Hahn’s comments Friday focused on internal options improving, be it a healthy Robert, younger players like Sheets and Vaughn improving, Kopech transitioning into the rotation, and Crochet into Kopech’s 2021 role. If the off-season acquisitions boil down to Leury ($8M/2 years) Tepera or equivalent ($9M/2years) Josh Harrison/Jose Iglesias type at 2B ($5M/1yr + team option or $1M Buyout) Danny Duffy/Michael Wacha/Michael Pineda SP (1-2 years /$7-8M AAV) Kimbrel for a prospect, bench and or low leverage bullpen piece or swingman Will folks here be satisfied? Because this seems like what will likely occur based on their current payroll commitments. Hahn said “his team was on the floor” after Hendricks, and has since added $19M, 10-15% of payroll, on Lance Lynn for 2022 (assuming Kimbrel’s $16M is gone). The Sox also have significant payroll bumps due for the Core the next two seasons.
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