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Found 4 results

  1. Yea but Dan, have you seen Hahn in FA? Great stuff from Dan Z nonetheless. Pay attention to when he talks about projecting Moncada and others as he's the man behind ZIPS. Much more at the link.
  2. southsider2k5

    Revisiting the Q deal

    What is most interesting to me is that not only were there three contenders, but apparently two teams who "weren't ready to win" in 2017. I wonder who the teams were. Obviously we know the Cubs. The Brewers were the team most talked about before the deal broke, so it is safe to assume they were contender #2. I seem to remember the Yankees being a possibility? On to the non-contenders, there were rumors about the Braves sniffing around Sale, could they be one of the teams? If so, could Acuna have been on the table? What would the choice be, Acuna or Eloy? The Phillies added Arietta during the off-season, could they have been the other one?
  3. WBWSF

    Eloy Jimenez

    The White Sox have a record of 8-20. the third worse record in MLB. Probably the major reason for the dismal record is the 3-9 record in one run games. There are simply too many outs in the lineup. That being said why not bring up Eloy Jimenez now?. The team is going nowhere now. It looks like a 100 loss team. The highlight of this season might be the series in July when the White Sox play the Reds. This could be the series for the highest draft choice. When you have Delmonico batting cleanup and you have Engel and Narvaez in the lineup you're not going to score a lot of runs. How can anybody justify having Engel in the lineup and not Jimenez? I've read where Jimenez isn't very good defensively. That might be so but he couldn't be any worse than Delmonico. Every ball hit to Delmonico is an adventure. What possible harm could there be at this stage in bringing Jimenez up now? If it didn't workout they could always send him back down to the minors. Mickey Mantle was sent down to the minors his first season with the Yankees. He came back later and had a HOF career. Numerous players were sent down to the minors and came back and had good careers.