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  1. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    Offseason Thread

    Can you read Cusack? The sentence is plural for multiple years.
  2. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    Offseason Thread

    Oscar Colas or Y. Cespedes will probably be in RF for next year(s) playoff run(s). As much as us fans would like Semien, would bet the SS Stingy Pockets of JR instruct RH and KW to tell Burger he can play 2B if he puts the work in. No more monkey business with pitchers. Pick up guys who THROW STRIKES. Houston executed all series on taking advantage of Cws mistakes.
  3. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    Do the White Sox have new minority ownership?

    WhiteSoxDave was saying on RedLineRadio a few episodes ago he heard a rumor the next owner is set in stone but won't say who. Also, that money will never be a problem with Free Agents.
  4. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    What Should They Do with AV?

    You're a numbskull.
  5. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    9/9 Sox at A's game thread 2:37 first pitch

    Gordon Beckham is best friends with Getz and is pretty well respected in the Org as a person. He ain't going anywhere.
  6. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    What Should They Do with AV?

    Would you rather have AV slumping NOW or September 27th? Stop over-reacting. He'll be back to mid-season form come October...
  7. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    8/27 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    Vegas has the over at 9.5 and a +102... Free Money Alert.
  8. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    Field of Dreams Game

    Hopefully Bullpen day today and Lynn tomorrow.
  9. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    8/4 Game Thread Sox vs Royals 7:10 1st pitch

    Is Engel still on the back to back game pre-caution? Or is La Russa playing matchups? Seen enough of the Alejandro De AzGoodwin in CF adventure.
  10. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    7/31 CWS v CLE 6:10 PM CDT

    Yes - Bush League by the Sox "Fans" to boo him. This isn't Soldier Field.
  11. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    Cubs dismantled. Sox reign in Chicago.

    Waiting for the squids at "Bleacher Nation" to start making comments about empty Wrigley Field the next 3 seasons... No more Mickey Mouse company outings to leave their ping pong table in the office "jobs" at 12:00 to clap to Rizzo's walkup song on a Friday anymore. Have fun with AAA journeymen!
  12. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    Sox Acquire Kimbrel; Madrigal, Heuer to Cubs

    2nd base is the most replaceable position on the field. Hell, even Mike Moustakas' vending machine body can play 2nd. 2023 MLB 2nd Base FA's - Ketel Marte (club option {trade?}) & Adam Frazier -- Cesar Hernandez ({also FA} will hold the fort the next 1.5 years). Until Nick "Disabled List" Madrigal plays 140 games plus annually, Sox win this trade all day long.
  13. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack

    It’s morning and Tony LaRussa is trending again.

    People who have an issue with Tony La Russa running out and defending the players have never played a competitive sport in their life. What would these nerds (like Ben Verlander) be saying if La Russa was sitting in the dugout after Abreu got hit for a 2nd time?
  14. WhiteSoxDave was saying on this week's RedLineRadio (he mucks it up w/ a few guys on team) that no one wants Yermin back in Chicago & in the locker room - too much of a "me" ego guy.
  15. ThatBallHitDeep_WAYBack


    Goodwin has no business playing CF ever again.