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    Reverse Standings Thread

    QUOTE (flavum @ Sep 18, 2017 -> 10:21 AM) I'm going to trust the Tigers to go 4-9. If the Sox go 6-7, they'll hang on to the 3rd pick. Big split in Detroit this past weekend. Needed that. Angels will hopefully be in the wild card race right until the end. I think they'll be playing tough that series. Royals will be blah yes and I imagine Cleveland won't be going their full strength unless they are trying to lock up home field advantage
  2. dspellacy

    07/24 GT: Cubs vs. Sox game 1, 1:20 PM

    So help me God if they march Clippard out there
  3. Anyone have an update on how the MRI went yesterday?
  4. dspellacy

    White Sox 2017 DSL Team

    When can we expect Robert to start playing?
  5. QUOTE (hi8is @ Apr 29, 2017 -> 11:13 PM) Please Use Spaced Out Paragraphs ? Will do typing on a smart phone thanks
  6. QUOTE (Sox-35th @ Apr 29, 2017 -> 11:16 PM) OP is making a kind of silly argument about how trading away players will damage the locker room or something. It's silly because if we trade all the right guys, we get a whole new locker room. And our prospects aren't dumb. They know why the White Sox moved a staff Ace and an All Star outfielder to acquire them. New to the board but I clearly see you play the role of 'internet tough guy' around here. Thanks for your participation in the discussion
  7. Obviously it would be hard to expect the team to keep up this great start. That being said I think we can expect maybe a tampered down version of this play until we start trading off players. My thought is: say we are only 2-3 games back in the division at the deadline and we proceed to gut the team. What does that do to the locker room and how does Renteria keep the remaining guys up and motivated? As a fan I understand and want the rebuild but we heard from the players in the offseason about how they were sick of hearing about rebuild and how they thought we could be good this year. These guys are professionals and know these things were coming but if I was a player I'd be frustrated to get into contention and then have front office gut the team. It's an unusual spot to be in and i wonder what some of the conversations are like right now. It will be an interesting job for Renteria the rest of the year. I can't imagine he'd be thrilled about it either but i think he knew what he was getting into when he took the job that this was coming. I don't think anyone at the start of the year thought we'd be having this conversation but here we are one month in and are in first place!
  8. dspellacy

    New Banner

    They should do an Asche's Army promotional t shirt night...does the board have the funds to sponsor something like this?
  9. dspellacy

    April 28th Game Thread: White Sox at Detroit Tigers

    QUOTE (soxfan2014 @ Apr 28, 2017 -> 03:02 PM) Man they shouldn't even play the games. They shouldn't have had the Sox even come up for the weekend
  10. dspellacy

    White Sox have "set" Luis Robert market

    Where does it say we have 'set' the market for Luis Robert?
  11. dspellacy

    Baseball America Mock Draft 2.0

    QUOTE (Sleepy Harold @ Apr 20, 2017 -> 12:01 PM) That's the guy I have my eye on. Hoping he's there at #11, guy has been MASHING. Do you think he'll still be around at #11 though the way he is trending? Would be a nice pickup. Agreed definitely don't need any more strikeout prone players.