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  1. Calling our manager racist is a pretty big accusation. Can you clarify what makes him a racist?
  2. KrankinSox

    White Sox sign Leury Garcia to 3 year deal

    A 3 year deal for our playoff MVP, nice!
  3. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/32747556/sources-expanded-playoffs-draft-lottery-proposals-cba-negotiations Summary: - 7 playoff teams from each league, 14 total - 3 Division Winners, 4 Wild Cards - #1 seed in each league gets a bye to the best-of-5 Division Series - The other two division winners pick their opponent, among the Wild Card teams, for a best-of-3 series. The unchosen Wild Card teams face off in a best-of-3. This seems like a clear money grab. It waters down the regular season for some extra playoff TV revenue. I hate it.
  4. KrankinSox

    GM Meetings - Front Office Diversity

    Kenny didn't go through years of a rebuild to retire when the team gets started on its competitive run. I'm betting he'll be around another 4-5 years.
  5. KrankinSox

    Justin Verlander re-signs in Houston

    Go get Scherzer
  6. KrankinSox

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    Good. If there are multiple teams that believe they are trading for Kimbrel in HOF form, then that increases the Sox return. Hope we can salvage something useful from all of this.
  7. KrankinSox

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    Hahn trying to say Kimbrel was only bad because he wasn't in a closer role is just Hahn trying to maximize Kimbrel's trade value. He's trying to convince other GMs that if they trade for Kimbrel and put him back in the 9th inning role, they'll be getting the lockdown version of Kimbrel. Maybe he's right. And maybe this is the smart way to approach it. But it's pretty obvious what he's doing.
  8. KrankinSox

    Conforto rejects QO, enters free agency

    It's officially Foodie Szn. Pray for us.
  9. Tony in Vegas confirmed. Rodon gone basically confirmed.. You conspiracy theorists are weird.
  10. KrankinSox

    Sox give no qualifying offers

  11. Crazy story. I was just on a cross-continent Amtrak train for 2 days with Ray Ray's mom. She told me he used to wet the bed until high school. I offered to buy her a beer but she said she only prefers "the hard stuff." Nice lady.
  12. Maybe the 80th birthday was delayed because of covid? Tony seems like a really friendly guy by all accounts. Story seems legit.
  13. KrankinSox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    I hate Aaron Rodgers. Over a decade of countless instances of pain inflicted upon me from that man. In this instance, I will say, good for him. The reaction to this is so far out of the realm of reason. It's sad to see. That's all I have to say on the matter.
  14. KrankinSox

    Guardians getting sued for the name

    Nope! Anyone can be woke!