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103 mph screwball

Eloy opening day if he earns it

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I was all on the Eloy should have been called up in July train, but at this point it would be unconscionably dumb

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54 minutes ago, AustinIllini said:

Why are you comparing a publicly traded company to a franchise of a monopoly-exempt sport?  They have almost nothing in common. 

Google employees

  • Are employed at will and can be fired at any time
  • Don't usually make guaranteed money
  • are not drafted

Baseball players

  • make guaranteed money
  • are bound by collectively bargained contracts
  • can only move freely during free agency
  • After signing a free agent deal, their values plummet as their talent remains the same but their pay increases exponentially

The White Sox and Google have almost nothing in common.  

Fair points.  The similarity though is that they are high-demand, limited-supply workers that can make or break your organization.  Also, more and more often they are millennials. 

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