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  1. cjgalloway

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    He isn't leaving 300million on the table. No way he takes a short offer
  2. cjgalloway

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    How did we rush him? The Red Sox had him in the majors the year before........ That narative is just wrong and doesn't make any sense. I award you 0 points and may god have mercy on your soul
  3. cjgalloway

    Plan if Sox miss out on Harper/Machado

    I think they want Grandal regardless of if they get Harper/Machado. If they miss on Harper I think they sign Brantley
  4. If Dodgers can trade Wood and an OF we can say goodbye to Harper.
  5. cjgalloway

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    I tend to agree........ HOWEVER most prospects don't fail as badly as they did AND THEN turn it around to be what they were expected to be.
  6. cjgalloway

    Happ close to deal with Yankees - Rosenthal

    Pitching market is going fast.. Batters are not
  7. cjgalloway

    White Sox looking at Grandal

    You do know he is one of the better defensive catchers.......
  8. cjgalloway

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    I vote to ban you until Harper and Machado sign now..
  9. cjgalloway

    Rule 5 preview

    Anyone have any guys they'd love to take in the draft? Also how does the MiLB rule 5 work? That's how we got Mercedes if I remember correctly? How are you eligible for that draft?
  10. cjgalloway

    Bryce Harper Updates

    Why do we keep starting new threads regarding the same FA????
  11. cjgalloway

    Bryce Harper Updates

    Is Peavy the new Greg? lol
  12. cjgalloway

    Bryce Harper Updates

    No he won't he won't be 26 anymore AND he may have another bleh season or two. Now is his time due to his low age.
  13. cjgalloway

    Bryce Harper Updates

    LOL... yeah okay. Let's take a short term deal instead of 300 million
  14. cjgalloway

    Bryce Harper Updates

    I think Harper will sign for A LOT less than we are expecting on this forum. I am guessing around 330-350 million.
  15. cjgalloway

    White Sox interested in reliever Joe Kelly

    I never cared about ages of a RP. I think they're volatile regardless of age and feel like many grandpa's continue pitching well in RP role. So I don't mind pursuiong 30+ year old RPs even if we aren't contending next year