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  1. yesterday333

    4/26 Games - He's Back!

    What about his afl performance? Or his spring training? There are some who thought he should be in AA to start the season...
  2. yesterday333

    2019 MLB draft thread

    If TA is really blocking somebody who is an MLB ready short stop in a few years, you can trade either one for a kings ransom. Or who knows, maybe somebody gets hurt. Drafting for need in baseball is silly. if you get the best player available they can be worth something either through a trade or on your own club.
  3. yesterday333

    Fegan interviews Hostetler on upcoming draft

    I would think Bleday instead of Abrams. No reason in particular, just a great college bat over HS upside.
  4. yesterday333

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I completely agree. it would be great if the best player available wasn't a right handed 1b but that might not be the case. Everybody understands why certain profiles are more valuable than others. Which makes Vaughn that much more impressive. Most evaluators have him as the #2 prospect, even while being a right handed 1b.
  5. yesterday333

    4.21 Games

    But I keep getting told he has and will have no power and he is a non-prospect...so this can’t be right
  6. yesterday333

    Tim Anderson to be suspended 1 game for... language?

    What % of African American do you have to be to use the n word? If we have different rules for different races isn't that saying they are different, which is the opposite of what we want. There should be no difference and no different set of rules.
  7. yesterday333

    4/19 Games #CeaseRainedOutDay

    I prefer the scoreboard but I don't ever start the gameday threads... so I guess whoever is putting in the effort can put in whatever they want.
  8. yesterday333

    4/18 Games

    The sox should not care one bit about W-S draw. If its whats best for the prospect they HAVE TO do that.
  9. yesterday333

    4/16 Games

    Ive been wondering this as well. Does not being a hitters park mean its big and hard to hit HRs? or does it suppress BA as well?
  10. yesterday333

    FS: News & Notes 4/8 to 4/18

    Another great write up. Although I disagree about Robert. I don't know why they don't take into consideration his fall ball at bats or spring at bats, which are both higher level pitching than he is currently facing. I think he has shown he is ready to be moved up.
  11. yesterday333

    Frare Optioned

    Ok. I grew up in Billings. I now live in Helena. (which no longer has a minor league team)
  12. yesterday333

    Frare Optioned

    I didn't know he was a Montana boy. When you say from "here" where are you? and where did he grow up?
  13. yesterday333

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    How much you are worth and how much you money you have to spend are 2 different things...
  14. yesterday333

    2019 Minor League Outfields

    Any idea when he will be back?
  15. yesterday333

    Fangraphs Top 30 White Sox Prospects

    I don't think that is true at all. I think with having Futuresox, we have a group of people who are experts on our system. These lists, while done by well informed experienced opinions, don't have the background or complete understanding that Futuresox has. It is easier for us to see where they are off on their opinions for us. We also take into consideration other lists and peoples opinion and can point out where they differ from the rest of the scouting community. When everybody else loves Cease FGs isn't high on him and we can point to other educated opinions on why we think they are wrong. There are some people who question this lists and the peoples credentials, most of us just look at it as another piece to the puzzle.