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Revisiting Chicago Front Office Rankings from Jan of last year

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This is my post from last January ranking Chicago front offices:


QUOTE (ozzfest @ Jan 20, 2016 -> 09:39 AM) *

Front office rankings in Chicago (in terms of which teams have the best chance to win it all). Which is how a front office should be judged.

1) Blackhawks

2) Cubs

3) Bears

4) White Sox

5) Bulls



These are the typical (and actual) responses I got on Soxtalk.


"I don't even know how to analyze that list. But if I go back to Paxson's era I'd say it is Hawks and Bulls and than no one else is even close. Bears are probably 3rd (again, spanning Paxson's run...Cubs would probably rank last and Sox would rank 4th)."


"The only thing Paxson and Forman are guilty of is not having LeBron James. Period. Only one team in the league gets LeBron. The Bulls didn't. That sucks."


"Given the success the Bulls have had relative to their injury/contract situations, I still think the Bulls FO has done a pretty remarkable job."


"So quick to discard Hoiberg when the team he's coaching lacks any Hoiberg type players."


I hate to say I told you so... but I got absolutely smoked on this forum for my hating on GarPax. I also got smoked for these rankings.


If you want to see the thread (it was actually shut down) it is still available to read and the thread is entitled "The Bulls Biggest Problem: Gar Forman and John Paxson"


Curious to see what my harsh and dismissive critics have to say now?

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You still have hurt feelings over an internet discussion from 13 months ago? Sounds like you need a hug and some validation there.

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I maybe cranky because my body is aching from the flu, but I am so tired of this topic that I felt the need to come complain instead of just scrolling by and ignoring it.

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