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Feeky Magee

AAP: Danny "Mendick" Dickman

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Really starting to get excited about him now. Hitting .237/.356/.395 with Birmingham with 7 walks, 6 strikeouts and a lowish BABIP. Well above league-average line in a tough league to hit in.


Here's everything Carson Cistulli has written about him in Fangraphs' Top 5 Fringe Prospects:


Mendick's fringe credentials are beyond reproach. A product of the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, he was selected by the White Sox in the 22nd round of the 2015 draft only after his senior year. It's not a profile that often translates to a successful career in affiliated ball. But Mendick has played quite well, not only recording one of the lowest strikeout rates in the Carolina League but also an isolated-power figure that currently sits in about the 80th percentile among the league's qualified batters.


Of perhaps even greater interest, however, is his defensive acumen. While having recorded most of his games as a second baseman this year, the numbers suggests that he provides value more reminiscent of a plus shortstop. According to Baseball Prospectus, he's provided the equivalent of a win and a half defensively — in limited playing time — over each of the past two seasons. Clay Davenport's methodology produces similarly impressive numbers, as the following table illustrates.




Because of the Carolina League All-Star Game on Tuesday (in which game Mendick participated) and the attendant days off (Monday and Wednesday) on either side, the White Sox' Winston-Salem affiliate played a limited schedule this past week. Nevertheless, Mendick exhibited enough to earn a place here — particularly by virtue of his performance in Thursday night's contest, during which he recorded four hits (including a double and home run) over four plate appearances while also starting at shortstop for the club.


In addition to the aforementioned homer, Mendick also produced real value by way of his baserunning, first turning a ground ball into two bases:


… and then turning another ground ball into a run for his club by scoring from second on a slowly developing defensive play:




Only five players have recorded both a strikeout rate and isolated-power figure a half-standard deviation or better above the Carolina League average. Here are those five.


*table featuring amongst others Ryan Mountcastle, Mendick and Victor Robles*


Austin Hays (who appears among the Next Five below) was recently promoted to Double-A based on his performance this season. Ryan Mountcastle and Victor Robles just appeared on Baseball Prospectus's midseason top-50 list. As for Stokes, he's a corner outfielder who's main tool is his bat. Finally, there's Mendick. A bit older than the other four listed here, he's also exhibited an offensive profile that one doesn't typically expect of a 22nd-round pick. What else he's exhibited is markedly above-average defensive value. He's struck out just once over his last 30 plate appearances, dating back to June 29th.



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QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Jul 31, 2017 -> 09:08 AM)
Shouldn't it be Mandick in the quotes since Mendick is the last name ? :P

Mendick is for some reason the name he is referred to in the media, but his proper last name is Dickman

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