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  1. yesterday333

    Latest Fangraphs Prospect Rankings

    I think you are confusing ceiling with most likely outcome...
  2. yesterday333

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Why to I have to hate the cubs? We only play them a few times a year. I don't deal with a bunch of annoying cubs fans. My baseball "hate" is for divisional rivals and the annoying fans I deal with... which are mostly yanks and bosox (there are a lot of mariners fans here but they have nothing to be annoying about).
  3. yesterday333

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Being from Montana I don't get so many peoples obsession with the cubs... What happens with them has zero effect on what I want for the us. They probably laugh at you for wanting their failure more than what is best for us.
  4. yesterday333

    FS: The case for the Sox adding a 7th US MiLB team

    Helena MT is losing its rookie team. I wonder if it is close enough to the Northwest League to have a team here. It is only an hour away from Great Falls.
  5. yesterday333

    Moncada leading MLB in OOZ strike 3s

    I completely disagree. I am all for getting calls right and making the game more fair. I think if a pitcher has to throw a strike to get a strike out it increases offense. But players will adjust, just as they have to with different umps different zones. They will have to figure it out and I think hitting increases. Batters wont get walks based on reputation and pitchers wont get strike outs based on reputation, which both walk and strike outs are considered a problem.
  6. yesterday333

    Brewers acquire Xavier Cedeno

    Haha I would say id ask at the game tonight (I am hoping to get a ticket right next to the Voyagers bench) but I am way to shy to actually say something to anybody.
  7. yesterday333

    Brewers acquire Xavier Cedeno

    So does anybody know if the players we rcvd will be just switching dugouts tonight? The Voyagers play the Helena Brewers in their last game of a 4 game series tonight.
  8. I read a lot of sports message boards and this is the first time I have ever really seen this. When people are open to listening to valid arguments it makes everything better. I wish more people could admit they are wrong when proven so rather than digging in on being wrong.
  9. yesterday333

    8/29 Games

    Nunez was a butcher at 2nd last night. The box score only has one E but it was bad. I was at the game. He had at least 4 bad fielding plays. But the team defense was atrocious all around...
  10. yesterday333

    Giolito is saving his season

    He is also a bit lucky to be on a rebuilding team. A contending team wouldn't have been able to let him work through this. Hopefully he continues to improve.
  11. yesterday333

    8/26 Games

    He was drafted as a 3rd baseman so maybe they have been working him in CF in practice and think he is ready now...
  12. yesterday333

    8/23 games

    Hmmmm, only one extra base hit. I need more if he wants to be called up...
  13. yesterday333

    Can we get a Shields rumor?

    Haha ok. I was a little worried there
  14. yesterday333

    Can we get a Shields rumor?

    Wait, is this a known thing? Is Cooper really retiring? Why has this not been discussed more? or am I missing something?
  15. yesterday333

    Prospect Focus - Bryce Bush, w/ quotes (from many) and video

    Great article. Really excited we were able to sign him. I am looking forward to seeing him here in Helena later this month.