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7 hours ago, wrathofhahn said:

That is nonsense. Amazon saw the hostile reaction of the local politicians and realized it wasn't worth it without a local buyin. There is so much more to that type of project then just whatever package of tax credits Cuomo and De Blasio conjured up to lure them to long island. They'll be dealing with building permits, zonings, and local bylaws for however long they are there whether it be 15, 20, or 30 years.

They wanted to go to a place where the climate was hostile to businesses.

57% of NYers approved of the deal.  So I don’t know what you’re talking about. 

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9 hours ago, wrathofhahn said:

The local politicians were not. They are the ones enforcing bylaws and handing out permits.

Politicians don’t “enforce” or “hand out” anything and I’m not sure what “bylaws” you’re talking about. They make approvals on land use applications which are driven by ordinances, design standards, and community input. There are committees made up of political and non-political members that make design recommendations for city council approval. Generally, unless the City wants to risk a lawsuit, council doesn’t make arbitrary decisions on land use approvals. 

Permits are approved by city staff based on the land use approvals. 

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