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  1. cjgalloway

    How about Dallas Keuchel in a White Sox uniform?

    The Sox have a better chance of finishing with the worst record in the league (good chance) than they do of winning 75+ games... wtf are you talking about you think we will make the playoffs lol
  2. cjgalloway

    SB Cubs

    This is the best idea yet hahahah
  3. cjgalloway

    SB Cubs

    Singing the National Anthem at the South Bend Cubs stadium in a couple weeks... Should I wear my Sox hat.. HAHAHAH
  4. cjgalloway

    Ballpark pass is back

    You can find free street parking?
  5. cjgalloway

    03/26 vs. Arizona 2:40 PM

    I can't believe how out of sight you actually are.. I could post the Billy Madison meme to you with every single one of your posts
  6. cjgalloway

    Chris Sale nearing extension with Boston

    Yea that'll be tough
  7. cjgalloway

    Sox vs. Arizona March 20th 2019

    you're an idiot. please leave
  8. cjgalloway

    8 myths out

    wow... These are amazing ideas. Someone get this guy in contact with our marketing department
  9. cjgalloway

    What Kind of Rebuild is This?

    This is so dumb.... Rendon isn't a better hitter than Machado JD Martinez is a DH... Soto is currently not a better hitter than Machado Bryant is not a better hitter than Machado Votto is 96 and even so is still not a better hitter than Machado. Lindor is not a better hitter than Machado.. Though I'll say Lindor, Machado and Breg are close.. Anyways.. wtf are you smoking
  10. I definitely saw a limp.
  11. cjgalloway

    Signing Luke Heimlich: Acceptable or Quit being a fan worthy?

    This is the winner post
  12. cjgalloway

    3/4 vs Angels

  13. cjgalloway

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Man... that's REALLY high. 20-35?! I was sold. now I'm definitely sold. If AR is gone, I want Vaugh (currently)
  14. cjgalloway

    2/28 ST game thread

    He won't make the roster