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Anybody else already miss Hawk?

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On 1/25/2019 at 9:25 PM, Jake said:

I've always been a Hawk fan but due to some mixture of his old age and the lighter workload, his performance was dropping fast. He's made his mark but it was time for him to go. I like Jason — Steve, not so much.

This is where I'm at (about Hawk).  Benetti...really don't like very much at all.  He and Stone play too much grab-ass in the booth. Only time I don't mind Benetti is when he's with Paciorek.  Whimpy is awesome!

I actually felt sorry for Benetti one this year when he was doing the Maui Classic and paired with the inanely bizarre Bill Walton.  Just really really weird stuff was going on lol.

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 I remember hearing him on the SCORE in the post season and he was far more baseball intelligent than in the booth.

One of my favorite things about Hawk was when he was warned by the league about criticizing umpires and told not to and he said he might not be able to do that.

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