kershaw (might be over). The staff ace of the future probably will throw 170 with a low era and the 200 ip ace might die completely.
  15. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    FG Top 130 prospects

    Eric mentioned in the chat the injury history and body type leaning to see him more as a DH rather than RF.