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Mlbtraderumors- White Sox Offseason In Review

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Ha, I didn't see this until just now.


The truly baffling aspect of Chicago’s offseason additions is that had they simply condensed the money offered to that patchwork collection of stopgaps, those resources could’ve been utilized to up the offer to Machado — a transformative player who’d move the needle considerably more not only in 2019 but in the long term.  The near-$50MM they spent on this offseason’s group is worth much more than $50MM in 2028-29 dollars.  Perhaps the Padres would’ve been willing to further increase their proposal had the ChiSox presented a legitimately competitive offer, but the approach would’ve been much more understandable.


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4 minutes ago, soxfan2014 said:

Hes not wrong.

I know, I've been saying that for a while now and people are getting frustrated with me for saying how deals like Colome and Nova look suddenly extra bad in that context. 

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6 hours ago, TheFutureIsNear said:



Nothing new here but thought he pretty much hit the nail on the head with how most feel


I know I have been arguing about the other signings not being as bad as everyone says but let me just say that I voted them an F for the entire off season but that is based on The Machado Mess.

If they convert on him all the other signings no one would care about.

It's the planning  to get him and the failure with a ridiculous offer and lame excuses that rightly have so many upset. Machado or Harper meant so much , was so important to restoring faith in the organization that it literally depressed the majority of the fans. For that they deserve the F and also an F U.

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