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Bowden Top 200 (Sub required)

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4 hours ago, bmags said:

I just don't respect Bowden at all. Not that excited for this.

I agree. He obviously knows baseball but i just don't believe he is putting in the same effort as the other guys. Making a top100 the right way is a boat load of work with a lot of talking to scouts and even seeing guys in person. Longenhagen for example has an insane work and travel schedule.


I just don't think bowden puts in that effort, he probably parrots other lists and tweaks them a little by personal preference.

fortunately the athletic has hired sickels who will probably make the next lists and has more credibility.

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3 hours ago, caulfield12 said:

Robert at 93 IS BAT-SHIT CRAZY.

I tend to agree. Every report has lauded him as a CF, meaning his value will be pretty strong even if he does not hit that well. 

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