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Sometimes You Just Get Beat

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22 hours ago, Kyyle23 said:

I honestly enjoyed this season more than any I can remember since 2005(06 was super fun until the swoon).  It ended with massive disappointment but I went to four games this season with and without family, watched an incredible FOD game, met a lot of fun people along the way.  I hope next season they are blessed with health luck and we can see this team take off. 

@Juschill why is this funny 

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12 hours ago, South Side Hit Men said:

There are five players left, and one owner left, from "when they cheated". Everyone else is gone.

  • Lance Lynn dropped off significantly since his knee issues came to light, sadly right after he signed an extension which perhaps should have not happened until the off-season, if at all.
  • Carlos Rodon's arm has also been shot the past few months, and truth be told should not have started if that was the best his current health would allow.
  • Dylan Cease has had issues against good teams all year, all career, and there is nowhere to hide in the playoffs.
  • Lucas Giolito was their best pitcher, and left with a 4-2 lead. He also has sucked in early games, and he should have started Game 1 (both because it was a few hours later, and second he is the Sox Ace, especially when you look at Lynn's current ability with his knee.

Lynn got the nod, because he is Tony's guy, every move the past year has been spending all funds and sacrificing top prospects and high roster restraining contracts to acquire mid-30s guys Tony likes. So we enter Year 3 of the "Multi-Championship Window" with limited resources to plug a hole in RF that's existed since the tanking years, and a hole in 2B that Madrigal (health) and Cesar (performance) failed to close, and a hole in the rotation (Keuchel) because of performance, and Kopech's inning restrictions due to the fact he is working off of a 69 inning base.

Fans need to stop grasping at straws and confront the fact their team wasn't good enough, has not been good enough, and with the same management and roster construction will not be good enough. The 4-3 series win over Boston was the only playoff team the Sox had a winning season series record against this season (Houston 3-8; Milwaukee 1-2; New York 1-5; Tampa Bay 3-3; Overall 11-18 in season, 1-3 postseason). There was no magic switch (either in Tony's brain or with the team) to flip when "games counted" or when "the big six were healthy", despite JR's media hacks instances that there would be. They are what their record says they are.

I agree with this. The Sox rotation, which was supposed to be a strength, has holes going into the off season. I think Cease has real potential, but he still has little experience and has to develop. Keuchel really lost it. Kopech was promoted to the major leagues with a huge fanfare, but needs to develop plenty himself. The Houston series exposed these problems and demonstrated that the White Sox are not a World Series contending team. The team has talent, but there has to be a good mixture of talent and some players regressed this year. I'm glad the Sox won their division, but I never expected 2021 to be their year. Now the FO has to respond.

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Lance needs to get real, drop 20 lbs and stay in better playing shape for what he is being paid. Given limited resources we might live with Romy and Leury at 2B in return for a substantial RF upgrade. I expect an offer will be made to Carlos but he might not be a full season guy. Someone needs to talk to the manager and explain that 1983 baseball won't get it done in 2022. Watching the playoffs we see starters going 2-3 innings and that is not sustainable. What gives? 

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