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Zack Wheeler Thread

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6 hours ago, TheFutureIsNear said:

Could be wrong, but I still think Wheeler is going to wait it out. Signing before the 2 big arms go wouldn’t make much sense from a pure business stand point.

But hopefully our offer is good enough that he has to take it, we’ll see

I think this is invalid thinking. I think Wheeler (and Donaldson for another example) is a free agent that is entirely inconvenienced to strike early and ensure they are not  bogged down by teams having Cole/Stras (or Rendson) as plan A. Wheeler isn't a Boras guy and likely doesn't want to wait until February to sign. Rendon and Strasburg have the luxury of the Nationals being involved. They can play the waiting game and if it doesn't work out their way they can fall back on what I would expect to be a very fair offer from the Nats' ownership later in the offseason. 

41 minutes ago, Balta1701 said:

And those same 3 posters insisted, 1) up and down and left and right and to literally everyone who would listen that they knew what the White Sox would do last season. They were completely and utterly wrong, and may well have been lying at some points - one of them famously said the Sox were 2) "Walking through the open door" with regards to Harper late in negotiations and they didn't even bother putting in a real offer.

How many different ways could there be to interpret what the vague posts were? It could be "The White Sox are going to put a real offer up for Wheeler and will not let the Twins beat them." The exact same language could mean "The White Sox do not believe the Twins offer is realistic and see no reason to budge from their 5/$55 offer." 

Even if people have their information correct, it's a game of Chinese Telephone, where important details are always missing. Last year the White Sox genuinely believed they had Machado in the bag repeatedly, and the problem was the White Sox FO were idiots. None of the insiders bothered telling us that, but they were thrilled with everyone begging them for info, tagging them all the time asking what was up, following their twitter feeds, and clicking on their articles. 

It's literally :lookatme. Every single claim should be viewed as skeptical and people shouldn't be begging and tagging and asking over and over for info when we already know how low quality it is by the time it gets to us. Did anyone know the Grandal signing was coming? Why not? Because it was handled correctly - the guy was literally scouting our pitchers and we were wondering if anything was up.

1) Just bullshit. I largely moved away from any type of reporting last year. The Sox were very confident and had the top offer on Machado for a matter of several weeks. A week before pitchers and catchers reported a Maverick GM with a Maverick owner swooping in and blindsided them.

2) Post your source that the Sox never made an offer on Harper. If you can't it's safe to say you're just a liar.

38 minutes ago, mqr said:

It's really not that serious

You know how Balta is.

35 minutes ago, Y2Jimmy0 said:

I never lied about anything. Also, I've never claimed to be an insider. I blog about my favorite baseball team. That's pretty much it. This is funny though. 

No you're a liar who wants attention. Any work you have done in the past pales to your lying. 

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7 minutes ago, Perfect Vision said:

Deadline is on Monday.  Since a fair number of people in the Sox front office are probably leaving town Wednesday -- Sunday, this may just be them getting out in front of this during a short holiday week.  I remain skeptical that the Yolmer move is related to anything.

That's fine and you make a reasonable case given the information publicly available but like I said, things should become more clear this week.

They were going to cut Yolmer either way. Them cutting Yolmer and making another cut on top (we'll see) is 100% them positioning themselves to be capable of making a move. Whether they can seal the deal is another story but I will go far as saying that they have positioned themselves this week to be in position to strike this week. That does not mean they will convert on their target but it does mean they're not ruling it happening and happening soon at that.

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Anybody who still cares about what happened last year is a miserable person. And even if you do care, the blame should be placed on the organization feeding people information

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Closing and setting up new thread to tie into more recent news.  As everyone knows, I don't like giant mega threads (for my own selfish reasons - Ie, hard for me to keep up with in the chaos of my life and I want to know quickly if new major news has erupted).  

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