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Badler 2020 J2 Preview

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3 minutes ago, bmags said:

Slow burn was hearing the rumors in february when they "shouldn't" have had money left at that point, then seeing we weren't really tied to anyone, and still just hoping that was false, then getting to J2 and only signing a fairly small class with 2.1 going to yolbert, and then finally trading the rest of the space.

Just a series of things confirming that though on its face the new CBA seemed to align international to the way the sox like to operate (fixed costs), in reality they will not be able to compete with other clubs because they don't care enough about it to set up the infrastructure and relationships to compete.

I will say international is very skeezy and should be reformed, so advocating 10 year olds to leave home to hope to sign by 14 with your club is gross but I don't like them restricting themselves.

Ok so if I am reading this correctly the burn was because it was business as usual for the Sox when you hoped it might be different once they got out of the penalty.

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