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Rays Up!

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Living in Florida I watch just about every Rays game. This past off-season the FO surprised everybody down here by trading or not re-signing a bunch of players who were damn good last year, Longoria, Dickerson, Morrison, Souza, Cobb and a few others. I thought that the FO was throwing in the towel on a new stadium and would piss off the fan base and attendance would be so bad that 5,000 would be an nice crowd and would pave the way for a move to another city. Well lo and behold the new guys are playing some really good ball with guys like Duffy, Ramos, Bauers and Snell leading the way. Swept the Yankees last week and just took 2 of 3 from the Astros. They are fun to watch and play sound fundamental ball, not like another team I happen to follow. They actually remind of the team of my youth, the GO-GO SOX OF THE 50s and 60s.



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I was at the game yesterday. 


11-1 at home since Bauers/Adames been called up 

13-6 overall


Those two with Alvarado, Nuno and Castillo doing well in the pen. Stanek looking more comfortable since becoming the temp opener. Fun times 


next couple years will be interesting bc they’ll have money to spend. Archer and Kiermaier are being paid $15M combined (until Archer is moved) and everyone else is either on their rookie contract or arbitration eligible. That’s probably $35M-$40M tops. Plus the new tv deal kicks in. Doesn’t mean they’ll go crazy, bc they never will, but they could easily add another $20M and be in good shape. And a $60M payroll will still be 15-20M less than this years. 



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I lived in Florida most of my upbringing and went to many Rays games... I also plan on moving there in October again for the forseeable future, so I'll be going to plenty of Rays games.


I can't believe they are doing pretty well (over .500), but that's just how the Rays have always been. Bunch of no-name players coming through playing fundamental baseball and seemingly winning games with players that have no use in fantasy baseball. It's truly a weird thing these days. Maybe i'll try watching some more Rays games if they continue making noise.

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