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  1. Superstar Lamar


    every chance you can
  2. Superstar Lamar

    And that’s, FINALLY, a white sox blowout winner!!!

    hopefully we saved some for the Astros
  3. Well, this is a nice series.
  4. Superstar Lamar

    What’s Vaughn’s offensive ceiling?

    All Star Centerfielder
  5. Superstar Lamar

    Setting the price for Giolito extension/FA pitchers 22-23

    I have a sneaking suspicion that not only will there be no discounts but the Sox will have to pay a premium to keep Giolito away from free agency and a preferred return to the west coast
  6. Superstar Lamar

    When did we take the wrong turn?

    This. Even with current gloomy feelings, the Sox are pretty well poised for today and over the next few years.
  7. Superstar Lamar

    When did we take the wrong turn?

    They squandered years of drafting in the top 10. They really are only being propped up by the trades of great veterans signed to ridiculously below market contracts. Two of those veterans ended up winning world series for the teams to which they were traded.
  8. Superstar Lamar

    Aaron Judge Critical Of Donaldson's "Jackie" Comment

    Good to see
  9. Superstar Lamar

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    Your friends can get away with saying personal things to you that would cause a fight if others said it. everyone knows this its disingenuous to throw up your hands and say what did I do
  10. Superstar Lamar

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    He meant to be a dick. He was a dick. That’s sufficient for me to back my guy. I’ll let god decide if it was racist. Anyone with two ears can determine it was racial. You would have to be pretty thick to be making racial comments to your enemy and not think it would be interpreted negatively. maybe you accept the excuse from a stupid person. Donaldson isn’t stupid. In fact, he seems sufficiently intelligent to have that justification ready to go in his back pocket. he meant it as derogatory. It was received as derogatory. It had a racial component attached. These aren’t in dispute and sufficient for me
  11. Superstar Lamar

    Cueto to Sox (Official)

    That would be one awfully expensive start
  12. Superstar Lamar

    Crosstown Series Game One--6:40 CT

    as a ticket holder, I hope not
  13. Superstar Lamar


    like giving birth
  14. Superstar Lamar

    Promotional Giveaway Days

    and their XL is not an overly generous XL
  15. Superstar Lamar

    Would you rather . . .

    Amen! Have we made the playoffs so many times in our lifetimes that we turn our noses up at an offer?