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Machado signs with Padres 10/300

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31 minutes ago, Balta1701 said:

On top of that...all the cards fell correctly. The Red Sox are still paying for Sandoval. The Yankees are still paying for Ellsbury. The luxury tax is hitting teams. The Dodgers have a 3b and a SS and don't want to shift people out of positions to this extent. The teams that could have blown this out of the water were out.

This angle is poor - he got 10 years and 300 million with a 5 year opt out. There were no "big boys" that were blowing that offer out of the water.

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41 minutes ago, soxfan2014 said:

Man are you serious? Machado would be the perfect piece to go with the core going forward seeing how young he is and how the cheap the rest of the team could potentially be. They had Machado by the balls and they let him get away.

No, Machado has a smart agent who told him to hold out for what he wanted (at least $300M guaranteed). And given that JR wasn't prepared to spend anywhere near that, we were never really prepared to snag him in the first place.

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8 minutes ago, CWSpalehoseCWS said:

This is what needs to happen on opening day. Everyone with a damn bag over their head.

No one should be there. 

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