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Road Trips

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Welcome to the forum.

I've seen the Sox play in Pittsburgh, Anaheim, Cincinnati, and KC.

I've also seen games in San Diego, Minnesota & St Louis (old parks for all 3), LA, Oakland, Milwaukee, both Chicago's, Seattle, Tampa, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore, Washington, and Detroit.

Fenway, PNC and whatever the M's call their park now were my 3 favorites.

I'd really like to get to the Bronx, Denver and San Francisco next.

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14 minutes ago, Jnooch said:

New to the board? Any of you guys do road trips to other mlb parks?

Welcome. I have been to Milwaukee, both Chicago, and Detroit. We stopped by Petco Park in San Diego but we didn't see a game... was the offseason, so i don't count that one. 

My wife and I are going on a trip out East this Summer and will see Cleveland (vs Sox), Pittsburgh, Mets, Boston (vs Yankees), and Yankee stadium ( vs White Sox). Cannot wait for that trip. 

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PNC in Pittsburgh is my favorite park. I wish the White Sox would have had a stadium like it built here in the South Loop.

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