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Rusty Staub passes away

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I know we are all glad to be back but sort of surprised there was nothing here about Staub.


It's my opinion that if we were to have the life of a major league player we couldn't pick one better than Rusty Staub. He hit his 1st HR in the majors at age 19 and his last at age 41. His career was 23 seasons and was best known for his years with Montreal and the Mets.


With the Expos he was undoubtedly the most popular player in franchise history and his nickname was Le Grand Orange for his red hair. When he was traded to the Expo's he decided to learn French because he said he felt stupid not being able to communicate with children. This endeared him to the fans and he was hugely popular. Here is an article from 1970 from Sports Illustrated talking about that popularity. https://www.si.com/vault/1970/07/06/611444/...le-grand-orange


With the Mets he hits 3 HR's one year in the NLCS and hit over .400 in the World Series in a losing effort against the A's . More importantly over his life he helped raise over $100M for the families of police and fire department members killed in the line of duty.

I'm sure there is a lot more to say about him but you get the idea.


Rest in Peace Le Grand Orange . Condolences to your many fans , family and friends. Rusty Staub was 73.







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