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Current White Sox uniform ranked 18th best *of all time*

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It ranks as the third best current uniform, behind the Mariners and Yankees. The only Sox uniform on the list.

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2 hours ago, Quin said:

It ranks as the third best current uniform, behind the Mariners and Yankees. The only Sox uniform on the list.

The Cardinals cream jerseys might be the best in sports

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I always get sucked into these lists even though they are completely subjective. But for the sake of having a bit of fun I'll list mine -- and the Mariners will NOT be near the top of the list. These are top of head and their current jerseys, not alternatives. I'll make a note of the alternative i like the most in the blurb maybe. 


30: Rays - really don't like any of their combos

29: Mariners - Griffey jerseys were the best, probably because of Griffey mostly

28: Padres - that brown and yellow should be kept to a Sunday alternative 

27: Mets - they're classic, in a bad way. 

26: Astros - I'm a fan of the astros, just think not a good current combo. especially the orange ones - looks very BP, not real game. If i were them I'd use the rainbow ones 5-10 game a year, ugly, but nice in spurts

25: Giants - classic, yet uninspiring

24: Rangers - not a fan of the cursive script - looks too 90's - the baby blues they'll have this year are pretty cool though.

23: Oakland A's - though those kelly green ones from the 70's would be top 10

22: Royals - powder blue is a theme for me, like those a lot. Liked the year after world series when they mixed in gold stitching

21: Rockies - pains me to say as a fan of this team too - but they're stuck in the 90's. Have the potential to really make a cool jersey. Their black ones are the best, as well as their BP hats where they mix in the colorado flag

20: Indians - the 90's verision gets ranked this low. The simple C version is much nicer

19: Miami - i actually really like what they did, but the fact they're newer, can't put them in front of some classics

18: Angels - nothing wrong with them, the 75 jerseys are awesome as my personal fav.

17: Reds - nothing wrong with this one, and really like a bunch of their alternative ones

16: Braves - starts getting tough around here, these are all nice - I like when they mix the cream ones in

15: BoSox - classic, nothing special, nothing bad, middle of the pack

14: Nats - Almost the same as BoSox, nothing really gets me excited about them

13: Dodgers - this remains the theme - some of these teams don't mix it up enough for some reason. 

12: Twins - I like a lot - but the gold/orange stitching loses points. 

11: Blue jays - surprise i like hte baby blues the most, but really like these. 

10: Philliles - not sure. They just seem to fit here. Nothing really to add. 

9: Diamondbacks - I really like what they did on these new ones. Maybe too flashy, but a lot of jerseys are too boring right now too

8: Orioles - the color scheme works well. 

7: White Sox - I obviously love them, but that being said I like almost all of our throwbacks more. I'd start with the 59's as my favorite, the baby blue red combo from 74 as my second favorite, 83 is always a go to, even the late 80's were nice. I wish we would incorporate more red and blue back into the jerseys. Hope we don't go down the path of being a team that never changes our jerseys again

6: Cubs - controversial. But i see the cubs jerseys and i think day baseball, hot dogs, and summer with green ivy. Sue me. I'm not one of these fans that cares that much. I like their jerseys and i like wrigley. whatever. 

5: Brewers - this is current day. i like the the baseball/wheat logo and the cream color. They did a great job on these

4: Yankees - classic. true and tested. 

3: Pirates - Always been a fan .. black and gold just work

2: Cardinals - Baby blues are my favorite - but they're jsut quintessential baseball. 

1: Tigers : Something about that scripted Detroit D works ... it's so damn simple ... but it works so well. 

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Funny thing is they rarely wear it. I think they wore the black jerseys more than ever last year, and with the space uniforms every Sunday at home, the pinstripes and road grays have become a very rare sight.

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I know it was the hot thing to do for teams for a very brief time and seemed dated very quickly, but I really miss the sleeveless jerseys with black shirts underneath from the early '00s. Would love to see them incorporate that as a home Sunday afternoon jersey

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