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  1. SoxFan2003

    Gun Violence in America

    Interesting that you use the Sanders incident and not, you know, the President of the US calling the press "the enemy of the American People". It sure seems like one of those incidents has a more direct tie in than the other for why this person would feel emboldened enough to do this.
  2. SoxFan2003

    2018 Films thread

    AMC launching their own version of MoviePass: https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/20/17482918/amc-subscription-moviepass-stubs-a-list If/when MoviePass goes away, I'd probably make the switch. I don't usually see 3 movies a week. Until then, the $10/Month is still too good to pass up.
  3. SoxFan2003

    Immigration thread

    What more do you think will develop? Which conflicting statement are we supposed to believe? The First Lady's spokesman said it was not directed at anyone in particular and was "just a jacket", but the President said it was directed at the media. Both can not be true. As you said, it's hard to believe that a fashion model picked that jacket out of the blue and didn't mean anything by it. But it's also hard to believe that if it was directed at the media, the White House and the First Lady wouldn't have their story straight. When it's proven that one or both lie constantly, and getting a straight answer is near impossible, people are going to wonder why and make assumptions that are not going to be flattering to liars.
  4. SoxFan2003

    Immigration thread

    This has got to be one of those things done as a distraction, right? Nobody can be this oblivious, right?
  5. SoxFan2003

    Should The View also be cancelled?

    Can you please explain how ABC firing an employee, or the NFL (or NBA) creating a rule that requires players to stand during the anthem infringes on anyone's right to free speech? As far as I can tell, nobody has threatened to arrest Rosanne or Colin Kaepernick for their views.
  6. SoxFan2003

    2018 Republicans thread

    I'm guessing over 95% of this board (including me) has no idea what or who you are referring to? Care to elaborate?
  7. SoxFan2003

    2018 Democrats thread

    I wasn't commenting on the substance of the post. I was just trying to be funny regarding Kanye's apparant support for the President this week.
  8. SoxFan2003

    2018 Democrats thread

    I don't think a Kanye tweet belongs in the Democrat forum anymore.
  9. SoxFan2003

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I came here to ask the same question. I'm thinking of stopping by. However, it requires me to sneak out of my office in the loop. I wish they would've had a 5:00 start instead.
  10. SoxFan2003

    2018 Films thread

    Saw Chappaquiddick today. It does not go easy on Ted Kennedy. It really is kind of surprising how he was able to get away with the whole thing.
  11. QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 12:26 PM) Already snowing heavily here in Minneapolis. Would they ever consider moving it to the Vikings stadium?
  12. SoxFan2003

    2018 Attendance Thread

    QUOTE (reiks12 @ Apr 11, 2018 -> 01:58 PM) We will have terrible attendance until we are consistently good. There isn't any other way for this franchise to draw in a heap of fans, sorry to say. I agree. What I don't understand is why we take it so personally. I used to be guilty of it myself even though I personally go to 15-20 games a year.
  13. SoxFan2003

    The Chicago Ballpark That Never Was

    QUOTE (bmags @ Apr 10, 2018 -> 12:47 PM) True but I don't know that I've ever seen the architect drawings before. It's the outfield dimensions that I reallly love. The trend toward outfields have been to conform to similar dimensions or features. Houston obviously felt that pressure (theirs did feel pretty theme-parky and arbitrary, but these were pretty cool. Left field and right field look like they might be 200 feet down the lines. I doubt MLB would allow a ballpark to have the old Polo Grounds dimensions anymore. Other than that, I agree with your post.
  14. SoxFan2003

    The Chicago Ballpark That Never Was

    It's an interesting article. I think with the lease up in 10 years, these articles are going to start popping up more and more. My personal opinion is that with the expansion/gentrification of the South Loop and beyond, the GRF parking lots may become some of the most valuable develop-able land in the City, with its easy access to a major expressway and public transportation. The Armour Park idea could provide a perfect blueprint for future development once the State/City/Owner figure out who is going to pay for it.
  15. SoxFan2003

    Tampa Bay @ Chicago GT

    Cubs pushed to tomorrow (obviously not Chicago tough). What are the Sox thinking here?