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  1. Dominikk85

    Just Because The Twins signed Donaldson.......

    Sox definitely have a good chance. Twins have a monster line up but sox lineup is pretty good too and rotation should be better. There is uncertainty in the sox rotation but even more in the twins rotation
  2. Dominikk85

    MLB Pipeline Prospects

    70 is better than all star. Fg has a 65 as an all star, 70 is a guy Who averages 5 war in their Prime. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/scouting-explained-the-20-80-scouting-scale/ There are many guys who can get to 5 war but AVERAGING 5 war over 4-5 years is quite rare. To be a true 70 you need to have at least like 22 war in 5 years (a bad year is ok but most years must be 5 or close on average).
  3. Dominikk85

    MLB Pipeline Prospects

    Vlad and Franco also got 70 fv grades. Fangraphs is a bit stingier with 70s and grades in general but I like that about them. Sure fans prefer hype but it is good they are a bit more critical even if they are a bit low on some (for example 65 on acuna). Robert could be a 70 but that 20% k-bb% is a certain risk. He still will be good due to defense and power but is he a 70 when he has a 310 opb or so? Of course robert could tighten up that plate skill a little too and then he is super good but there is at least some risk. I think the 55 is too low though but 70 imo is a bit high.
  4. Dominikk85

    MLB Pipeline Prospects

    70 individual tool grades or overall fv grade? Fangraphs has given 70 fv grades but it is rare of course.
  5. Dominikk85

    MLB Pipeline Prospects

    Yeah definitely but I would wait for him to do that to rank him there. Regarding evan white I'm not really a fan. Yeah he can play the OF but he is also almost 24 and an 840 ops at AA is not that inspiring by a 23 first baseman.
  6. Dominikk85

    Jim Bowden Top 50 Prospect List

    Part of the reason why vaughn is so high is his floor. Yeah other guys have a higher ceiling but the likelihood that vaughn fails completely is very low. At the very least he hits .270 with 25 bombs and is an 1.5 war player with a good chance he hits .290 with 30 bombs and is a 3 war player. If you compare that to let's say bobby witt he could be a 5 war guy but also could bust in the minors. That risk has to be priced in. Even bellinger was a lot higher risk his first seasons than vaughn, vaughn had a 16% K rate while cody was like twice that initially. There was a lot of development involved in him getting this good while part of the appeal of vaughn is he doesn't need much developement and can't be messed up by the sox.
  7. Dominikk85

    MLB Pipeline Prospects

    I'm not holding it against him but before I rank a college first baseman top20 overall I would want to see a little more. I probably wouldn't rank a 1b below AA ball top30 overall unless he is either a young plus athlete (bellinger) or he flat out kills the ball.
  8. Dominikk85

    MLB Pipeline Prospects

    I don't quite get why mlb is so high on vaughn. Vaughn is a good prospect but his mlb.com ranking must be mostly on his prospect pedigree. His first pro year was good but with an 832 ops not outstanding. That is ok for his first year but when I rank a right handed college 1b top20 ish overall I want to either see him absolutely destroy lower minors (1000+ ops) or ideally perform at upper majors. If he rakes in AA next year I can justify a top20 ranking but for a lower minor only college guy imo the rank is a bit aggresive. This is nothing against him as a prospect, he has the potential to be a plus first baseman in the majors, just saying I have not seen enough to rank him top30 yet.
  9. Dominikk85

    Frank Thomas; Baseball's 74th greatest player (The Athletic)

    I think 74 is about accurate if it includes pitchers. Just position players he is top50 of course. Thomas is 54th in position player fWAR and 80th including pitchers.
  10. Dominikk85

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Steamer: Polanco 109 Arraez 109 Cruz 134 JD 137 Kepler 117 Sano 121 Garver 108 Rosario 110 Buxton 101 They definitely have a monster lineup, probably the best or second best in the AL. That rotation is very thin though and has injury risk too. The sox lineup is weaker than that but could be pretty good too and the sox rotation is much better. Won't be easy but the sox have a real shot to win the division.
  11. Dominikk85

    Hire AJ Hinch to replace Ricky?

    I dont think so, the ban is specifically for 2020
  12. Dominikk85

    Hire AJ Hinch to replace Ricky?

    Hinch is already suspended, his firing doesn't lift that ban. He can't manage avain before 2021.
  13. Dominikk85

    I don't see how pitch framing works?

    Btw most catching coaches are saying framing is not so much about tricking the ump but about giving the ump a better look. It is not so much that good framers get strikes but that bad framers lose strikes by distracting the ump with too much move glove movement and other stuff.
  14. Dominikk85

    I don't see how pitch framing works?

    Yes. And also the command itself of a pitcher. Catchers are taught to catch a ball out to in. This means for a low pitch at the knees you set up 2-3 inches below the knees and then move the glove slightly up to catch it. This only works if the pitcher has good command though because otherwise you have to move your glove too much. Everytime you have to move your glove away from the heart of the zone it likely won't be a strike. You see that with hs catchers, they will set up glove in the middle of the zone, stab down to catch it and then pull it into the zone again and this doesn't work. Follow jerry weinstein on twitter if you want to learn about this. He is already like 70 years old but still one of the top player development guys in the game willing to learn the knewest tech stuff and probably the most respected catching development guy in the world.
  15. Dominikk85

    I don't see how pitch framing works?

    To understand framing you have to first understand that there are no balls and strikes and there is no strike zone. Tom tango has described that pretty well. There is a zone he called heart zone which most of the time is called a strike. And there is a waste zone which almost never is called a strike. And then there is a zone called shadow zone in which the chance for a strike call is about 50 50. The strike zone doesn't have a distinct edge, it is a human construct that doesn't physically exist and this means the inches around this imagined edge are very hard to tell for the ump as the ball is travelling extremely fast. A good framer doesn't turn balls into strikes, what he does is getting more calls in the shadow zone by using better technique. You have to keep in mind that at 90 mph this is incredibly hard to tell. Due to how the eye works both the umpire and the batter will lose track of the ball the last 8-10 feet or so of ball flight and only see a blur that the brain extrapolates. This means he will use other tells to make the call and the catcher can be part of it, for example by holding the glove more quiet or by catching it out to in. Blatant pulling back of strikes will have a different effect though and usually not work. So the difference is not stealing strikes that are way outside but maybe more like getting 55% of the calls in the shadow zone vs 45%. Over a whole game this will mean quite a few more calls.