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  1. That was a different expansion team in Washington in 1961 and moved to Texas in 1972. Not the same franchise.
  2. Washington? The current Washington team was an expansion team, the Montreal Expos in 1969, that moved to Washington in 2005. This Washington team has not been in existence since 1901, as you correctly point out the team that was around in 1901 have become the Minnesota Twins and they have won multiple World Series in the late 80s and early 90s.
  3. Juschill

    Steal A Page Or Two From Cubs

    The Cubs also changed ownership.
  4. Juschill

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    Yes. This is, after all, the organization that just sent their announcer out to attack the fans. They haven’t a clue how to relate to fans.
  5. Juschill

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    This. The offer was a poison pill. They knew he would never sign that contact. They weren’t outsmarted. Poison pill all the way.
  6. Juschill

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    LOL - It’s not a game of horseshoes or hand grenades.
  7. Juschill

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    I think the point is that it’s not unprecedented. They’ve made far more big trades with the Cubs than they have, say the Mets or the Dodgers. Using a trade with the Cubs as indicative of a change in mindset is not evidence of anything. This started with someone saying the White Sox made a trade with the Cubs, ergo everything is different. Never happened before. Pay no attention to that offseason cluster f*** you saw last year.
  8. Juschill

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    Bell was an All Star the year before joining the White Sox and received MVP votes in his first year with the White Sox. It was a big trade at the time.
  9. Juschill

    Why WAR is stupid for Closers, especially for Colome

    I’ve seen it explained at least two or three times in this thread already. Why are you crediting the closer, who pitches one inning, with 100% of the win in your formula. That’s just the beginning of your bad math.
  10. Juschill

    40 Man Trash

    Outside of Steele Walker, which one of those in the list make it quality? None of the hitters except Walker have an OPS above .700. Hamilton has an ERA above 9.
  11. Juschill

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    If this is true then I just found out the White Sox biggest problem ...
  12. Juschill

    All Star Jose Abreu

    Are 32 and 24 year olds really that close that this should be a consideration? Also what guarantees Abreu would convince Moncada of anything? They just tried that this very offseason with Machado's family and friends and what did that get them? Moncada should not enter into anyone's thought processes when considering what to do with Abreu.
  13. Juschill

    White Sox worst AL team in the last decade

    What two years did the Astros go to the World Series?
  14. Juschill

    Does Ricky deserve manager of the year?

    Thanks. I was hoping it was somebody other than a team employee doing the lauding.
  15. Juschill

    Does Ricky deserve manager of the year?

    Citation needed.