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  1. JPR

    What’s Vaughn’s offensive ceiling?

    I’ve said this before, he’s the next Paul Konerko.
  2. JPR

    Cease AL Pitcher of the Month again

    It was bantered about and I wanted Dunning Lol. He was doing really well his first MLB season when the Rangers took him. And I was wrong again Lol cuz I wanted the Sox to keep Madigral and trade Reynaldo Lopez last season. I saw what the Rangers and Cubs saw and they were wrong like me. Whether it was Twitter or YouTube BS for sure that’s what supposed people that matter were saying.
  3. JPR

    Cease AL Pitcher of the Month again

    And don’t forget that the Sox gave the option to Texas to choose between Dane Dunning or Dylan Cease. Just like they gave the Cubs the option to choose between Nick Madigral or Reylo and Sox got lucky with both teams choosing the wrong player.
  4. JPR

    Cease AL Pitcher of the Month again

    How long will it be until the cheap Sox trade this guy like Quintana or Sale or simply let him walk like Rodon? White Sox seem unable to ever lock up a prime pitcher from their own system. They trade those types away or let them walk if Rosenhaus is involved, which he often is. Kopech and Cease…appreciate them while they’re here cuz they’ll be gone soon. A lot of times you don’t appreciate something till it’s gone. Cease will win the Cy Young and that will confirm he will be traded before he’s a free agent. The good news is the Sox have till 2025, and possibly 26, to make this work.
  5. Yeah right! He was drafted like 3rd overall and won the golden spikes award for best hitter in college. You want to flip that guy for a middle infielder Lol. No way, I’m keeping Vaughn if I’m the Sox. Sox have plenty of Left handed bats in the pipeline that can play middle infield.
  6. We will see what the Dodgers give up
  7. There’s only one way to solve this…trade Vaughn, Montgomery (#1 overall Sox prospect), Burger, and Sheets for Soto.
  8. You guys seem cool so I’ll tell ya, you can move here cuz you’re Sox fans. Perfect girls and all of the flavors. The seven seas meet together nicely in the desert 🌵
  9. It’s California’s Indiana
  10. My other question is, the nappin on the bench during the game is LaRussa on the blues? If he’s nodding off on the bench bet this hamster sleeps the other 22 hours a day. He’s a corpse. Put him in a coffin !! Or a rocking chair at least…who has Tony’s blanket ?
  11. That’s quite the zinger. I’d tell you where I live and how we have the hottest women in America but I don’t want more people moving here. Yoan needs a tomato thrown at his face ASAP total jester of the court…he has no pride. He has no fire inside and all of his face tats and standard 80s costume jewelry can’t make him more than what he is, and that’s a mouse.
  12. I’d roll that dude. Tadahito Iguchi would too. He’s a soft, pretty boy who wears wigs in Chicago Heights at night. He provides zero drive, and zero heart, because of poor leadership ( coaching) and already getting paid. I can’t fathom how much more he makes than Luis…hope Robert doesn’t hold out after seeing Rupaul get paid like that. Hey, if Rupaul could hit then I’d love her but Yoan is nothing but a small yawn on a boring weekday afternoon at work. He adds nothing to this clubhouse. Trade high…at least we got Kopech from the Chris Sale trade. And the Sox ripped off the Cubs for Quintana Lol
  13. And that’s all that they hit. I hope to catch Moncada in a dark alley soon. We need that left handed power bat. He’s getting paid and is highly touted. Team is just too weak and the Sox park is nice for homers. It’s august and the A’s have more power hitters. At least they ripped off the Yankees for a SP who has a dazzling 2.5 era in a pitcher’s park (at home) compared to 5.3 on the road. They got the New York’s 5,10,20, and 21 prospects. Sox stay mediocre why does that clown reinsdorf pay for Lavine and the Bulls but not the south side
  14. The trade dead line is tomorrow, we are screwed boys and gals