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    They don't ban realism/dissent like WhiteSoxInteractive.
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    Farmer, Fisk, Kittle, Buehrle, Pierzinski
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    Carlton Fisk's 2000th hit, Tom Seaver's 300th win, Mark Buehrle's perfect game, Carlton Fisk scaring Deion Sanders
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    Farmer, Fisk, Kittle, Buehrle, Pierzinski

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  1. Juschill

    FS: Have the Sox ever had a prospect like Eloy in AAA?

    Kittle didn't play 1B. He played LF. Squires won a Gold Glove at 1B the year before Kittle was called up and was a fan favorite.
  2. Juschill


    But I don't see that the OP has said he won't be good. Granted I could have missed that post. I went back and looked and he's said that the two aforementioned players have performed better this year and he agreed with another poster that Ray Durham would be a reasonable comp and that he won't be as good as Mike Trout (not many will be). That sure doesn't seem like doom and gloom.
  3. Juschill


    I'm not sure how positively quoting some statistics of some other players = doom and gloom.
  4. One glaring difference is that Houston hired a new GM right before the start of the 2012 season (hired 12/8/2011). It may or may not matter.
  5. I hope he improves on that .634 OPS at AA or we won't be watching him in Chicago.
  6. Juschill

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Noted. Awaiting your replies to the comments regarding Bill Murray, Bernie Mac, etc.
  7. Juschill

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    The embarrassment is that the Cubs, while tanking, were still outdrawing the all-in White Sox by about a million fans per season.
  8. Juschill


    +1 It is impossible to believe he just started experimenting with the stuff in 1998.
  9. Juschill

    Losing Culture

    It does when the people in charge of the train wreck are still engineering the shiny new train.
  10. Juschill

    KW on the state of the rebuild

    Yes. I well remember them getting shutout 3-0 to lowly Kansas City that year and losing a close game to Detroit when they forgot how to hit. Reminds me of Clayton Kershaw in the postseason.
  11. Juschill

    KW on the state of the rebuild

    Huh. The numbers don't show that. Sale was 3-3 that September with an ERA less than the team average. The rest of the team was 10-15 in games Sale didn't pitch.
  12. Juschill

    30th anniversary of the clocks running backwards

    Depends on what the definition of "rebound" is. Since 2000 the White Sox finished in the top ten in attendance figures one time, in 2006 when they finished 9th, still behind the lowly Cubs. Even in the World Series year of 2005 they finished 17th. I'm not sure they would or would not fare better in another city without a baseball team, Indianapolis for example.
  13. Juschill


    Why did you put "error" in quotes? Are you implying that he hasn't committed any errors?
  14. Juschill

    Once Again, Fire Ricky Renteria

    I'll have two of whatever you're drinking.
  15. Juschill

    Once Again, Fire Ricky Renteria

    Outsider? What was he doing before he was hired to be their manager?