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  1. Maybe the Tim Anderson to catcher idea isn't so far fetched after all??? Clearly Manny will be playing SS and Tim will be at catcher.
  2. Oh my gosh, you mean the White Sox are not the ONLY team to offer Manny f'in Machado a contract? I'm shocked.
  3. I'm still very confident that this gets done before SoxFest. We just need a little more patience. We are almost to the end. Just keep in mind that almost all of the news and insider info since new years has been positive about the Sox getting Machado. I'm still confident.
  4. Manny posted a video of his own jersey next to an Alonso jersey
  5. Assuming he's referring to the Jon Jay press call. The Sox fan account with 58 followers does not have inside info
  6. My point is this is Nightengale and Levine we are talking about. If Rosenthal was saying this then I'd tend to believe it. Maybe it is true, but I am not going to go crazy worrying about it because Nightengale and Levine said it.
  7. I don't know why anyone is taking Nightengale and Levine's tweets regarding $200M for any value at all. Levine is clearly just parroting Nightengale and who knows where Nightengale gets his info. Either its a KW plant to keep bidding down or Bob is just guessing/using bad info. Neither of these guys deserve 1 second of Sox fans worrying about what they say. If Bob tweets that the Sox have reached an agreement with Machado, that's the only value he can add to this situation. Any speculative tweets on his part are BS.
  8. I love the phrase "could be moving closer" to a decision. As if it's possible for them to move further from a decision.
  9. Hi Dave, few questions: -Did you run the Chicago marathon in 2017? -Any idea on timeline of when this Machado signing will wrap up? - Do you expect your source will get you the Machado signing before its public knowledge? Are you going to be able publicly announce on twitter if you do get some juicy info? or are you going to avoid it since your good friend Rick has said this stuff can mess with White Sox Business? -Chances of you being the Chicago kicker version of Vince Papale at bears tryouts?
  10. Well there it is guys. Hard not to see how Manny doesn't end up in NY after this extremely insightful information is now public.
  11. Bummer. Of the 2 mega free agents, Harper was the one I wanted because of what he could bring to the franchise both on and off the field. Having said that, Manny is probably the better fit and the better player. 5 weeks ago, Machado was the free agent most Sox fans really wanted before the Harper stuff picked up steam. Here's to hoping we land Manny. Bryce to LAD and Manny to NYY would be such a bummer for not only the Sox but baseball fans all over. Just so typical.
  12. KrankinSox

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    Why does it "seem" he's not coming here?
  13. Carmen Defalco on ESPN 1000 made a deal on air he would do "fun run" with fans from their State street studio down to the G Spot if the Sox sign Harper. He just said on air that Brooks Boyer texted him and said everybody that runs will get an Opening Day ticket. So either Brooks knows we are getting Harper or certainly believes it is very possible. Not exactly a sign of what's going to happen but I find it somewhat interesting.