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  1. yesterday333

    Abreu & TA named Sporting News AL All Stars

    Wow! Both getting all the votes! Congrats to them and well deserved. Hopefully all our players can follow their paths of working hard and getting better every year.
  2. yesterday333

    ALCS- Rays vs Astros

    Is this person on soxtalk cuz this is hilarious.
  3. yesterday333

    Rick Hahn is Sporting News Executive of the Year

    Was Abreu not considered a signing this year? Nobody has mentioned that signing in this thread...
  4. yesterday333

    Managerial Candidates List

    I’ve seen some people on here say that. I am ok with hiring Hinch. So I am not saying that. But choosing the lesser of 2 evils does soften the blow for some people. I mean if you look at it rationally it changes nothing. But the sigh of relief for some people does make it “feel” better.
  5. yesterday333

    Managerial Candidates List

    It has a lot of people saying “at least Hinch isn’t TLR” which makes who they hired look better. (If it is Hinch)
  6. yesterday333

    Managerial Candidates List

    Isn’t that exactly what a PR departments job is? Trying to make an organization look good to the public?
  7. yesterday333

    Managerial Candidates List

    Sad but true...
  8. Is there a place to get more updates and info on the instructional league?
  9. yesterday333

    Sox Press Conference - 11am 10/12 - RR out as Sox manager

    I better start looking for jobs. Haha... I didn’t see him getting fired either.
  10. yesterday333

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    I am not trying to say it’s all on RR. Just that the claims that it’s all on Hahn and RR is just doing what he is being forced to do the FO bidding is probably wrong. People are trying to place blame on the people they dislike but it’s really shared blame.
  11. yesterday333

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    To me you could also say wasn’t the FO as tired as we were watching it... seems like RR wouldn’t quit playing him so they finally had to release him so he would couldn’t waste anymore at bats on him... like I said if the FO doesn’t want to look bad they’d want to stop playing him too.
  12. yesterday333

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    That’s what I was trying to say. You can’t blame it all on the FO or RR. We are not privy to who and how these decisions are made. But you know they all have at least some say...
  13. yesterday333

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    So you are saying the front office isn’t competitive? Not saying anybody is 100% to blame but sticking with washed up vets seems like an old school RR way of thinking. Also if the front office is so worried about being “right” as you say they’d be more willing to move away from bad players. I think the one thing this stuff shows is the organization does not believe in Yermin or Collins. Both are guys that would make the FO look “right” if they were good.
  14. yesterday333

    Offseason Targets

    I could see them stretching him out in the high minors, AA or AAA then bring him up to the bullpen for the end of the season.
  15. yesterday333

    Crochet's arm fine

    Hahn should have nothing to do with ordering an mri... that is completely on the medical staff. I am sure if there is any reason to he would have had it by now. I will trust what ptatc has said on here many times... if you don’t need to do surgery you don’t do it.