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Harold's Leg Lift

2021 MLB Draft Thread

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11 hours ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

It's offical they're using the reverse order of this years winning percentage.  Dumb. 


I think it is the most fair thing though. Yeah it punishes over performing teams but still better than weigh last years record twice as much as this year's record 

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19 hours ago, YourWhatHurts said:

Because of how many teams actually tried to win baseball games this year, because of the expanded playoffs, the draft order is actually sensible.  It's sad though to see teams like the Marlins punished by it.  Pittsburgh is rewarded for tanking and then MIA, SF, etc. who actually tried get punished.

IMO the draft should go 1-30 with the #1 pick going to the WS winner, #2 to runner up, and down to worst record at #30.  Then reverse it so #31 goes to the team with the worst record and #60 goes to the WS winner, and maybe keep it that way for both the 2nd and 3rd round, then alternate for the rest of the draft between best and worst teams.  And all draft picks must be tradeable.

Also an idea I have personally had for a long time but have never seen shared would be to see 2 expansion teams, who always play road games in all other teams' stadiums, that are made up of unsigned vets, AAAA players, foreign players who sign as UDFA, etc.  Like the guys who end up left over at the end of the offseason and often have to retire, get a spot on these teams.  They only play road games, against everyone equally, and then every season at midseason there is a draft, and the other teams can draft players straight off of this team and use them in season and can pick up a piece or 2 for nothing. 

I would love to see such arrangements because then all teams would try to win as much as possible, and would give important ABs and IP to vets who are performing well, and teams would make deals more for spot-patch improvements to try to win.  Imagine if adding some vets over the season to try to improve from an 85 win team that will miss the playoffs to an 86 or 87 win teams that will miss the playoffs could improve your draft position and chance at both a prospect in one draft and a currently productive vet in a different midseason draft.  I think that would be great.

Really, teams should be allowed to get better even if they win.  And teams should always try to win.  As a fan who just wants to win championships, I always want to either contend as a big fish or rebuild/retool.  But it would be nicer if the system was designed to make teams better that just win.

Wow,.... That would be the dumbest thing ever.. 

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44 minutes ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

Jack Leiter was F 93-97 cb 77-79 sl 82-84 today.  He's my top guy in the draft. 

Higher than Rocker? Nice.

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