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    Updated MLB Pipeline Top 100/Team Top 30

    Jesus Luzardo #12. If I remember correctly, Sox had a deal in place for Luzardo and a catching prospect (name escaping me) for Robertson. Nats' ownership nixed the deal at the final stage.
  2. KrankinSox

    Alec Hansen

    Amazing news
  3. 7 OF's in our top 13. Clearly the strength of our system and likely to be the area of surplus we can trade from when contending. I like those rankings, hell of a top 20 and some more intriguing arms in the system that didn't even make the list: Hamilton, Battenfield, Henzman, Johnson, etc.
  4. KrankinSox

    Alec Hansen

    So, when do we get nervous about the lack of Hansen update? Extended spring is over, and reports are out there about Robert heading to Kanny. Since we heard Hansen threw in a spring game back on May 22, there's been pretty much nothing said about him. Really hoping it's not a lost season for him.
  5. KrankinSox

    The 2018 MLB Draft Thread (Tracker in OP)

    Astros do the exact opposite of tanking for Beer but still got him. Rich get richer 😆
  6. KrankinSox

    2018 MLB Draft

    Oppo base hit for Madrigal
  7. KrankinSox

    5/31 Games

    Came from Robert's instagram
  8. KrankinSox

    5/24 Games

    Josh Nelson is one of the most over reactionary/ uninformed Sox personalities out there. I dont take anything he says to mean much
  9. KrankinSox

    5/24 Games

    Meh, velo isn't really a concern of mine regarding Rodon. A tweet I saw recently said he was throwing easy 94 in Arizona. I'm assuming when he fully ramps up his velo will be fine.
  10. KrankinSox

    5/24 Games

    Charlotte guns showing 90-91 which are usually a couple ticks low. So maybe topping out at 93.
  11. KrankinSox

    5/24 Games

    Rodon just took a liner off the head. Caught by 3rd baseman but it bounced a good fifty feet in the air off his head. He appears to be ok but was removed. Sigh...
  12. KrankinSox

    Alec Hansen

    Extended spring training I believe
  13. KrankinSox

    Source: Rodon about to head out on Rehab assignment

    Rodon begins rehab assignment this Saturday, May 19 with Kannapolis.
  14. KrankinSox

    2018 MLB Draft

    How fast do you guys anticipate Madrigal moving through the minors to the Bigs? Seems like he'll be a fast riser but obviously the state of the Big League club will play a factor. 2nd half 2020 if sox are contending and there's a spot for him?
  15. KrankinSox

    Top 10 SP Prospects

    Brady Singer would look great at about the 4th or 5th spot on this list