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  1. Superstar Lamar

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Have foreign players been staying in the country since this began or did they go home. I would think it would be difficult to get back in right now.
  2. Superstar Lamar

    Trade Players in ST

    I agree in that teams won't take on salary. I do think there will be a movement for the low paid, short term guys who fit a need.
  3. Superstar Lamar

    Masur to replace Ed Farmer in booth

    seems like a placeholder hire I think Wills' contract is up after this season so that may be interesting timing
  4. Superstar Lamar

    Trade Players in ST

    The impact of a backup catcher is going to be greatly reduced this short season. Mc Cann might get 25 starts at most. I think Collins can cover that amount. If there is a team out there that is short a catcher and got caught off guard without a DH, I would not be hesitant to move him. He should be attractive on the market as a team wouldn't have to take on much salary to get a starting quality player. He's gone at the end of the year. I'd be fine trading those 25 starts for long term value. I also think he had his career year and I have little confidence he resembles the offensive player we saw in 2019
  5. Superstar Lamar

    Sox planning on having fans present in small amounts

    Would it be profitable for them to open up for fans, with all the associated costs, or would they just be doing this for good will
  6. Superstar Lamar

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Yes it is. There are few people even in this country who will have career earnings of 8.5 million with a generous pension plan
  7. Superstar Lamar

    Keuchel Option

    He is going to have extremely low mileage on his arm for a veteran by that option year after playing partial seasons in 2019-20.
  8. the racial slur derives from the romance languages word for the color black
  9. Superstar Lamar

    2020 Draft: Day 2 Discussion

    I like getting whatever avenue gets us the best chance of getting an elite major league level player. Those guys cost money and aren't readily available. You can cheaply fill a roster with good players to surround them and those players are available all the time in FA/trades
  10. Superstar Lamar

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    it puts into perspective how much disposable income these top end contracts create
  11. now, watch this Spring have the most temperate weather of any on record
  12. and, I mean, hookers are almost definitely out of the question A man has to have a vice to know he is alive.
  13. Superstar Lamar

    Y2Jimmy > National Reports (Moncada extended 5 years)

    I hope none of these players young players who signed cheap extensions have objections to the 1976 throwback uniforms
  14. Superstar Lamar

    Y2Jimmy > National Reports (Moncada extended 5 years)

    Little Lupe
  15. Superstar Lamar

    Keith Law's Top 100 for 2020

    why would anyone care about an analysis of a guy you will be able to analyze on your own in a few short months?