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  1. KrankinSox

    5/24 Games

    Josh Nelson is one of the most over reactionary/ uninformed Sox personalities out there. I dont take anything he says to mean much
  2. KrankinSox

    5/24 Games

    Meh, velo isn't really a concern of mine regarding Rodon. A tweet I saw recently said he was throwing easy 94 in Arizona. I'm assuming when he fully ramps up his velo will be fine.
  3. KrankinSox

    5/24 Games

    Charlotte guns showing 90-91 which are usually a couple ticks low. So maybe topping out at 93.
  4. KrankinSox

    5/24 Games

    Rodon just took a liner off the head. Caught by 3rd baseman but it bounced a good fifty feet in the air off his head. He appears to be ok but was removed. Sigh...
  5. KrankinSox

    Alec Hansen

    Extended spring training I believe
  6. KrankinSox

    Source: Rodon about to head out on Rehab assignment

    Rodon begins rehab assignment this Saturday, May 19 with Kannapolis.
  7. KrankinSox

    2018 MLB Draft

    How fast do you guys anticipate Madrigal moving through the minors to the Bigs? Seems like he'll be a fast riser but obviously the state of the Big League club will play a factor. 2nd half 2020 if sox are contending and there's a spot for him?
  8. KrankinSox

    Top 10 SP Prospects

    Brady Singer would look great at about the 4th or 5th spot on this list
  9. KrankinSox

    Jake Burger

    According to Merkin, happened walking in his backyard. That makes me feel really uneasy about his recovery.
  10. KrankinSox

    Reds trade for Harvey

    According to Tim Brown of Yahoo.... Harvey to Reds is close.
  11. Some reputable Sox twitter personalities (Bilek, WSD) are hinting at something big for Saturday. Gonna be Kopech vs. Cubs? Also, Kopech scratched from Thursday start in Charlotte. Smoke...fire.
  12. KrankinSox

    Top 5 OF Prospects

    I could be wrong but I think defensively its probably: 1 Basabe 2 Robert 3 Rutherford 4 Adolfo 5 Jimenez Basabe and Robert both have CF capabilities. Rutherford has a bit more flexibility than Adolfo in the outfield but Adolfo has a cannon for an arm in right. Probably the best outfield arm in our system.Unfortunately the UCL injury jeopardizes that.
  13. KrankinSox

    5/2 games

    Also, does anyone else with MILB.tv know why Birmingham seems to have the worst broadcast quality? No on-screen scoreboard, weird camera angles, and sometimes they just aren't even broadcast at all. I'm a new subscriber, is this how it's always been for the Barons? AAA and A+ don't seem to have the same issues.
  14. KrankinSox

    5/2 games

    Matt Rose just had a 2 RBI double. Collins (BB) and Zavala (1B) score. Eloy K'd swinging. Top 1.
  15. KrankinSox

    4/26 Games

    Big bats in Birmingham getting it done tonight: Zavala 1-2, HR, BB Jimenez 2-4, Double, RBi Collins 1-3, with a run and K Rose huge night 3-4, 4 RBI, 2 HR