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MLB issues threat to MiLB

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Well then.



The war between Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball escalated significantly last night, with Minor League Baseball releasing a memo accusing Major League Baseball of “repeatedly and inaccurately” describing the former’s stance in negotiations and Major League Baseball responding by threatening to cut ties with Minor League Baseball entirely.

As you’re no doubt aware, negotiations of the next 10-year Professional Baseball Agreement, which governs the relationship between the big leagues and the minors — and which is set to expire following the 2020 season — have turned acrimonious. Whereas past negotiations have been quick and uncontroversial, this time Major League Baseball presented Minor League Baseball with a plan to essentially contract 42 minor league baseball teams by eliminating their major league affiliation. Baseball is also demanding that Minor League Baseball undertake far more of the financial burden of player development which is normally the responsibility of the majors.

That plan became public in October when Baseball America reported on the contraction scheme, after which elected officials such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren began weighing in on the side of Minor League Baseball. Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball were not happy with all of that and, on Wednesday, Manfred bashed Minor League Baseball for taking the negotiations public and accused Minor League Baseball of intransigence, saying the minors had assumed a “take it or leave it” negotiating stance.

Last night Minor League Baseball bashed back in the form of a four-page public memo countering Manfred’s claims, with point-point-by-point rebuttals of Major League Baseball’s talking points on various matters ranging from stadium facilities, team travel, and player health and welfare. You can read the memo in this Twitter thread from Josh Norris of Baseball America.

Major League Baseball responded with its own public statement last night. But rather than publicly rebut Minor League Baseball’s claims, or to simply say, consistent with Manfred’s statement on Wednesday, that it preferred to negotiate in private, it threatened to simply drop any agreement with Minor League Baseball and, presumably start its own minor league system bypassing MiLB entirely:

“If the National Association [of Minor League Clubs] has an interest in an agreement with Major League Baseball, it must address the very significant issues with the current system at the bargaining table. Otherwise, MLB clubs will be free to affiliate with any minor league team or potential team in the United States, including independent league teams and cities which are not permitted to compete for an affiliate under the current agreement.”


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Well damn.

Both sides are too blame. The Sox affiliates have done a good job of keeping their stadiums up to date, but there are some falling apart.

Meanwhile, MLB pays players scraps and for the price of a couple decent MLB players, they could pay minor Leaguers minimum wage, which MLB doesn't want to do. Cole Hamels' 18M, 1 year deal could pay 1,200 players a federal minimum wage over the course of a year. Assuming two rookie, two A, AA, and AAA, that's 150 players in a system (not counting DSL for obvious reasons). Cole Hamels' deal could pay for 8 minor league systems, but MLB lobbies Congress to pass a law allowing them to pay under minimum wage. How about they all just agree to invest more?

/Rant over

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17 minutes ago, Dominikk85 said:

I wonder why milb is independent at all? Why isn't mlb running that thing completely?


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The biggest point of argument is the contraction of the minors. Mlb wants less leagues and players to save money and spend player dev resources better.

Milb doesn't want that of course but in the end they will need to accept the contraction because they don't have much bargaining power here.

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