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Chicago White Sox

7-23 GT: Sox @ Brewers (7:10pm)

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1 minute ago, Dick Allen said:

This may shock everyone, but most teams have a problem beating good teams with good pitching. 9 game lead missing 4 regular players. What you are asking for is the impossible.

Yup. All the sox need to do is maintain and get ready for the playoffs. They've beaten the teams they need to beat. In the playoffs the regular season means Jack shit

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1 hour ago, tray said:

He is hitting .255 with 11 HR. Very good for his rookie season.  I never thought Vaughn should be sent down. I just don;t see him playing in the OF beyond this season, where he was almost forced to do,  like the Sox forced Sheets to play RF for lack of any better option.

I would go further and state that I would never trade Vaughn unless it was for another exceptional player, like Buxton.

Buxton is controlled for 1 year and can’t stay healthy. And his best asset is playing CF, and we have a pretty good one of those. Trading Vaughn for Buxton, which will never happen btw, would be an incredibly shortsighted move. 

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