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Thad Bosley

Hawk Harrelson wins the Ford C. Frick Award

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I miss Hawk.  A true legend and I don't give a rip that he was a homer.  I know he's retired, but I'd love to have him call at least a handful of games a year, especially once this team gets itself back in contention.  Sucks that the end of his broadcasting career came during what was the worst stretch of White Sox baseball in my lifetime (and that stretch is still going...I sure hope it is about to end).  

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10 hours ago, southsider2k5 said:

I am so thrilled this finally happened and that Hawk was alive to breath it in. Love or hate the guy, the one thing that cannot be denied is his impact on the game and his impact on baseball fans everywhere with his catch phrases and enthusiasm for this sport and his team.  

Congrats Hawk, you earned this!


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