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  1. Dominikk85

    Jameson Taillon traded to Yankees

    Actually the trend is college rather than HS. In 1999 15 HS kids were drafted in the top 30 and 15 college kids. 2019 it was 10 HS and 20 college. Even more extreme is this in the first half of the first. 2019 5 out of the top15 were HS kids, 1999 10 of the top15 were HS kids. This of course fluctuates a little year to year but overall the trend is clearly going college in the top half of the first round and then going HS in the comp and second round.
  2. Dominikk85

    Jameson Taillon traded to Yankees

    I think the pirates this time want to go full tank. The last round they went for more mlb ready pieces like musgrove and moran to do kind of a quick retooling but it didn't work and now they go for younger, higher variance, higher upside guys because they Don't have a core to build around anymore and they can't afford to sign stars. Sheets and adolfo could contribute soon but they are older and don't have the upside the pirates really need now. Pirates are going through a long rebuild.
  3. Dominikk85

    Mlb Networks top 10 at each position

    Voit was really good the last 3 years (186 ops+ in 18, 123 in 19 and 156 in 20). Abreu was better in 20 but only a solid but not spectacular 117-118 the years before. Voit is also 4 years younger so it is reasonable to believe he is a bit better in true talent at this point especially when weighing a shortened season less. Abreu is very good but I think when you consider the last 3 years and the projection for next season you can justify having voit ahead.
  4. Dominikk85

    New BA top100

    I think the main movements of the list are graduations and the draft except for the guys who got mlb time. You can't really consider reports from alternate site because teams varied a lot in their openness for the public and also it is not clear how much performance at the alternate site at all. I think the only way you should consider alternate site reports as in conjunction with next year, i.e if a player got positive reviews and he shows that in milb this season you might be inclined to believe the changes more quickly. This especially applies to Kelley. He got very good reviews from the alternate site but he needs to show that he can do it in games. But if he does it you might move him up quicker than you would if he had not shown it. So if Kelley is good next year in A ball he could be a top100 rather quickly.
  5. Dominikk85

    New BA top100

    Thanks. Many of them will graduate soon but Kelley and maybe also some other young guys could make the list by the end of the year if they perform in the minors.
  6. Dominikk85

    New BA top100

    Does anyone have the subscription to see were the sox players have landed? https://www.baseballamerica.com/rankings/2021-top-100-prospects/
  7. Dominikk85

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    I can see the brewers trying to compete and then do a mini sell off at the deadline like the yankees did when they traded miller and chapman for torres, frazier and some others. I don't see them going in full rebuild, especially with yelichs contract going like 7 more years but I can see them trading hader and someone else for a couple close to ready mlb prospects
  8. Dominikk85

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    I think the sox don't really need to make a big trade at the moment. They can sign an older number 5 starter in February on the cheap who is still looking for a contract, it doesn't make sense to ship out top prospects now. That is really a big advantage of the lynn deal, the sox are now in a position to wait.
  9. Dominikk85

    George Springer to Toronto. 6 years/150 million

    Springer would have been nice to have but he wasn't really a need for the sox and the price was just too high. The sox can use that money better elsewhere (arb raises, extensions, other signings).
  10. Dominikk85

    Mets GM Jared Porter fired

    I agree. The Internet isn't a legal vacuum. People believe they can harass, threaten or sexually harass people just because it is the internet but you wouldn't just whip your dick out on a street and you also wouldn't tell a person to kill himself face to face. So why do people think in the internet this is covered by "freedom of speech"? I know it is relatively common today among young people who meet on tinder to send dick picks and vag picks but it is something else to send them later in a process of starting a casual sex relationship when it is clear that both sides are interested in such a relationship than sending them unsolicited after a few messages or sometimes even as a first message.
  11. I'm fine with just a 4th starter now, a lefty bat would be a decent bonus.
  12. Dominikk85

    Musgrove to Padres

    Yeah totally. Sox fans are obsessed with the padres due to the tatis trade but the chance that the white sox and padres face off in the WS is probably more like 10%. Playoffs are a crap shoot and it could just as well be the dodgers, Mets or braves making the WS plus the sox need to make it there too. Sox fans should be way more worried about winning their division and then making it to the WS then about some NL team that they might or might not face.
  13. Dominikk85

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    When was the last time they didn't use the whole amount of bonus money ?
  14. Dominikk85

    '21 rules discussions

    The DH is a bargaining chip, mlb doesn't want to give them the DH for free but they want the union to give something to get the DH.
  15. Dominikk85

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    I think long term kopech can still be a front line starter but the first year pitching in actual games after TJ command is often a bit rough creating HR and walk issues and thus less performance. I think thus he might be more of a 5th to 6th starter in 2021 and then maybe take a step forward in 22. It could also be better than that but that should be seen as a bonus and not expected as the first year after TJ is often not easy.