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  1. GenericUserName

    JD Martinez

    Why? Apparently attendance and viewership numbers are up this year which seemingly would mean revenues are also up. They are already seeking season ticket renewals which would give them every reason to pump up hopes again. Sure, KW and Hahn took some heat, but in the end nothing bad actually happened after that died down. And these guys aren't as big of names as those guys so it would likely get even less blow back from common fans when we miss but it would provide hope for those that know them.
  2. GenericUserName

    Kansas City Royals Sale

    Interestingly, in 2016 the Browns hired Paul DePodesta who was one of the original moneyball guys. In fact, he was who Jonah Hill's character in the Moneyball movie was based on. Apparently the Browns are kind of on the cutting edge of the analytics revolution in football. So a few years from now we might look back at the Browns like the Astros when they sucked but then came to rule the league with analytics.
  3. GenericUserName

    Notables from the Dominican Summer League

    https://www.fangraphs.com/leaders/minor-league?pos=all&lg=30&stats=bat&qual=y&type=1&team=&season=2019&seasonEnd=2019&org=&ind=0&splitTeam=false&players=&sort=18,1&pagenum=0 Laureano and Bailey finished 8 and 10, respectively, in the DSL in wRC+ among qualified hitters. If you lower the required ABs, then Reuben Benavides also is on the list and is even higher than Laureano and Bailey.
  4. GenericUserName

    And That's a Bill Walton/McCann Slam Deja Vu White Sox Winner !

    I feel like I just woke up from some weird fever dream
  5. GenericUserName

    It's That Time Of The Year Again...

    Yeah, I think anything in the top 10 should get us a good player. It sounds like this draft has a deeper first tier, but that first tier isn't as impactful as this year when the top 2 or 3 were highly ranked in the top 100 right after they got drafted.
  6. GenericUserName

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    They aren't going to get anyone good and they aren't going to move. They are going to get some middling acquisition that will help us reach .500 and more people will show up because we have such low standards after seeing the shit product they have put out there that we will think a .500 team is amazing. And that is exactly why we won't move from Chicago. We have been abused by this franchise for most of its history that now any time we are not the worst team in the division people will be excited. So we are an easily excitable fanbase in a major metropolitan area which is basically an owner's dream.
  7. I'm generally a pretty positive person, so I'm going to try to put a spin on this shit deadline. Maybe standing pat means Hahn is finally feeling the heat and knows he doesn't have much time left to actually produce a winning team. If that is the case, maybe we actually will spend some real money to get better this offseason.
  8. GenericUserName

    Sox Trade Nate Jones/INTL Slot to TEX for 2 Minor Leaguers

    Why do people act like the international signing period is one day? Its a period. It is open until next June 15th. That is a hell of a lot of time for people to pop up. Exactly! Five more were just yesterday reported to have defected. And then there are also the young asian prospects that some teams have started targeting.
  9. I can't tell if that role sounds like they "fired" him or if it actually is a promotion considering we are coming in to the point of the rebuild where we will start signing and trading for major league talent. I guess we might be able to tell more based on who replaces him. If its internal, then it would seem like they are okay with the scouting department and it is actually a promotion. If they go outside the organization it might signal that they aren't happy with the current group.
  10. GenericUserName

    GRate to get Netting to the Foul Poles

    Except we really don't. So much has changed that we have kind of hit a confluence of factors that makes the situation untenable. Due to the swing change revolution, more balls are being hit in the air as opposed to on the ground. That makes it more dangerous. Due to the juice ball and reduced drag, balls are being hit harder than ever and keeping that speed for a longer time. That makes it more dangerous. Teams are eliminating foul ground and putting seats closer to the field so fans can be closer and so teams can fit more seats in. That makes it more dangerous. So basically there are more balls hit harder in the air than ever before all while fans are closer to the field than before. So no, its not really the same as 100 years ago.
  11. GenericUserName

    MLB Discussing an INTL Draft (Possibly by 2020) per Ben Badler

    I kind of like some combination of division and record. For example having it be a random order of the 6 divisions, but have the first 6 picks be the last place team in each division. That would make it so bad teams get better picks while also not necessarily giving the top pick to the same team that has the #1 domestic draft pick. It would also hopefully decrease the amount of times there are multiple teams in the same division tanking at the same time because if you finish second you automatically miss out on the top 6 picks. Also with how important winning your division is for the playoffs, it would hopefully make division races tighter. The other way to do it would be instead of having the worst team in each position pick first that the divisions would be ordered by out of division record so it shows how good or bad the division really is.
  12. GenericUserName

    MLB Discussing an INTL Draft (Possibly by 2020) per Ben Badler

    I mean it would give them like 10 months to scout when they know exactly where their pick would be if you just do the lottery at the end of the season and the draft in August like was suggested. Plus, they already have to scout kids from the age of 13 with all the early agreements, so being able to concentrate for a year at a time on guys would probably be easier than what they are doing now.
  13. GenericUserName

    7/13 GT - Sox @ OAK - 3:07 PM CST

    I just have to laugh about them trying to get Covey to work with a four seamer more. He actually has a below average spin on his four seamer and definitely does not have the speed to make up for it. Plus, if you are trying to throw more four seamers, you are likely to get more fly balls and infield flies, so of course they put in a DH at 1B in a stadium with huge foul ground. On top of all that, they also put in a rookie catcher who probably isn't the best to be calling a game when a pitcher is working on something.
  14. GenericUserName

    2019 MLB Draft and Signing Tracker

    Seems like it considering he tweeted about this link https://www.redbaronsathletics.com/sports/bsb/2018-19/releases/20190522hc00lq
  15. GenericUserName

    Sox claim 1b A.J. Reed off waivers AND send him to majors

    Sending him to AAA doesn't mean he will be there the rest of the season. Maybe they are seeing if they can make a change in a lower pressure environment first and then bring him up to test it out when he has had some time getting used to it.