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  1. I think when we get the eyeball tweet we will have about 30 pages in 10 mins.... and who knows how long after that until he signs. and you have to include the guessing in your guess or youre not guessing right..............
  2. I already guessed 333... but I said that's when we get eyeballs not when he signs
  3. Im gonna guess we see eyeballs on page 333... who knows how many pages it will reach when until its announced
  4. nevermind I looked up and it appears the actual one is from 1950 - 2000
  5. Wait.... didn't biff bring that book back to the 60s and use it in the 80s? And the book is from 2000 - 2050...
  6. Then how do you explain to your fans when he says no and signs a reasonable deal elsewhere?
  7. Well they have a soft ceiling already, and right now teams aren't willing to go much beyond that
  8. I think there probably needs to be a floor as well. I don't have a problem with the payroll ceiling but if they have that, they should have a payroll floor and have teams be taxed if they don't spend enough.
  9. There would be a little more urgency by the players if this were true. If the sox pull out on one of them they lose a lot of leverage.
  10. I didn't start the thread. this post was pulled from the other Machado thread...
  11. I think macsandz is bucket...
  12. I took it to mean we are focused on MM right now cuz he will sign sooner, but we are still working with Harper
  13. I would guess there will be a lot of new members if this happened...
  14. I hope we have lots of Machado threads after this.... like where will he be put in the line-up? should he be before or after Bryce. Or Wow what a great game for Machado...
  15. Haha this thread is gonna blow up when everybody gets back to work from their lunch break... Edit from mod: here is a nice summary