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  1. Dominikk85

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

    Yeah it wasn't super difficult to get there as he was playing deep already and the ball was hanging up a long time but the wall was well timed.
  2. Dominikk85

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

    I think he will be fine but he has a big hole in the outer half of the zone. I already saw that in spring, first they tried to bust him in and he turned on that very well but then in the second half of spring they adjusted and threw him more away and he did not much with that. His head map supports that, he did not have many ABs but he has literally not hit anything in the outer half of the plate https://www.fangraphs.com/players/andrew-vaughn/26197/heat-maps?position=OF&ss=&se=&hand=&count=&pitch=&season=&view=bat&data=&grid=&blur=&type=5 He needs to work on staying on that outside pitch longer and not cut across the zone so much. At lower levels he did not need to do that as he could just wait for his pitch with his good plate discipline but in the majors he can't have such a big hole because pitchers can locate. Once he improves that he will be a tough out.
  3. Dominikk85

    CLE @ SOX, 1:10 PM Central

    No way eloy is the odd man out, that probably still is yermin if Vaughn starts hitting.
  4. Dominikk85

    CLE @ SOX, 1:10 PM Central

    He just stole that strikeout though with his framing.
  5. Dominikk85

    CLE @ SOX, 1:10 PM Central

    Didn't yoan have a play a home there?
  6. Dominikk85

    CLE @ SOX, 1:10 PM Central

    I think Eaton really was a solid addition. He had a very bad season last year and his power might be a bit on decline but his plate discipline is back on track this season (10% walks, 18 Ks) and if he can post a 350 obp with 12 homers or so he will help the team a lot. I think against righty pitchers he should lead off.
  7. Congrats, what field did you did your doctorate in?
  8. Dominikk85

    CLE @ SOX, 7:10 PM Central

    The balls were directly hit at Vaughn, TLR would have caught them if he skipped the beer today:).
  9. Dominikk85

    Trade Targets

    Schwarber is pretty bad Defensively too though. I think the white Sox shouldn't Punt too much defense. How about getting one of Jesse winker or Tyler naquin from the Reds? The Reds really have one outfielder too many so one has to sit and might be opening to trade one. I know naquin was a first baseman too but he lost some weight and unlike schwarber or Vaughn he is actually quite fast and athletic.
  10. Dominikk85

    White Sox Winner!!!

    Nick williams sprint speed in 2019 (didn't find later values) was 27.8, Vaughn is at 25.8. Sprint speed is not everything but on top of beeing super slow Vaughn also has literally no Of experience. Williams Of numbers are mostly bad from CF, he was like average in LF. I'm not saying I want Williams instead of Vaughn but if Vaughn plays every day in LF that will be one of the worst defensive seasons of all time in LF because of both his lack of speed and lack of experience. He actually did a decent job so far not having any huge Gaffes and he did catch the routine fly balls but most of those a 50 yo beer league softball player would probably have caught too. So far Vaughn was lucky he mostly got routine fly balls and balls way out of his range but as the season goes on there will be situations with a ball toward the line or a short one which he doesn't reach with bases loaded costing two or three runs and over a season that adds up. Vaughn is not an everyday left fielder and expecting that from him would be unfair, his position is DH and 1b with occasional fill ins in LF.
  11. Dominikk85

    Sox vs Indians, Monday April 12th, 7pm

    Every rebuilding team probably who has a guy who is 30+. Depends on whether the Sox are willing to take on some salary.
  12. Dominikk85

    Sox vs Indians, Monday April 12th, 7pm

    Vaughn isn't a left fielder though and he is not learning it, with a 25.8 ft/s sprint speed no amount of experience will help you there. Vaughn always will be an emergency solution in left, Hahn needs to make a trade soon and send vaughn to the minors as soon as the minor league season starts.
  13. Dominikk85

    We Thought We Have A Good Bullpen?

    I think the pen will be fine. Yeah they have been bad and bummer and foster probably were due to some regression but overall I still think the pen is a talented Group that will be fine. Also team defense was very bad which did not help either but when Anderson and Engel are back and nick gets more acclimated this will improve too. Right now the injuries just mean a lot of guys play out of position or are below average there. Vaughn and leury play out of position and collins has improved but still isn't a great defensive catcher. With madrigal also slumping Defensively (I still think he will be fine, he had a month in the majors and then a shoulder surgery which probably didn't help either) this means a lot of defensive weak spots in the roster.
  14. I wonder if only certain pitchers want to pitch to collins. I do like giving grandal a few more days off and keeping him fresh as he is 32 (I think 115-120 games caught is good for him), but play collins against righties please.
  15. Dominikk85

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

    But he is an infielder and the Sox are pretty well set with madrigal, Anderson and moncada. Sure marte is fast and could play Of but why not get an outfielder in the first place who is probably cheaper than marte.
  16. Dominikk85

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

    I think Vaughn has looked OK in left and shagged some routine fly balls but his sprint speed at statcast is 25.8 ft/s which is 27th out of 30 guys in LF this year. For comparison Eloy was at 27.2 last season. That is definitely not playable every day in the Of, but occasionally it is OK. I really think the Sox should make a trade here, you don't want Williams or hamiltons bat there but also not Vaughns glove. I wouldnt want Engel there every day either, just get a decent rental who can put up a 100 wrc+ with average defense.
  17. Dominikk85

    What if Yermin Mercedes keeps hitting?

    Not really, his sprint speed is 25.5 according to statcast. That is quite slow. Vaughn also is only at 25.8 which is really slow too and not really playable in LF every day. Thus I think the right move for Vaughn is to play him in left part time until Engel is back and then send him down. You can't play a sub 26 sprint speed guy every day in LF, of course he will some routine fly balls but over a year that is probably - 15 runs over a full season like Hoskins was in his LF season (and Vaughn is even slower than Hoskins)
  18. Dominikk85

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    Thanks. I only work with HS and college kids on hitting but I thought that was pretty glaring, never seen that rigid and passive of an upper body in the load. There are if course also guys who coil up too much and get long but a bit of that probably wouldn't hurt his contact a lot. I'm quite active on Twitter and actually send this suggestion to Sox coach Ryan Johansen what he thinks but understandably he said he can't talk about current players. Some other hitting coordinators are more open but I can understand that it is a risk to talk about that
  19. Dominikk85

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    To be fair naquin had just 600 PAs those seasons combined so it was about a 20 Homer full season pace. Stil of course there is upside.
  20. Dominikk85

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    What costs madrigal power is that he has a very passive upper body/spine in the load and his hands thus are not quite connected to the hips. His back is super stiff and not doing anything, he does load his hips and his hands but between that nothing happens which is why it looks stiff and unathletic. I put him in this video next to David Wright who did the move I'm talking about quite extreme. https://www.coachseye.com/v/7a25702a430642e8a1c68ba05674bff1 Wright uses rotation and side bend of the thoracic spine almost like a snake or lizard to create that front shoulder down look. This creates separation and a fluid connection of the hips and hands. Madrigals spine is completely dead, zero counter rotation and side bend. You Don't want to counter rotate too much as that makes the swing long but most top hitters use a bit of counter rotation and side bend in the spine so there is some "stretch" between the hips and hands while madrigal's "dead back" when he uses his hands and hips kinda independent of each other instead of together with the hips slightly moving ahead. Madrigal could probably add a couple mph of Exit velo just by this.
  21. Dominikk85

    Starters innings pitched

    Is this an issue again this year? Last year the pen was really taxed because starters weren't able to go deep a lot. This year so far starters went 5.1, 4.0, 4.2, 4.2, 5.0, 5.1, 5.0 so no starter managed to even start the 6th inning. This of course puts a lot of stress on the pen when they have to pitch more than 4 innings per game. Do you see this just as an early season ramp up that will get better over the season? I think at least in theory with Lynn, Giolito and keuchel should regularly be able to go at least 6 and sometimes 7 to give the pen a breather and that definitely will be needed because cease, rodon and maybe kopech if he gets stretched out will mean a lot of sub 5 inning starts.
  22. Dominikk85

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    Many thought he could bulk up and add power, some even dreamt of him becoming altuve. Longenhagen thought madrigal would eventually hit 15+ Homers with good defense which could have made him a 4-5 win player. The floor was his strongest argument but it is not like he had no upside, if he Really was a. 300+ guy with 15 bombs and good
  23. Dominikk85

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    4th overall picks last 10 years to madrigal 18: madrigal 17: brandan mckay 16: Riley pint 15: Dillon tate 14: schwarber 13: Kohl stewart 12: Kevin gausman 11: Dylan bundy 10: Christian colon 09: Tony Sanchez You hope for more but really outside the top picks any guy who becomes an average regular is a success. Sure when they drafted him they hoped to get a 3.5-4 win guy but really most 4 picks in the last 10 years have not even been regular 2 win players except for gausman and Bundy who took long to get good too.
  24. Dominikk85

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    Madrigal has a good eye, last year his chase rate was a league average 31% and this year he has lowered that to an excellent 20% (not uncommon it is a bit higher in the first MLB year as you haven't seen that kind of movement at lower levels). He won't walk a ton if he is a 5 Homer guy but I think he will be around 7% or so and not be a 3% walk guy like Alberto. Billy Hamilton might be a good comp for this (obviously Billy has a way worse hit tool but he is a no power hitter with a solid eye and has a career 7% walk rate despite not being able to hit).
  25. Dominikk85

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    Getting Lynn was expensive and dunning will probably have more War in his 5 years than Lynn this year but Lynn really was almost an ace his last years and is the much needed second TOR guys the Sox need for the post season until one of kopech, crochet or cease is ready to take over that number 2 role. Yeah dunning is probably a nice 2 war 5th starter but going in with him, cease or keuchel as your number 2 into the post season is not great. Yeah it is just one year of the window but if you waste 1 year you really waste like 8-10 years of control (because Robert, madrigal, Giolito, Anderson... all lose a year of control and wasting it by not having a real number two is bad. From now on you don't want to push in your chips too early but you can't really waste a year either so the Lynn trade was a good compromise of keeping talent while not wasting a year due to a huge hole in the roster.