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  1. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Moncada ADD

    I think they could mean that he has less tasks to do at 3b than 2b. 2b has to think a little more on the field
  2. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    What I like about Vaughn and rutschmann is that they are so polished. They might not get much better than they are now but it also means less chance for sox player dev to mess up. I don't trust them with hs hitters.
  3. dominik-keul@gmx.de


    Everything being equal being a little above 6 is probably ideal but the hit tool is still key. If you can hit you can hit whether you are altuve or judge. Baseball isn't football, athleticism helps but some bad athletes just can hit and vice versa. Tony gwynn wasn't the greatest athlete but he could square up a ball.
  4. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Zack Burdi Progress: Looking slower than pre-TJ

    Drafting high floor relievers late in the first round was a trend 3-4 years ago. Teams went away from it though because many of those relievers tended to not hit their projected floor. The idea was nice because a high level reliever is worth 1.5 to 2 war and a late round position player projects about for the same but the problem is not many relievers become that good. Generally the outcome of a late round first rounder isn't all that good. Some become good but many just end up as bench pieces and there isn't an easy solution around that.
  5. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Top White Sox Prospects by Position: First Basemen

    Fangraphs has Collins as the 1 first base prospect, they basically decided themselves he is not a catcher.
  6. dominik-keul@gmx.de


    The Strike Zone Advantage doesn't really exist for short hitters. They get helped in the bottom but hurt up https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-jose-altuve-strike-zone/ Generally most great hitters tend to be medium size like 6 to 6"3. Above 6"3 it helps power but I think it hurts contact. The really huge power guys are tall but they also whiff a lot (judge, stanton)
  7. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    But the 60 is raw power not game power. Most have higher game power than raw power. Examples (fangraphs) Vlad jr 80 raw, 70 power Eloy 80 raw, 70 game Tatis 70 raw, 60 game In most cases 60 raw means 55 or lower game power but Vaughns bat is so good that he could be a rare case were game power and raw match. Don't get me wrong, 60 raw isn't bad it is just not impressive compared to other 1b prospects. For example fangraphs has 70 on Zack Collins raw, so do they have on Peter alonso and josh Naylor. Basically all top 50 rated 1b prospects have 70 or higher raw. Don't get me wrong I love the hit tool but he definitely is an unusual top 1b prospect who tend to be taller and with more raw power. Now if he does become a 290 hitter with 25-30 homers that would basically be Jose abreu and I would be fine with that at 3 but I could also see why one would like more upside.
  8. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    60 means 23-27 Homers on average. https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/scouting-explained-the-20-80-scouting-scale/ Most 1b drafted in the top10 will have 70+ power. But of course Vaughn projects also for like a 70 bat which is not that common.
  9. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Asked McDaniel from fg about vaughns future and current raw power. Says both is a 60 which is not spectacular for a 1b but he has a good chance to get to 60 game power which is good.
  10. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    White Sox will pick 3rd in 2019

    No. There was never a college first baseman switching to third in pro ball. In fact most college 3b can't play third in the majors. Most college 1B did play other positions in HS. He is a solid glove 1B which is fine.
  11. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    White Sox will pick 3rd in 2019

    I would prefer rutschmann too but if you don't get him vaughn has a very high floor. He likely isn't going to be a 5+ war player but he is very likely at least an average everyday 1b with a good chance for more. Abreu with a better glove is basically a 4.5 win player (using the average abreu season) so that is a very decent ceiling.
  12. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    White Sox will pick 3rd in 2019

    He is a first baseman and he is also short (5"11) and right handed but he can really hit. Not huge raw power but enough to hit 25-30 bombs. I think he would be a slight stretch at 3 but his ceiling basically is jose abreu with a better glove which is intriguing.
  13. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Sox and analytics

    I think kiley mc daniel said he thinks white sox are about middle of the pack now. Not on par with Houston, rays or dodgers but not super old school either. They certainly do believe in analytics now.
  14. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    Where are you on the TINSTAAPP debate?

    Yes. They bumb down pitching prospects half a grade now due to risk but there are still plenty on the top100 and if there is a super prospect like strasburg he still will get a 70fv.
  15. dominik-keul@gmx.de

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Do you think carter Stewart could fall to the sox second pick? I wouldn't go Stewart at 3 because of the arm risk but if you can spin a deal with the third pick maybe you can maybe get Stewart on an overslot deal. In the second round he definitely would be worth the risk but not sure he falls that far. If he falls past 15 the chance is good he falls into the overslot second pick range.