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  1. Superstar Lamar

    Brad Hand to the Indians

  2. Superstar Lamar

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    But I believe JR lead the opposition to his approval.
  3. Superstar Lamar

    Kopech "getting closer"

    how many innings is he expected to throw this year. He is likely to be shut down before the season ends which means if you bring him up you probably only get two months out of him anyway
  4. Superstar Lamar

    How eventful will be this years deadline?

    I think the most excited people for the Sox at the trade deadline will be Reinsdorf and his investors as I think it will bring salary relief. I would be happy if they devoted the savings for use in free agency this off season
  5. Superstar Lamar

    Kopech "getting closer"

    and really, is there any reason for this not to be true? There is plausible deniability right now for waiting to bring him up in May 2019. Take advantage of it.
  6. Superstar Lamar

    Passan analyzes 2018-19 FA class, Harper vs. Machado

    I've written here before that I think the key on both of those guys is going to be front loading the contract in the first two years with a player opt out after year 2. I think the Sox are position better than just about anyone to give $80 million (or more) in those first two years. I wouldn't even be concerned about the overall contract value if I were the Sox as there is a very small chance he doesn't opt out.
  7. It would be an interesting twist if Rutherford eventually batted against Kahnle in the minors
  8. Superstar Lamar

    Surprise: Rosenbloom article bashes Sox/Renteria

    In looking at the situation, I wonder what teams would be able to swallow the poison pill of $40 million per year for two years and still operate well as an organization?
  9. Superstar Lamar

    Surprise: Rosenbloom article bashes Sox/Renteria

    Also lost in all the "Almora is like a brother" narrative of every writer this week is that Machado has a very strong relationship with Wellington Castillo.
  10. Superstar Lamar

    Surprise: Rosenbloom article bashes Sox/Renteria

    I assume all offers for Machado will include opt outs within 3 years (probably 2) which he will most definitely invoke. The Sox can offer some outrageous number in those first two years because the rest of the payroll will be so low during that period. So I don't see why the Sox would even blink at offering slightly above market on a 10 year deal but well above market in the first two years of the deal. Guarantee 70-80 million in those two years and see what you can do with Machado, Abreu, Jimenez and Moncada in year 1 surrounded by guys like Castillo, Avi, Davidson and Anderson. There aren't a lot of teams that will be able to make their payroll work with adding 40 million into one player for each year but it shouldn't make the Sox blink. From Machado's perspective, even if it doesn't work he is out of here in 2 years 80 million richer at the age of 28.
  11. Superstar Lamar

    Adam Engel

    It won't be long now. Tilson is starting to get his hitting in line after a year off. Give him another 50 or so good at bats and he will be here to replace Engal.
  12. JR refuses to negotiate with agents when hiring managerial talent which limits the available pool for the Sox. I suspect the next Sox manager will be someone currently in their minor leagues.
  13. Superstar Lamar

    Source: Rodon about to head out on Rehab assignment

    I'd say Alex Fernandez rather than Burger
  14. Superstar Lamar

    Player Names

    Oddly obscure but sure, why not? Go Sox!
  15. Superstar Lamar

    White Sox Acquire Minor Leaguer for Intl Bonus Slot $

    Your Delta Tau Chi nickname is...Pinto