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  1. Dominikk85

    Rodon may need extra rest in the postseason

    If you knew he would struggle toward the end of the season wouldn't the solution have been to limit his innings? If you have a pitcher with a history of fragility why not limit his workload more especially in such a week division?
  2. Dominikk85

    Rodon may need extra rest in the postseason

    The Sox managed him very badly. After 34 innings in 19 and 7 in 2020 Tony just overused him and Hahn did nothing to step in (like a fake DL stint earlier in the season or telling him to skip a start). I know he is a FA but the sox still need him in the post season, why wasn't he Already rested in July? What did they think? That he can easily throw 160 innings after 40 combined in 2 years before that?
  3. Dominikk85

    9/15 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    2 runs in 6 is good and should have given the offense a chance to win it but 5 walks is really extremely high, there is something seriously wrong with his control.
  4. Dominikk85

    Anderson activated, Vaughn to DL

    Maybe he tried to play through an injury and made it worse and that was the reason for his struggles. Hopefully if he is without pain again he can hit like he has done during parts of the summer.
  5. Dominikk85

    Popeye Rodriguez promoted to AA

    Interestingly fangraphs gives him a 60 hit (but only 40 power). I like his low k rate and I think there could be more like 45-50 power. Slight downside is that he seems to be allergic to walks but if he can hit 275 with 15-20 homers that plays in the middle infield
  6. Dominikk85

    The Jarred Kelenic Appreciation Thread

    I wonder if all the talk about service time manipulation and that mariners exec who Later resigned who basically admitted service time manipulation played a role here. Mariners fans where saying all season he is just Service timed and should be up now and expected him to be an immediate star like tatis or acuna. There was a lot of pressure on him and also probably himself proving that the Mariners were wrong and then came that big 1 for 50 slump or whatever that was, maybe he developed a little mechanical glitch and then was unable to get out of it. Some players take time to develope but it is not that he was super raw. In AAA he struck out just 15%. It is normal that k rate jumps 4-5 ticks in the majors compared to AAA but a doubling in the K rate should normally not happen. I think he just needs an off season to work a bit on his mechanics and get his head right and he should be fine.
  7. Dominikk85

    Playoff odds

    I think the Brewers ended the little chance there was left to win the division for the indians. Sox not playing good a sweep could have given the indians a chance but getting swept themselves now means they are Probably out
  8. Dominikk85

    Corbin Burnes Trade Discussion Redeux

    Why would the Brewers trade him, they are trying to win? Burnes would cost a ton, at least two top100 prospects with one of them top20.
  9. Dominikk85

    GT 9/10: BOS @ SOX, 7:10 PM

    I agree. The offense will come and go and as long everyone is healthy I'm not worried, the bigger issue is the pitching. The Sox need to pitch like in the first half and rodon coming back strong is extremely important.
  10. Dominikk85

    What Should They Do with AV?

    Let him play and figure it out. Maybe occasionally sit him against a good eighty pitcher.
  11. Dominikk85

    Does Dallas Keuchel even make the Playoff Roster?

    He is basically an auto loss currently. They need to start him his next turn since everyone is on the IL and I think they should keep him during September even when rodon, Lynn and giolito are back to have him eat some innings and keep guys fresh but no way he should pitch any playoff innings. Sure they could use him as a mpp up guy in losses but I wouldn't want to waste a roster spot for that in the playoffs
  12. The rotation so far was the biggest strength of the sox (albeit line up and pen have been good too: 1st in AL in starter war, 4th in position player and reliever war) but recently this rotation was struggling a bit (4.9 era last two weeks) and their 3 best pitchers are currently hurt and cease got roughed up too last start. Are you worried starters have been overworked? Or do you think the DL trips are just fake to get some rest? How confident are you the top 4 can be as good as they were in the first half? if they are the sox could be very hard to beat
  13. Dominikk85

    9/4- White Sox at Royals, 6:10

    To be fair he made adjustments already a few times this year. Started out cold, then had a pretty hot phase, then cold again and then another hot phase, now struggling again. Pretty normal for a young hitter
  14. Dominikk85

    9/3 game thread Sox @ KC *Rain Delay*

    They need him to eat some innings as long all those guys are on the DL and probably beyond as innings are managed. I think he is kept for the regular season but in playoffs he won't be on the roster because he is not useful in the pen either with his high 80s fastball. But of course as long Lynn and giolito they need him to pitch some innings unless they want to stretch out kopech or reylo.
  15. Dominikk85

    The Athletic's Expansion Draft

    The bigger issue is that there are not enough good markets already. As long you have teams Like the As and rays who regularly run out sub 100m payrolls and play in front of empty stadiums despite being in a playoff race you don't need expansion. Worry about improving the location/stadium situations of those teams first. The last thing we need is another small market owner crying poor.