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Look at Ray Ray Run

TA7 Isn't going to let the ship sink

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6 minutes ago, RagahRagah said:

WTF. Everyone gets injured and suddenly Bizarro World opens up and swaps Ray Ray. What kind of malevolent forces are at work here???

I am almost always more optimistic about the 25 than I am about the leadership of this organization. During the season, thr past year+ I am always more optimistic than most of the posters because these guys are good. During the off season I am always more pessimistic because leadership is complete trash and doesn't do enough to supplement these guys.

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Posted (edited)

Tim out here strutting that stuff picking up the load. 

I also want to bring attention to 7's defense this year. Guy said he would sure up the errors and inconsistencies this off season on that side of the ball and he's done exactly that. It has been underrated so far but he's been elite there this year. Guy just keeps getting better and better every single year, and the defense has been phenomenal this season.

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