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  1. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Alex Call vs. Steele Walker

    Walker definitely shouldnt be judged too hard because of the oblique thing. Longenhagen believes in him he probably just got more hurt as he played through it. He needs to step up next year though as he is pretty old for his level and should destroy Rookie and A ball when healthy as an advanced college bat. If he struggles next year he pretty much is a non prospect but he could also rise to AA next year. Call is a random quad A player who might be a solid emergency call up but not a regular, neither his contact skill nor his power are enough to be a regular, his rookie ball stats were probably just an advanced college get beating up on raw HS draftees.
  2. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Jackie Bradley Jr

    I looked it up. Sinker highest spin rate guy was 2450 rpm and 4 seamer was 2600. So there might be a small effect but it also might be selection bias due to high spin guys being pushed towards 4 seamer. But the biggest effect is that less seams are grabbing the air with a sinker. Now knuckle balls especially and also splitters and change ups do have a lower spin rates due to being deeper in the hand.
  3. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Jackie Bradley Jr

    Actually a sinker doesn't spin less, there are just less seams in the spin direction so there is less lift on the ball. The spin causes air to move around the ball and 4 seams can move more air than 2 seams. You cant really change your spin rate, driveline has done tons of experiments (finger pressure, grip variations, finger length...) on this and they said the only thing that helps is using a sticky substance (illegal). Teams are still researchin this but it seems like nothing was found yet. But of course it makes sense for the low spin guy to use more of a sinker grip and for the high spin guy to use a 4 seam grip.
  4. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Jackie Bradley Jr

    There are certain types that work for the pirates. You can't really improve spin except using pine tar. This means low spin guys do best low in the zone and high spin guys do best up. Glasnow is a high spin guy and they still tried him to pitch like a low spin sinker guy. If you try to make a low spin guy into a high heat guy it won't work either.
  5. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    White Sox acquire Ivan Nova

    19 years old and 11 k/9, he is the pitching version of tatis😁
  6. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    White Sox acquire Ivan Nova

    Don't think it will be much , probably a guy in the 20-30 org range.
  7. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Sox hire Matt Lisle

    Article about lisle if you are a subscriber https://theathletic.com/701875/2018/12/09/the-internets-most-followed-hitting-coach-is-now-working-for-the-white-sox-and-hes-eager-to-prove-himself/
  8. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    White Sox "in" on Realmuto

    Try to offer basabe, adolfo and burdi and see if they bite:)
  9. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    White Sox "in" on Realmuto

    Or they make another bad deal and deal him for like a 50 and 3 45s:).
  10. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    White Sox "in" on Realmuto

    That was with one more year of control though. Fangraphs had an article saying a 60 or maybe two 55s would be a fair price now.
  11. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Details on Padres medical scandal

    Tatis was just bad luck. He wasn't seen as a top30 international free agent of his class and hadn't played a game yet. Nobody could have seen him developing like that. Blaming Hahn for that trade is stupid.
  12. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    White Sox "in" on Realmuto

    I think the Sox try and see if they can low ball them. Let's say the Marlins do it for basabe, sheets and burdi of course you do it. It is unlikely but Marlins have done bad trades before. If they ask for eloy, cease or Robert you simply say no.
  13. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    In 2020...Five sox hitters combine for 500 walks

    Cuban walk rates rarely translate. Yuli gurriel walked a lot in Cuba. Robert walked 8% in A and 6% in A+ last year in admittedly a small sample. I don't think he will walk much. Now Collins does have an elite eye, longenhagen said best eye in the minors. I disagree that he won't walk in the majors, Santana doesn't have huge power (like 25 bombs per year) and he walks a ton. You need some power to walk but if Collins makes the majors he is going to have 25-30 hr power at least. If Collins doesn't make it it is because he doesn't hit.
  14. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    In 2020...Five sox hitters combine for 500 walks

    Btw last year only 6 guys walked 100 times (Harper, trout, Santana, Votto, Ramirez, carpenter)
  15. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    In 2020...Five sox hitters combine for 500 walks

    Don't think so, 500 walks is a lot. Robert hasn't walked a lot so far. Basabe had solid walk rates but I don't see 100 walk plate discipline. Collins could maybe do it., moncada could probably come close but not quite.