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  1. yesterday333

    Optimistic Fan Thread

    As excited as I am about Bush, I am more excited for Lenyn Sosa.
  2. yesterday333

    Optimistic Fan Thread

    I am still very high on our farm. Our OFs in AA and the IF in Kann have me most excited. I am also excited for our draft pick. I am looking forward to Madrigal proving doubters wrong. I am also excited for Zavala and Collins as our platoon Cs.
  3. When watching the Voyagers last year Amando Nunez was the best hitter on the team for the games I got to see. I got to see 3 or 4 games and he was very impressive.
  4. Everybody is so excited about Bush (and they should be) but Sosa was easily the most complete player in the infield, and if I recall correctly he is actually younger than Bush. I am really excited about him.
  5. yesterday333

    Zack Collins at First Base

    So, Keith Law says he can throw and calls a good game but he is a below average receiver. "if" the big leagues go to an automated strike zone it will limit his receiving liability will also placing a greater value on his batters eye. So this is one rule change that could have a significant impact on Collins career. Also, when Law isn't as negative about his D as our fans are, it makes you wonder.
  6. yesterday333

    2019 MLB draft thread

    But he has the power is the thing. He had it in college, and everybody who has seen him hit bp says its there, he just needs to bring it out in games. Yes, it is a big if, but most prospects have big ifs. I see a ton of potential in his bat and people acting like he is nothing is driving me nuts.
  7. yesterday333

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I am so tired of people ragging on Sheets... If he develops game power he is a starting 1b in the future. He has the power and he just needs to translate it to the game... He is a great hitter who has put in the work on his fielding and won his leagues gold glove.
  8. yesterday333

    Callis White Sox Tweet Q&A

    eh... I feel like he is saying Gonzalez's bat plays at CF but isn't as enticing as a corner OF. So if he fielding improves for CF or his power improves for a corner he will be highly thought of.
  9. yesterday333

    Personal opinions on Sox rebuild pieces.

    But... but.... but.... that doesn't fit some peoples narrative. he is not an all star already so he is another failed 1st round pick who should have no future with us.
  10. yesterday333

    Signing Luke Heimlich: Acceptable or Quit being a fan worthy?

    i tend to feel the same. But if I am in charge of making the decisions, I am not signing him. I don't want to be the guy responsible for bringing on that PR nightmare. somebody else can go out on that limb.
  11. Just make him wear gloves that keep his thumbs stuck against his hand when he is on base...
  12. yesterday333

    Spring Training Thread

    Yeah he shouldn't be trying to PLAY BASEBALL! What is he thinking? On a serious note we need to work with him on his sliding and avoiding hurting his thumb...
  13. yesterday333

    Alec Hansen

    Plus.... the pitch face. How can anybody give up on that pitch face?
  14. yesterday333

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I think I have decided there was collusion between the sox and the phils this offseason. To me that is the only logical reason no to go after Harper after MM signed. There had to have been a "gentlemen's" agreement that if they backed off MM we wouldn't try for Harper. it might sound conspiratorial but I really cant think of a good reason not to go for Harper. (he ended up being cheaper than MM)
  15. yesterday333

    3/1 vs Rangers, 2pm

    I think it was because Robert got to keep more of the money and pay less in taxes.