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  1. yesterday333

    7/16 Games

    Only one man dare give me the razzberry!
  2. yesterday333

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Haha people keep saying these guys aren't worth what is being proposed but I feel like we keep both relievers unless we get a sweet deal for highly rated guys close to the majors
  3. yesterday333

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    Could it also be we are working on his contract we will offer next season after we trade him this year? Like trade him away with next years deal already in place? Haha I know this isn't likely but it would be best for the team. You get to keep Abreu for when we start to be good plus you get some trade pieces.
  4. yesterday333

    Luis Robert

    And the yankees and redsox have more money than anybody to offer him... that was the point of what I was saying.
  5. yesterday333

    Luis Robert

    I was just pointing out ways we could lose him even if we wanted to pay him when his service time was up. So having the extra year of him on our team would be more beneficial at that point and no starting the clock early.
  6. yesterday333

    Luis Robert

    We cant make him sign here is the problem. What if he becomes Trout and the Yankees or Red Sox offer him an amount of money we don't have? We don't have the money they have. Also, what if he wants to go play with his friends somewhere like they do in basketball. Some people think we should control what we can control. Be sure he is here as long as we can keep him here. I see both sides of the argument and I really don't lean either way. But there is validity to keeping him an extra year.
  7. yesterday333

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    Vaughn and Madrigal are the only 1st rounders earned from being bad in the rebuild. The Burger pick was earned while we still had Sale, Eaton and Q on the roster. If we had lost a couple more games we could've picked Jo Addell… who went a pick before us. I would say that makes a good case for the "tanking" that greg hates so much.
  8. yesterday333

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    I agree. But what would it take for you to part with them. I think they are more valuable to us then they will be on the trade market but all it takes is one stupid team to give up enough to part ways with them.
  9. yesterday333

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    I could be wrong, but it would be tax reasons for him not our owner. that's what we did with Robert. It could be just to get his feet wet and play his first baseball in a more comfortable environment.
  10. yesterday333

    Stiever and Sheets mentioned in BA article

    So if (holy) Sheets changed his swing I would say that is even more of a reason to write off his early season struggles. I argued for him in the off season. If his power is real he is a great 1b prospect. Sounds like he is a good defensive 1b with a good hit tool, now if he has the power he is a legit prospect.
  11. yesterday333

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    I am pretty sure that is against the rules. We would get in big trouble if we admitted to something like that.
  12. yesterday333

    Mid-Year Top 10 Prospects

    MLB considers them prospects until they reach rookie status. So because Kopech can win rookie of the year next year they will still call him a prospect at this point.
  13. yesterday333

    Sox claim 1b A.J. Reed off waivers AND send him to majors

    Every level his OPS is in the high 800. He has done it at every level. I don't see how that is not acceptable as a catcher. He is not a butcher behind the plate. I believe with adjustments he will be able to continue this in the bigs. I think he has earned plate appearances for us. I don't really care about batting average. OPS is more important than average. Give him consistent ABs. Clearly we have seen from other prospects who didn't show us who they really are, it takes time. correction... his OPS at AA was lower than that.
  14. yesterday333

    All Star Jose Abreu

    Can we go to him and say "hey, we have this opportunity to trade you to a contender. You can go get some playoff experience then we would love to have you back next year. If you don't want to go we will keep you here. We think we can get a player or 2 for next year and you get to bring some playoff experience to our roster if we do this. We would even be willing to over pay you a bit to come back. What do you say?"
  15. What about the Magical Mystery Tour? I a Beatles fan, I choose this...
  16. yesterday333

    Castillo begins rehab assignment

    I know I have posted this before, but what K Law said about his D is, he calls a good game and controls the base paths well, but is a below average receiver/framer. That is a far cry from the butcher everybody talks about. I am a big Collins fan, but with McCann he wont have a ton of opportunities to catch. I hope we McCann keeps it up and is here for a while and Collins is a better than average back-up. Having Castillo up will give us the ability to use Collins/McCann as the DH giving Collins the AB he needs.
  17. yesterday333

    Mid-Year Top 10 Prospects

    Dunning is a top 100 prospect before his injury. "IF" he comes back to form he will be in the top 100 again.
  18. yesterday333

    When will Luis Robert be promoted again?

    Are stolen bases included in that stat?
  19. While it was after the rebuild started, it was not a pick that was moved up by "tanking." They picked at 11. The next 2 drafts we picked in the top 5. There is clearly a difference in talent from a top 5 pick and pick 11, especially in Burgers draft when the talent dropped off at 10.
  20. yesterday333

    All Star Jose Abreu

    You realize RBIs are dependent on things outside the hitters control for the most part. you cant get them if nobody is on base for you, or if you have a base path clogger, like Abreu. I love Abreu but it is impossible to compare players based on RBI.
  21. yesterday333

    The $$$$ will be spent!

    I see no excuse to miss out on the top guys is what I am thinking. Last off season we had our eye on 2 players and it didn't work out but we weren't in the contention window, but now we are entering our contention window and have no reason to be out bid
  22. Yup... the other picks were just from being bad while trying to be good.
  23. yesterday333

    The $$$$ will be spent!

    I am not saying spend large money on crap... We should be paying whatever it takes to land the big fish and not say its ok we didn't get him cuz next year we can get player x.