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Rare Autographed LuBob card goes for $52k

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Ah, the user comments section had more information than the pathetic story:

More details would help. This version is a one per print run. And if you follow the player he will be on the Sox next year. We will see him in September call ups for sure.”

It is a 1 of 1 superfractor auto. I am a card collector. A bowman superfractor auto of Jon Billingcycle some double A no name can go for over 1,000.....this is not a surprise. What a card. Worth every penny.”

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3 hours ago, mqr said:

Memorabilia collecting is something I will absolutely never understand 

Collecting and selling are two different things.  When I was a kid the Cubs did a charity basketball game across the street from my house, at town of 4000.  After the game they signed autographs.  I got Santo, Kessinger, Reuschal bros., and Billy Williams signed my glove.  Those autographs are probably in a closet somewhere.  So what did I do with my autographed glove. I used it to play baseball.  We didn't think of possible value but it was cool a player signed something. Some famous people don't do autographs because it's about profit and not personal.

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