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Open Letter To Rick Hahn

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14 hours ago, TitoMB345 said:

We basically stated we are not going to be in the running for any marquee free agents going forward.


Sad day to be a White Sox fan.


Double sad when you consider we haven't developed a hitter in what, a decade? I honestly don't even recall the last hitter we developed.

The more telling thing, even beyond the dollars, is the Sox unwillingness to include a player opt out.

That has become an industry standard for big free agent contracts and the Sox are not willing to allow it.  That means, as you stated, they will not be legitimate contenders for any big free agents

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6 minutes ago, Colinski said:

Hahn has traded well in my opinion (Fraser for 3 fringe prospects, Eloy trade, Eaton trade, even the Sale trade could still end up good, Colome for a rule 5 catcher)


free agents I gave him a pass on until now because until the rebuild he had to go bargain shopping. Yesterday was his chance to step up.

to win a World Series in the current climate of super teams and tankers you need to put out a team better than ever. Now we’ve proven we won’t step up for free agents we will always struggle to be a super team and that is hard to swallow as a fan. Yesterday was the death of hope. Hope created by Hahn’s rhetoric during the re-build and then destroyed by him, KW and the old man.

Colome for Narvaez is the exact opposite of another Rule 5, Quintana for Jimenez/Cease...it won’t end well.

Eaton trade looks okay, but Giolito was expected to be better than the worst pitcher in baseball by most reasonable Sox fans.

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