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Sleepy Harold

MLB to Portland? Agreement in principle for ballpark land via Forbes

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18 hours ago, caulfield12 said:

A couple of years ago, you would have thought a place like Mexico City would have had a shot, but that's no longer in the cards with the political situation, or even a Caribbean country.

Buffalo, Louisville, Charlotte, Nashville and Indy were other names you would hear historically, but as much recently.

MLB really seems to be considering the possibility (at least) of going back to MON, but two West Coast teams, that's the most logical play in terms of scheduling and demographics/population growth.

Buffalo and Louisville are too small.

Indianapolis, Nashville, and Charlotte (the biggest of the three) all have two major league franchises and no MLB ready stadium. So not only do they have convince the (what would be for MLB small) markets to spend a billion on a stadium, you have to compete with existing franchises for the big money for suites and sponsorships. 

They don’t need two west teams. They’ll have four divisions of four in each league like the NFL.


AL West





NL West



San Diego


(Move Colorado to the Central)

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On 11/29/2018 at 4:17 PM, Balta1701 said:

If they weren't locked into a contract for the next 10 years on that stadium, we might actually be talking about this. The Rays seem an obvious candidate, maybe Oakland as well, those are the 2 main stadium issues right now.

If the Rays get their proposed stadium in Ybor approved, they're not going anyway. 

10 hours ago, SCCWS said:

With sagging attendance, baseball should not be expanding. But money makes decisions.  Two new expansion teams will help them water down the product even more. Tampa Bay was a poor expansion choice and a new stadium will not solve their attendance woes.  

Don't agree.  Biggest issue with the Rays attendance is 1) they currently have one of the 2-3 worst stadiums in Baseball, and 2) it's in a terrible location traffic wise that no one from Tampa wants to drive to after work.  

The new stadium fixes both those issues.  

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