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Anyone else want to claim Swihart / DFA Castillo

Sign Swihart / Cut Castillo  

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  1. 1. Should we sign Swihart and Cut Castillo

    • Yes
    • No
    • Wait why aren't we cutting McCann?

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33 minutes ago, elrockinMT said:

Listen to yourself LOL The downside is he would suck. Castillo is gone at end of season. Collins will be up in 2020 with McCann

Castillo can go right now and it wouldn’t matter.  He’s already a sunk cost for this team.  The downside for a lot of the players Hahn acquired last offseason was that they sucked this season but they cost a lot more than $50K.  $50K is chump change for an MLB team so that’s why I said there is no downside.

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11 hours ago, Moan4Yoan said:

True, I agree with you.  He will likely suck but I still don’t see the downside.  We are eating Welington Castillo’s money regardless and he is gone after this season.  Cut him loose and try Swihart.  For the cost of a waiver claim ($50,000) the Sox can get a catcher/utility lefty who they can give a few at bats to until the end of the season.  If he beats the tiny odds and actually looks halfway decent, you have control of him for three more seasons.  If he sucks, you are out $50K.  I’d rather see what Collins can do but it doesn’t sound like he will be back up this season according to Hahn.

Also since he can play multiple positions, there is plenty of opportunity to get him AB w/o affecting the rebuild plan. I posted last year I thought he would be a good swap for Fulmer when both seemed lost but now he is even cheaper. 

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I wouldn’t bother with this now but getting ahead of a Castillo DFa was the right call, swihart still didn’t figure it out, it’s yermin time, then Collins.

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Seriously tho...how did Castillo seemingly survive that debacle? Give me Alfredo fucking Gonzalez over that bum. He served a purpose earlier in the year, but his time has come. 

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