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  1. Superstar Lamar

    Top 5 Least Favorite White Sox

    I'm shocked to see Royce Clayton appear on only two ballots. That guy was a shit to the core. 1. Royce Clayton 2. Nick Swisher 3. Jose Canseco 4. Albert Belle 5. Jamie Navarro
  2. Superstar Lamar

    Sox trade for Yonder Alonso; Alex Call to CLE

    I get along well with my brother he n laws but if i were in my 20s with unlimited income and alone in a fun city, I wouldn’t be looking to hang out with them
  3. Superstar Lamar

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    Every city looks great when you have $400 million in your pocket
  4. Superstar Lamar

    Thome flew to Vegas to meet with Harper

    I hope he showed up in an Incredibles costume carrying balloons
  5. Superstar Lamar

    Sox in on "everyone"

    They will look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she goes out shopping on her own
  6. Superstar Lamar

    Farmer lucky to be alive

    listeners are not quite as lucky
  7. Superstar Lamar

    Rick Renteria Signs Contract Extension, length unknown

    Joe Maddon sits across town having to endure a lame duck year after being to the playoffs four years in a row and winning a world series but Ricky gets the comfort of an extension? Strange world. I doubt there was anyone beating down the door to get him if he didn't have an extension. Maybe they think it gives them an advantage in FA to let a player know there is a consistency in management
  8. Superstar Lamar

    This year's goal: 99 losses (or fewer)

    I don't care a fig if they win a single game the rest of the year except for the three against the cubs
  9. Superstar Lamar

    Rebuild= Epic Fail

    I fear that when he returns he will regress in his control, which really was the key factor in him transforming into a great prospect
  10. Superstar Lamar

    Kopech Service Time

    The Sox were so thoughtful in bringing him up early to start the clock I'm sure Kopech will be kind enough to return the favor for them.
  11. Superstar Lamar

    Kopech called up

    Going to enjoy watching Kopech beat the Cubs with a division on the line
  12. Superstar Lamar

    "Magic/al" Madrigal

    The Madrigal Mystery Tour
  13. Superstar Lamar

    "Magic/al" Madrigal

    The Madrigal World Of Nicky
  14. Superstar Lamar

    Delmonico or Palka?

    I hope this question has no relevance to the team by 2020
  15. Superstar Lamar

    Brad Hand to the Indians