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**World Soxtalk Championship Wrestling Thread VI**

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18 hours ago, GGajewski18 said:

Even if they don't put it on last, the crowd is gonna go nuts negatively.  You know a beachball is gonna come out, you know they are gonna boo, you know they are gonna chant this is boring. I don't see how Vince sees this as a positive, yet keeps doing it.

Vince sees it as a positive because money talks, and the opinions of Internet wrestling marks walks. He doesn't cater to hardcore "wrestling purists", and never will. Roman sells truckloads of merchandise, despite the rather falsely perpetuated myth that nobody likes him. The Internet "marks" are who don't like him, and they mean almost nothing in the grand scheme of things. These are the same people that think New Japan is the greatest wrestling product the world has ever seen, yet New Japan isn't a hair on the WWE's ass in terms of popularity, revenue streams, or profits, and this was BEFORE the recent billion dollar blockbuster deals they signed with TWO different television companies to broadcast their shows.

In short ... that's why he keeps doing it. For as out of touch people believe Vince is, the money say otherwise.

Apparently, 2-3 ratings are deemed to be worth around 250M per year according to Fox and USA, so who are we to argue at this point? :D

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