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  1. I have been clamoring for Rodon to head to the bullpen for 2 years now.. Glad it's time.
  2. Solid lineup today.... I can see we are trying to go for the sweep!! I mean... Get swept
  3. Squirmin' for Yermin


    I wouldn't be suprised if Crochet is just SO GOOD in the bullpen (this year and next) that it almost becomes difficult to pull him from that and have him start.... See Josh Hader, for years they said they were gunna try him back at SP and he was just too good in RP that they couldn't risk it. It's a great floor for sure
  4. MLB appearance is not the same for playoffs.. He came up a week or so early so he could pictch before the playoffs......... Which is our point
  5. Squirmin' for Yermin

    Go Go White Sox

    Because we've all been bickering the past week or so due to rightfully poor baseball. I figured we should have a thread and topic where every single one of us will (or should) be able to agree on... The "Go Go White Sox" song is the absolute worst travesty to happen in the music world.
  6. Yeah no reason to give him any in game reps.. That would make no sense
  7. Squirmin' for Yermin

    Really hoping this isn't the only Hat we end up with

    That looks like a Shipshewana hat.
  8. Squirmin' for Yermin

    So many here treat baseball like football

    Their job does solely exist to entertain us though.
  9. Squirmin' for Yermin

    9-23 Game Thread: Sox @ Cleveland (5:10 PM)

    Have you been payin attention this year to them? They've been ravaged with injuries and playing scrubs in their everyday lineup... They are now healthy. They're the best team in the AL despite their "seed"
  10. Squirmin' for Yermin

    9-23 Game Thread: Sox @ Cleveland (5:10 PM)

    I still cannot believe we put GIO fucking GONZALEZ into the game in the bottom of the 9th, tie ball game, division on the line, stopping a skid on the line.. Fire Renteria.
  11. Squirmin' for Yermin


    For Lopez and Cease didn't he do away with (practically) each of their Curveballs? Which was each of their best pitches...
  12. Squirmin' for Yermin

    Vaughn is on Sox post season list

    Yup. Obviously. We make it to ALCS or WS and Abreu/Encarnacion get hurt... Here comes Vaughn.
  13. Squirmin' for Yermin

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    Yes, it's been horrid... But... They've also almost all been 1 year deals for nothing... The real issue is that we've tried very little to sign actually important guys (apart from 2015).
  14. Squirmin' for Yermin

    9-23 Game Thread: Sox @ Cleveland (5:10 PM)

    I'd far rather play the Indians than the Astros.
  15. Squirmin' for Yermin


    I believe most places did, no?