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  1. GenericUserName

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Right now I'm pretty happy because it seems like Adley and Witt are the top 2, but Langliers is also a good defensive catcher that scouts said was the second best hitter on the college national team. He is getting overshadowed by Adley a bit, but I think he is very comparable to Bart.
  2. GenericUserName

    2018 MiLB White Sox news and notes

    A parargraph from that scouting report is really confusing me That's....that's what a slider is supposed to do. Right? Or am I taking crazy pills?
  3. GenericUserName

    2019 MLB draft thread

    During the big league home run derby Witt and Hinds compete for the HS championship. They were given 90 seconds to hit as many as they could and Hinds went first and got 7 and then Witt proceeded to get 8 with 14 seconds left. Hinds hit them further, so his raw might be bigger and more likely to translate to wood, but Witt definitely has good power and better bat control at this point.
  4. GenericUserName

    2018 Futures Game

    Yeah, he was 98 pretty easily and he didn't even really have time to get up to top speed because he only threw 8 pitches and a decent number were curves.
  5. GenericUserName

    2018 Futures Game

    Basabe just hit a homerun off Hunter Greene in the futures game off a 102 mph fastball.
  6. GenericUserName

    7/15 Games

    Basabe just hit a homerun off Hunter Greene in the futures game off a 102 mph fastball.
  7. GenericUserName

    2018 Futures Game

    Is the game only on MLB network or is there another way to watch it? EDIT: There is a stream of it on mlb.com https://www.mlb.com/video/live-siriusxm-futures-game/c-2257735183?tid=188659034
  8. GenericUserName

    2019 MLB draft thread

    The 15 was pretty good, but he hit another 11 in 90 seconds in the second round. The power is real.
  9. GenericUserName

    7/13 Games

    Zangari with 2 HRs again. That's 6 in 13 games and he is still at an age appropriate level even with all the time missed.
  10. GenericUserName

    Time for a new hitting coach?

    I agree (though there is some debate whether playing the game just improves eye sight instead of the opposite way), and that is why the biggest thing for Moncada to me is that he needs glasses. They talked about it before the year how Moncada needs glasses but Tim Anderson told him not to get them because he (Anderson) didn't like the way they felt when he was batting. When I see heat maps of Moncada and it shows that he has bad breaking ball recognition and is bad against anything in the bottom of the zone, both in recognizing and making contact, and I feel like those are the exact things that bad eyesight would cause. It's similar to Bryce Harper when he learned he needed corrective lenses when he made the Nationals, so everything he was doing before was while he could barely see the ball.
  11. GenericUserName

    7/11 Games

    Zangari has been putting some power into the ball since he has been back. He just missed two homeruns already tonight after hitting two last night. He has 4 in 11 games.
  12. GenericUserName

    Bruce Rondon to be optioned/DFA'd

    Eventually you'll see his ascendancy
  13. GenericUserName

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I agree that a lot happens, but also by this point in the year Turang was falling, everyone knew Beer wasn't going 1-1 and Gorman was struggling against off speed stuff versus Japan (and he was never really in talks to go 1-1 anyway). On top of that, those are two high school players that tend to fall throughout the process and one college guy at the least premium position while Rutschman is a college player at a premium position, and those guys tend to climb as the draft gets closer. All of that said, he still needs to perform at the same level next year during his college season. His performance thus far probably assure that he is a first round pick even with a bad year, but the guys that go at the absolute top of the draft usually have good summers and a good season.
  14. GenericUserName

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Yeah, I think something with his wrist. They only wanted to offer him the 40% of slot required to get the pick next year, so that sounds pretty bad. On the other hand, the Braves new GM was pretty notorious for finding things not to like in medicals with draftees when he was the GM of the Blue Jays, or so one of the FanGraphs guys said a while back.
  15. GenericUserName

    Sox claim Ryan LaMarre

    I thought we had enough of that already.