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  1. GenericUserName

    2018 MLB Draft

    Yep. And he is getting talk whenever people talk about 2019. He is on the USA Collegiate National team and was named one of the top guys for 2019. There is some hesitation though because he does currently have a .450 BABIP, so he is due for some regression, and he didn't have the best summer performance last year.
  2. GenericUserName

    2018 MLB Draft

    Yeah, it seems like the only thing that could mess it up is if the Tigers take Bart at 1 and then the question is who the Giants take and who the Phillies back up is if Bohm is taken. I'm assuming the Giants would be happy to take Mize at 2, so it should still work out that Madrigal is there at 4.
  3. GenericUserName

    Delmonico Out 4-6 Weeks w Fractured Metacarpal

    They could get around that by putting Delmonico on the 60 day DL if they think its closer to 6 weeks plus some minor league games to get back in rhythm. They could also just use Yolmer in the OF if they need it until Avi comes back.
  4. GenericUserName

    2018 MLB Draft

    Probably not, but when you are scouting how the power will translate a 40% reduction will make a lot of homeruns turn into flyouts. If he is a good contact guy with average power barely hitting them out, then a 40% reduction is a lot bigger than for a guy who hits massive shots but doesn't have the contact to do it consistently. It's the same thing with the ball in the majors now: it helps the big power hitters less than the small contact guys because most the HRs the power guys hit would be homeruns even without the new ball while the ones the small guys hit would just be outs or gappers.
  5. GenericUserName

    Rodon making first rehab start Saturday

    It sounds more exclamatory than declarative and as such likely has a confusing punctuation for most readers.
  6. GenericUserName

    2018 MLB Draft

    On the pipeline podcast they did say they change their mocks even if they have no new info so that they can see how everything else would shake out as a result. This could be that.
  7. GenericUserName

    2018 MLB Draft

    It looks credible enough, but even if its real it could be the team trying to create uncertainty for Mize so the team gets some sort of negotiating leverage.
  8. GenericUserName

    2018 MLB Draft

  9. GenericUserName

    Battenfield SAL POTW

    Was Battenfield the one that gained like 3-4 mph on his fastball this year? I can't remember who it was just someone who was a good control, low velo pitcher gained a couple ticks and was looking like much more of a prospect and I for some reason I think it was him.
  10. GenericUserName

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    So far the college national team has announced Shea Langeliers (C), Adley Rutschman (C), Braden Shewmake (3B?), Bryson Stott (SS), Andrew Vaughn (1B), Matt Wallner (RF). Our pick will almost definitely come from this team or from the high school national team.
  11. GenericUserName

    2018 MLB Draft

    It looks like Larnach is going to go in the teens. If you've been watching OSU, what do you think of Kwan? Also about Heimlich, we get enough bad press already, I really wouldn't want to give the media a low hanging target like that. There seems to be a belief amongst many OSU fans that he is innocent and just took a plea deal to avoid something worse, but then again people usually try to stick up for their players. It's pretty crazy that had he not forgotten to re-register (or something similar, I can't remember) that people probably never would have found out about it.
  12. GenericUserName

    2018 MLB Draft

  13. GenericUserName

    2018 MLB Draft

    I don't know, but he should be ready for spring training next year. I think he tore a ligament in his leg, but even with a year for recovery he could still play most of next season.
  14. GenericUserName

    2018 MLB Draft

    Someone from the FO mentioned they look at relievers who could be starters but play at big schools that have too many good starters, like what happened with Dane Dunning. Someone who seemingly fits that exact profile is Michael Byrne out of Florida. He has put up some pretty great numbers and seems to have a build to be able to be stretched out.
  15. GenericUserName

    2018 MLB Draft

    I don't think Beer makes it that far, but I would love Baker in the third round. If not him, maybe Bren Spilane later.