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  1. He was the guy who stood out to me the most when he was in Great Falls. I saw probably 4 games of Great Falls that year and he made the biggest impression on me. But it was only 4 games so not a lot can be said from that haha.
  2. Man I have posted this on here time and time again... Keith Law said just a couple years ago that he calls a good game and controls the base paths but is a below average receiver. He is definitely not the butcher the board makes him out to be.
  3. You are not the only person. I feel the same. I would’ve been cool with him starting in right over Eaton...
  4. Most teams when they have an injury to a top player have to go outside their org to get realistic replacements. Not very many teams have major league starters ready to contribute to a playoff team just sitting in the minors. We have Luery and Engel we is pretty decent for back up OFs.
  5. EVERYONE has “disappointments” Lots of top prospects disappoint. It is very silly to expect all the talent we acquired to succeed.
  6. Prospects fail in every system... even highly rated prospects. This isn’t unique to just us people.
  7. You realize how bad our team was right? Having an accomplished major league hitter did nothing for us. I guess we should’ve kept all our major league players and tried to win but kept losing... they are called prospects for a reason. We gave them a bunch of meh that weren’t doing anything for anything for us and leave soon and we got players who had a chance of being good when we would be good. Don’t be dense about the rebuild...
  8. yesterday333

    More of Manfred's Bullshit

    I might be the only person who thinks this but don’t believe it is length of the game but dead time that is the problem. It is hard for young people, in my opinion to be interested in players standing around all the time. I get frustrated when there is ssssoooooo much time between pitches and nothing is happening. If this drives me nuts as a baseball fan in my 30s I can’t imagine how teens who are meh about baseball feel about it. I’ve never cared about how long any sports games have been to me it’s about the dead that makes it boring.
  9. yesterday333

    Spring Training thread

    Ok I am not saying we should be worried. Just that things that make me pause and wonder if we should be paying attention to it. I know people are working on things and I am not worried. But if things continue as they have I might start to worry a little.
  10. yesterday333

    Fans at opening day? Fans at Opening Day! (confirmed)

    Haha haha “their obsession” I’m from Montana so I have nothing against the Cubs. But this board and our fans in general are just as obsessed. I roll my eyes daily at posts here about the Cubs and the inferiority complex a lot of fans seem to have with them. But sure it’s them that have issues.
  11. yesterday333

    Spring Training thread

    While pre-season scores and stats don’t matter there have been some things that have made me nervous. How many innings did we go without scoring a run? And that’s with starters and against a lot of lefties. And it seems a lot of our pitchers seem to be walking a bunch of hitters. Thankfully it is spring training and we have time to figure it out. But there is reason to be concerned.
  12. Why do people keep saying Collins can’t catch? Everything I have heard from people who know what they are talking about is he is below average. I get it if people don’t want a below average catcher as the backup but he is not a butcher back there. He can catch. People should really stop claiming he can’t do it. From a couple years ago I think it was Keith Law who said he called a good game and controlled the base runners well and his problems were with receiving. So if they go to an electronic strike zone soon he will be better than average.
  13. yesterday333

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    Watching 6 years of a player is better than watching 5. And if that player is good that gives you a better product for a whole extra year. Remember when our team tried to be good every year? Cuz I do and it sucked. By being bad they actually became good and have given us a better product. I know that doesn’t fit with whatever narrative you are trying to push but this is how you get a better product.
  14. yesterday333

    TLR publicity train

    Most everybody I have seen has projected Robert batting about 7... has nothing to do with who bats 2nd. It should be Yoan but we will see.
  15. yesterday333

    Dodgers sign Bauer (3/102, opt-outs, 40-45-17)

    I think Mets and nobody... she’s probably trying to get the Mets to up their offer