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Eloy Silver Slugger

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Hope they can convert Eloy to DH or 1B ASAP, to keep him healthy and productive. Eloy's health and fielding challenges are due to a lack of ability to play Left Field, despite his best efforts and strong work ethic trying to improve to fill a enormous hole for the White Sox.

Despite protestations by @ChiSox1917 for POC he disapproves of / does not meet his standards as giving a "minimal effort", Eloy cares about his team and it is widely known and documented Eloy works hard to be the best player he possibly can achieve. His hitting is undisputed, his personal sacrifice to fill a position the White Sox currently cannot fill without him is to be commended. 

Hope Tony LaRussa does not "stifle" Eloy like Archie Bunker stifled his wife Edith, when LaRussa evaluates and speaks of Eloy in Spring Training and beyond. 

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Really happy for Eloy.  He's going to be a really good stick for a long time.  Just need two more years out of him in LF - he can improve.  

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