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  1. yesterday333

    Future Lineup

    So you propose we don’t carry any backup infielders?
  2. yesterday333

    White Sox Bryce Harper FA pitch spoiler?

    Is the new Benny any good? I heard Berry (former Montana Griz mascot Monte) had recently retired.
  3. yesterday333

    Baseball America Top 10 Prospects

    That's exactly what I was thinking...
  4. yesterday333

    Baseball America Top 10 Prospects

    And if he was in the Yankees system he'd be ranked high by everybody...
  5. yesterday333

    Your Offseason Plan

    ChiliIrishHammock24 - I have thought about acquiring Senzel as well, but why would they want a 3rd baseman in that trade. you said it yourself their infield is loaded. I would see if we could do something like Dunning, Rutherford and Basabe( or Adolfo) if we actually did sign Harper. But I don't know if they go for either one of those trades.
  6. yesterday333

    Baseball America Top 10 Prospects

    I am surprised with Adolfo of Dunning.
  7. yesterday333

    Arizona Fall League - Running Thread - Opens 10/9

    With Robert playing so well in the AFL does this affect whether he starts at A+ or AA?
  8. yesterday333

    Morosi: White Sox interested in "both Machado and Harper"

    So you are saying if we sign MM we will pull the offer from Harper?
  9. yesterday333

    Morosi: White Sox interested in "both Machado and Harper"

    I know everybody keeps saying it wont happen but lets just pretend... We go after both players... Machado signs 1st and signs with us. Do we continue to pursue Harper or do we pull his offer? And if we signed MM does that make it more likely we can also get Harper?
  10. yesterday333

    Morosi: White Sox interested in "both Machado and Harper"

    Haha there would be complaints in the 1st week of the 1st season... probably even in spring training.
  11. yesterday333

    No Coaching Changes?

    Maybe this was talked about in the other thread... but isn't falling on your sword something you do to yourself? Like taking the blame so nobody else has to rather than blamed by somebody else? So the title of that thread would indicate somebody firing themselves...
  12. yesterday333

    Burdi removed from AFL "general fatigue"

    Makes sense. They probably saw what they wanted to from him (reports have been good) and decided no to push him coming back from an injury.
  13. yesterday333

    The Jose Abreu Conundrum

    So you think the only way we can go from 30 to 50 is by getting rid of Abreu?
  14. yesterday333

    The Moncada / Madrigal Situation

    I am all for positional flexibility. So leave him as your 2nd for now but also put him at 3rd and CF sometimes. Then it makes it easier to be flexible in the future. I would also be seeing about Madrigal in different places as well. See what he can do a SS and 3rd. then finding a place for these guys isn't nearly as hard, and if there is an injury it doesn't hurt as much.
  15. yesterday333

    Top White Sox Prospects by Position: Outfielders (The Besssss)

    Haha you got #5 right. Sadly I was hoping Polo would turn into something...