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  1. Juschill

    RIP Ed Farmer

    Ed Farmer was a great guy who gave this kid a phone call during his All Star season 40 years ago. They don’t make them like him anymore.
  2. So maybe try something new, oh I don’t know, hiring a manager with a major league track record. Just once would be nice. Philadelphia and California and Cleveland and the north side team have done it. Maybe trying it once might be an idea since the other way had been a disaster.
  3. It means stick with what you’re good at and don’t do things you’re not good at.
  4. Who called you a moron? I called LaRussa (sarcastically) a moron. If you read it differently I do sincerely apologize for that.
  5. I don’t think that team would hire Renteria. Nobody was beating down his door when he was sitting next to Ventura.
  6. I thought the same thing. Renteria is a “serious baseball man” and LaRussa is a moron. That says all you need to know.
  7. This may be the dumbest post in the history of this website. Congratulations you’ve done it. He’s one of the few managers in the Hall of Fame and one of only two to win World Series in both leagues. What a moron. I’m sure people in Oakland and St. Louis hates his tenures.
  8. Bevington was a manager in the Milwaukee system for seven years and then a White Sox coach for six years before becoming manager. Sounds like Renteria. Working his way through the system and being handed a job he’s not qualified for.
  9. Who said it wasn’t an intelligent hire? I said it didn’t work out well for the Sox. It’s one of the few intelligent hires in their history. And they kept the guy that fired him around the organization for the next 30+ years.
  10. Not very well for the White Sox. They fired him before his Hall of Fame resume got going.
  11. When good teams needed a good manager where were all the suitors beating down Renteria’s door if he’s such a serious baseball man? (It’s funny that naysayers are always told “You don’t know what goes on in the clubhouse” but homers are allowed to say at will “I feel like he does a nice job in the clubhouse”.) He’s a clown. A Latin Terry Bevington. There’s a reason the Cubs dumped him at their earliest opportunity.
  12. How did Bevington work out?
  13. I see your point. It worked out so well the last time the Sox tried it.
  14. So would everyone on this board. You could make a better case for a comparison of Renteria to “Look at Ray Ray Run” than to Girardi, Hinch, and Francona. The latter are serious baseball people. Renteria is a clown.
  15. Wow - Renteria is now Girardi, Hinch, and Francona all rolled into one. How did the Sox get so lucky?