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Pic upload errors?

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As far as anyone knows, is there any issue with the file upload system? Suddenly notice virtually any pic of any file type or size I attempt to post simply gets me a message reading, "There was a problem processing the upload file. Please contact us for assistance." Noticed later on the option to upload disappeared for me completely and is now back again but the same problem is persisting. Unless it's just real stingy and there is a workaround. I am attempting this on a high end android (haven't tried desktop yet, I'll do that later at home). I have used 3 different browsers and the same issue persists. Really old pictures seem to upload fine but virtually anything I have downloaded on... my last 3 phones(?) recently gives me this message. Any ideas?



*UPDATE* Just tried uploading on my laptop. Still the same problem. Surely this must be an issue with the site?

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