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  1. I finally closed the tab with this thread in it and told myself I wasn't going to look at it again until the morning. Needless to say I failed.
  2. The second we start hearing higher numbers put out by nightengale than we have heard from anyone else is when we should start worrying because that is when the FO thinks they lost and are going to need to save face.
  3. What did you want them to say about Eloy? "Yes, we are manipulating his service time to make sure he doesn't get as much money." Sounds like a great way to get sued. And what is "now this" referring to exactly? The private negotiations that the team is having? What do you want them to say, "Hey Phillies, we are offering 8/240, can you guys beat that?" That's not how negotiating works. If you were able to take a second to actually think about what you are reading and WHY someone told whatever reporter about it, its pretty easy to make logical conclusions.
  4. I know thats just a joke, but I wonder if they do want to try to get the deal done before the cubs convention. We talk a lot about maximizing exposure from this signing. If we do it during the cubs convention it might take away a bit from them, but it would also likely take away from us.
  5. Dang. As much as it would have sucked to not get him, it would have been kind of cool to see him play with Trout.
  6. Wait, like actually? Are they still in it or was the one report of them being out now correct?
  7. Isn't the "negotiate with the owner" one of Boras' usual closing strategies? And didn't someone say Machado's agent used to work with Boras?
  8. GenericUserName

    Kyler Murray to NFL?

    Also that only takes into account the buildup of abuse and not the fact that he will likely miss time each season and thus you would need a good backup that you will likely have to pay for at which point it kind of defeats the purpose of having a QB on a rookie deal.
  9. GenericUserName

    Candidates for team friendly extensions

    IIRC, WSD said Eloy already turned down an extension last season. Its hard to tell if that means he won't once he's up or whether he just wants to establish himself a bit to get a better offer. In general I don't know how to feel about extension offers. On one hand with how little money free agents are getting by the time they reach free agency they might not want to risk getting nothing and be willing to take an extension offer if its close to market value. On the other hand guys who you would want to get extensions (young stars) might not want to take any deal that goes into their free agency years even if it does guarantee them money because it seems like players basically only make good money before they are 33ish. I think the culmination of this is that we see fewer deals like Tim Anderson where we lock up guys on extremely team friendly deals early, and instead see more deals like Charlie Blackmon where we get a slight discount over market to lock a guy up as he approaches the end of his team control. This might be especially true for us with our recent emphasis on drafting college players where even if they were to make it to the majors the next year (this coming season for Madrigal for example), they would be 29 and would really probably only get 4 good years, and that is an absolute best case scenario for the player.
  10. Read a book. Study a foreign language. Find a cure for cancer. Negotiate world peace. The possibilities are endless! There is going to be so much free time!
  11. Its fake. He does have a pic of a coffee mug like that, but not secret message in the bubbles.
  12. He's caffeinating up so he is awake when then this gets finished tonight.
  13. Me telling my brain nothing will happen tonight:
  14. What are the odds the Sox leak it in the middle of the night? Pretty low, right?