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Nick Castellanos

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2 hours ago, ChiSox59 said:

Keep Leury and other in-house options in RF all season in this scenario? 

I sure hope not.  Not sure what the answer is in RF, but something much better than the hot mess we've had, in addition to JDM and Moose.  Push comes to shove (and this is probably more likely), I'd pick Abreu over JDM for DH if that meant more money could be spent on a starting pitcher or two.  And Grandal.

Abreu (DH)
Moose (1B until Vaughn and then 4x/wk and LH bench)
RF (shitty fielders need not apply)
Well above average starter (take your pick from the list)
Add to the 'pen

Yes, I'm a greedy bastard.  Crazy thing is they could likely afford all that.  Now, do I think they'll actually pull it off ..............

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On 9/11/2019 at 2:33 PM, zisk said:

Castellanos sure had an incredible amount of doubles for the Tigers. He also led the league in triples once. He'll be 28 next year, and in

the right park he could do some real damage. He doesn't walk enough, and his defense is lousy any where you put him. Who knows, maybe

he could play a passable 1b. Seems the Sox have enough of those on the 40 man roster already. I once looked at stats for slugging 1B and OF

guys and how their bats held up at their age 33 season. HOF guys didn't have a problem. Guys who were close to but not great plummeted.

The obvious question is which type of player is Jose Abreu? If he had been born else where and made it to the Majors at 21-22. would his stats stack up?

Defense aside, I don't know which guy he will be. If he's a close to but not great, he might crater next year and be out produced by Castellanos.

Jose at times has no sense at all about low breaking balls. I wonder about his vision. 

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