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  1. yesterday333

    Zack Collins win SL HR derby

    I think he will have a higher OBP
  2. yesterday333

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    People have said over and over there is a time limit on this rebuild and that everybody should lose their jobs if we aren't competing in a couple years. and as far as the big league product, this is a much better way of having a good big league product than what we were doing, but patience is key.
  3. yesterday333

    FS: Team Preview - 2018 Great Falls Voyagers

    Thanks for the write up. I am hopefully seeing them in Helena Sat night! I am excited to see Lenyn Sosa.
  4. yesterday333

    Great Falls Roster Released

    Ive seen Romy Gonzalez listed as 3b, 2b and now listed as an OF... I wonder if he will be playing all over the field.
  5. yesterday333

    2018 MiLB White Sox news and notes

    I am going to try to make it to the game on Sat. I am very interested to see who is on the roster.
  6. yesterday333

    Kopech "getting closer"

    I think ptatc's problem is that you are looking for an excuse to keep him in AAA. We should be doing whatever is best for his development, whether it be keeping him in AAA or moving him up to the bigs. We shouldn't be looking for reasons to keep him down... If he has more to learn in AAA great keep him there, if he is ready for the bigs he should be moved up at the next service time benchmark.
  7. yesterday333

    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

    So if the mlb goes to electronic strikes zones (I think they will in a couple years) does Collins value increase and the defense first catchers value decrease?
  8. yesterday333

    Promotions: Affiliate Predictions

    Why does everybody think it will be Zavala instead of Collins moving up? Is it because reports have him ahead defensively?
  9. yesterday333

    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

    I can understand why he is ranked there. His numbers before these last couple of months left something to be desired (especially for a 1b). If he keeps raking this yr, which I think he will do, he will keep rising up that board.
  10. yesterday333

    6/10 games

    Dang, my daughters name is Rose and my name is Robert, I was hoping we could one day get jerseys with our names on them together...
  11. yesterday333

    How eventful will be this years deadline?

    Well if they talk to him and thats what he wants, i agree. I am just not sure he is as valuable to another team as he is to us and nobody pays what we demand. But if they do give us a kings ransom then great!
  12. yesterday333

    How eventful will be this years deadline?

    If Avi comes back and re-establishes some value he could be traded as well. I am hoping we package guys together to get bigger returns. If we trade Abreu hopefully an arm or 2 gets thrown in to increase the what we get back.
  13. yesterday333

    Smith to catch Giolito

    Side question... If MLB goes to electronic strike zones, is pitch framing no longer a stat?
  14. yesterday333

    Shields attracting trade interest

    From the sounds of it, there will be very few quality starters available in the trade market this year. which could def increase Shields' value.
  15. yesterday333

    Draft Day 2 Thread - Rounds 3-10 (Tracker in OP)