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  1. Dominikk85

    Disco Demolition Review...

    10 cent beer night was also great:).
  2. Dominikk85

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    I think 11 is a good spot to take a falling pitcher, maybe even a HS guy. The top college bats and the super high upside HS bats are probably gone by then but you could still get a HS pitcher who is a top4 overall talent because teams shy away from that due to the risk.
  3. A mlb hitting coach won't coach that much mechanics anyway. If he sees a glaring flaw it will be assessed but you are not rebuilding complete swings at the ML level. Regarding the approach waiting for the right pitch is good but everyone says that, even little league coaches tell their kids to wait for a fat one, the tough thing is how to decide this while the ball is halfway home when many pitches are still almost in the same tunnel. Basically the idea is to be very aggressive at the heart of the plate but giving the outer 2 inch of the plate (all 4 edges, but slightly depending on your strengths) to the pitcher like illustrated here. But still it is easier said than done, many have the plan but can't execute. Some teams use virtual reality to practice pitch recognition were you are basically shown the first half of the pitch flight and then you have to predict were it ends up. I have used a software that is called uhit. Basically a mobile phone game and you are batter view and a pitcher releases the ball and you have to touch the screen for every strike. If you touch the screen late it is count as a miss and then the software calculates your correct guess percentage and reaction time. Over time I got better learning to recognize the angle out of the hand. You see a too high pitch comes out level and a too low pitch shoots down too steep and you see a curve popping up. Still I never really got to the top of their leader board or close to it so there probably is some talent involved too. I know the Dodgers use stuff like that (probably more sophisticated than uhit) not sure if the sox are open for that stuff tough.
  4. Dominikk85

    Team USA 2020 Olympics team has 2 Sox prospects

    Longenhagen has him at 60 raw which is a bit light for a top 1b prospect (60 game is good but most have raw power half to a full grade below game power so most 60 raw guys are more 50-55 game guys) however he also thinks he has the bat control to get to all of his raw power. I think Vaughn will be able to hit 30+ but he isn't a pete Alonso type of pop guy. But if he averages 27 homers, .285 avg and a .370 obp in his prime years that would be great, basically what they got from abreu in a slightly different fashion (more walk, bit less on the power and avg).
  5. Dominikk85

    When people say the Sox deserve no credit for trading stars....

    To be fair Cole's value was down after 2 consecutive 4 era seasons. Still a bad trade going for older mlb ready guys instead of younger guys with upside. I guess the pirates thought they would get 2 cheap "safe" 2 WAR guys but that didn't quite work that way.
  6. Dominikk85

    Team USA 2020 Olympics team has 2 Sox prospects

    I think with Vaughn it will come down to how good the sox are. Vaughn will be in the minors at least till mid july and if the sox then are good he might come up but if they are 15 games out of first place it might be mid april 21 for service time reasons.
  7. Dominikk85

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Unfortunately sox had some luck this year, 72 wins but run differential pointed to a nice 69 wins which would have been 6th-7th pick. Not saying winning is bad but I'd rather have run differential luck in a year winning mid 80s plus games so it makes a difference.
  8. No. Just one year of control plus he is really expensive that year so no real bargain either. By surplus value he would be worth about a 50 and a 40 fv prospect but the red sox would probably want much more than that not because of baseball ops but because that would alienate fans if he got traded for a prospect that becomes a 4th outfielder. The red sox likely would want a top30 overall in baseball and I wouldn't give that up for a year of even an mvp candidate in his prime. Sure you could extend him but I doubt mookie would do that.
  9. Dominikk85

    Reds hire kyle boddy

    Reds have hired boddy. Kyle tweeted he remains the boss of driveline but probably leaves most of the work to his employees. Driveline can continue to work for other orgs but he personally has an exclusive contract and can't work with other orgs. The cubs apparently made an offer too but lost. I wonder if theo didn't want to make all those concessions to kyle because usually if you work for mlb orgs it means 100% exclusive and confidential and with this setup internal info might flow over driveline into other orgs. But then again what can people steal from cubs pitching development:)? Definitely a blow for the Cubs who rank dead last in the majors in homegrown pitching war the last 3-4 years and desperately need to develope some pitchers.
  10. Dominikk85

    Where is Jake Burger?

    But why didn't he come back this year? Prognosis was he comes back this summer. If he didn't heal in several months what do we expect to happen over the winter? He basically had rest for over a year now so is another 6 months changing everything?
  11. Dominikk85

    Cause for concern on offense?

    Well the only guys in that offense from the 2019 mlb team that matter are anderson, moncada, eloy, hopefully collins and depending on whether they bring him back abreu. Still anderson, eloy and to some extend abreu are bad plate discipline guys with bad k to bb rates. Collins and moncada also whiff but also have a good eye. Madrigal should help some while robert also is a bad plate discipline guy. However while I prefer guys with low K-BB numbers it is the overall production that counts. High walk and low K rate helps but the only thing that matters is your wRC+ and not how you do it. I mean the angels had the best plate discipline in baseball this year (lowest o swing, 3rd highest contact) but it got them nowhere but the twins had bad plate discipline (19th contact , 20th chase) and they rake. Don't get me wrong, better plate discipline is better but it is the overall output that counts. It doesn't matter if you have high on base table setters and power guys to drive them in like 10 years ago, it is basically just team with the highest average wRC+ wins. Still player dev should of course work on plate discipline as a better K-BB rate helps but there isn't just one way to success.
  12. Dominikk85

    Who would still want Maddon?

    Would like it. His act wears off after some time but he can definitely motivate players. He does make some managing mistakes but overall it isn't that bad. He has a quite proven record and averaged like 95 wins with the cubs. This year it was pretty bad but it was also not his fault rizzo, baez and kimbrel all got injured at the same time and most free agents theo signed the last years sucked. I think the Cubs are also right to move on from him though, his extreme positivity and motivational act might have worn off and the cubs now might need now less of a players manager like maddon but more of a discipline guy.
  13. Sure he is terrible this year with a 5 Era and tons of bombs but he did actually improve both his K and his BB rate compared to last year and while his K rate still isn't great he has some games that suggest more upside. Of course he also has those terrible 4 walk, 3 bomb for 7 runs games but giolito was literally the worst pitcher last year. Of course this is highly unlikely and most 5 era pitchers stay bad but could you see him improving big time and especially control his bb and HRs?
  14. Dominikk85

    MLB Testing Robot Umps in AFL

    Baseball doesn't need it badly but I would like robo ump if it is good. Interestingly fangraphs interviewed a catcher and a pitcher in a pod and they didn't like it much and said it would not only call strange strikes but also be inconsistent which is exactly what it should avoid. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/effectively-wild-episode-1433-a-pitcher-and-catcher-report/ Maybe it was selective perception by the guys but maybe the system needs still some improvement. Stats however didn't change much with Robo ump, Ks and runs the same and walks only slightly down with robo ump compared to real ump in the first half. That would mean impact isn't that big
  15. Dominikk85

    Vaughn's first pro season

    I think they will start him at high A and then promote him quickly after like 20 games or so if he demolishes that level.