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2019 Celebrity Death Thread

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Mean Gene first came into my consciousness in the mid-80s, so he was in his early 40s. I don't know any 42 year old who looks like 1984 Gene Okerland. Anyway, Mean Gene was one of the people who separated WWF from its competitors. He was a great foil to his wrestling counterparts in interviews. I don't really follow wrestling anymore, but I doubt whoever they have doing his job is doing anything but a pale comparison to Mean Gene.

My best friend growing up loved Super Dave. I only had basic cable, so the Super Dave show wasn't really on my radar. I knew of Super Dave from Letterman or talking to Brandmeier on the radio show. He was a great guest. I've heard him on a few podcasts and other late night shows, too. I'd recommend trying to find his appearances. He was a little like Norm MacDonald or Bill Murray as a guest. You never knew what he'd say, but it would likely be weird and funny.

Both will be missed.

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